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Project Manager Superintendent

Brandon, FL, 33510
October 05, 2018

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Resourceful senior superintendent with the unique ability to motivate, train, mentor, and inspire employees and sub-contractors to reach their full production potential. With MANY years of expansive construction experience, I am well versed in national, IBC and many local codes, having established a successful career spanning California, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, New York State North Dakota, and Minnesota. I am a skillful builder with the ability to quickly assess situations, establish priorities, and provide successful solutions.

I exhibit a strong commitment to providing exceptional service for both the company and the client. My overall Project Superintendent/Management experience includes:

* General Office / Commercial (Shell)

* Hotel Construction: Spring Hill, Homewood Suites, Hampton Inn, Best Western and Holiday Inn

* Big Box/ Small Box

* PEMB-Pre-Engineered Metal Building

* General Retail

* Industrial/Factory

* Pharmaceutical

* School Complex Ground up/modernization K-College

My Salary starts at: $100,000 a year!

* Multi-family/Apartment complex Podium, Garden, Wrap style

* Residential – Custom and Spec

* Medical/Hospital/OR/MOB

* Restaurants

* Theater Projects-AMC-Cobb-Reading-Regal-Harkins

* Tilt Up/Pre-Cast-Solid & Hollow Core

* TI / Remodeling / Restoration Fire-Smoke-Water

BAY STATE S. (BSS) - Indianapolis, IN 08/2017- 06/2018

Project Superintendent

Adult Care Facility- $ 16 M - 12,000 Square Foot Buildout

Roof Top A/C Unit- parking lot

Full Medical Wing

Commercial Cafeteria

Full Spa Handicapped Accessible

ND COMPANIES - Brandon, FL 12/2016 - 08/2017

Project Superintendent

Assisted Living Facility & Memory Care - 19 M - Ground Up Project

Composite Mobile Units/Steel structure

30,000 Gallon Retention Structure

Multi- Family Units (260) - 1st and 2nd Stage - $35M

Completed 8 Buildings- Ground Up

Office Complex

Pool Complex

BEAL CONSTRUCTION - Flagstaff, AZ 2/2016 - 12/2016

Project Superintendent- Contract

Multi Family Complex - $41 M - 700,000 Square Foot- Ground Up

5 Stories

2- Tier Garage

200, 000 Gallon Retention Structure

A CONSTRUCTION - Lake Havasu City, AZ (Lost Funding) 1/2016 - 2/2016

Project Superintendent- contract

Homewood Suites Hotel - $32 M - 117,000 Square Foot- Ground Up

123 rooms - 5 Story

Concrete Floors


Three Elevators

Retail stores

Boat slips

Full Site set-up, demolition/Pre-Construction

MYERS CONSTRUCTION - Phoenix, AR 6/2015 – 4/2016

Project Superintendent - Multiple Projects/Locations

Best Western Hotel - $21 M - 85,000 Square Foot- Ground Up

Hired for corrective directives.

Porta Cochere

2 Elevators

130 Rooms

Indoor Swimming Pool/ Spa

Reading Theater - (Conversion from normal to IMAX Theatre) - $5.5 M- Demo-Conversion (No prints)

Total Demo of theater into a large IMAX format

New dual Projectors

New Wide Screen with footers for Seismic

New Seats

New Front and rear speakers

New Entry Way Signage

Installed correct HVAC for heat exhausts

New Track lighting, and new Overhead Emergency lighting, Cleaning lights, etc.

VC CONSTRUCTION - West Chester, OH 1/2015 - 6/2015

Superintendent - 6-month Contract

Cobb Theater- $21 M - Fit Out Project

Bistro Restaurant/Bar High end side

Full bar and Restaurant/Kitchen

15 Theaters

Full 3D sound/seating

Escalator/ Elevators

Projection mezzanine

In The new mall- Three floors

Part of a 400M project.

WITT CONSTRUCTION - Tampa, FL 1/2014 - 1/2015

Superintendent/Project Manager

Hampton Inn Hotel- $28 M - 60,000 sq. ft.- Ground Up

84 Room

4 Floors

All CMU walls

Pre-cast Plank floors

2 Elevators

Pool, Porta Cochere

Trash Enclosure

Large Parking area

Large retention ponds


Alzheimer’s and Care Facility- $12M- 35,000 Square Foot - Ground Up

120 Bed- 3 nurse stations

Dining Room/ Full Commercial Cafeteria

Secured inner communication/alarm system, 3 activity rooms, and hired to straighten out Building and schedule


Superintendent/Project Manager

VA Medical Hospital - $18M- 30,000 Square Foot Addition to Main Hospital

18 Examine rooms

Two piston elevator w/huge ADA duels panels, Audible, Visible notifications, Brail control buttons and wet sump.

Concrete columns reinforced w/up to #9 rebar with Tork couplers instead of overlap splicing. Concrete Shear wall; 2” Control joints. Poured & vibrated walls, w/brick ledge.

HM doors and retail doors

Medical gas unit, nurse call, emergency call- 4 Bariatric examine rooms, 1 Med room, 1 intake, Crash cart Room; Clean and Soiled Utility Room’s.

2 large Chillers, Boilers and 5 pumps. 277/480 Main.

SUN CONSTRUCTION - Wichita Falls, TX and Denver, CO 2013

Project Superintendent/Project Manager - multiple projects and locations

Denver Colorado Hospital - $8M - Remodel

Med Gas lines

Call Switch’s

New Diverter Electrical feed, New Dampeners, Fire Sprinklers

New X-ray reading Room, New Magnetic Fire Control Doors

1 hr. rated, New Life/Fire certification

36-Unit Multi-Family - $14M - Ground Up

Club House 2-3 Bed room complex

Addition City Street Constructed #3600 Class “C” Concrete Design spec.

Switch gear and Meter pack station

M.S. WALKER CONSTRUCTION ( I worked for this company 10 Yrs off and on) – Bakersfield, CA 2012

Project Superintendent

Marriott Towne Place Suites, San Francisco, CA -$300K Remodel - Breakfast Room, Laundry room, Food Prep room; Dining Room.

Set Schedule for CPM and Subs. Bought out Subs


Middle School Modernization Project- $10M- Remodel

Unified School District 2 Year Project Sequenced, inspected, Quality control, safety meetings

4 Week look ahead. RFI’s, RFP’s and more.

Demolition of walls, older electrical panels, Bath rooms, class rooms, windows, security system

PA and clock system, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical, sidewalks, and landscaping.

New electrical panels, Master Distribution Panels. New HVAC system

Built in 1952 Asbestos was found and abated

DIAMOND CONSTRUCTION - Harrisonburg, VA 2011


7-11 Gas Station and Convenient Store - $9M- Ground Up

Sequenced, inspected, Quality control, safety meetings

40X 60 Building. 6 Gas Dispenser islands; two 30,000-gallon tanks with canopy.

Retention 48”x 200 Ft galvanized pipe. Many Storm & Sewer structures. Mechanical pad outside.

Two AHU inside. Built in Coolers, and Freezer.

SIPs wall systems w/steel bar joist and imbeds.

Mono pad footer plus footer for Columns. Asphalt parking 2/4 over 8” rock.



Multi-Family- *32M* GU Sequenced, inspected, Quality control, safety meetings; 144 Unit Multi-Family complex on 8 acres, 200,000 Sq. Ft. 300 Geo footer piers; Concrete Under Ground Parking, Podium style, Precast, solid and hollow core for Fire rating, Columns, and beams, planks, Grouted. Street throughout inner car wash station. Swimming Pool. Four Story. 60 un-attached garages. Electrical: 2,000 AMP pad mount Transformers; Individual Meter pack boards, 150 KW Emergency Generator; 3 Main distribution Panels. Mechanical: Individual Heat cold (Magic packs).


Superintendent - Bloomington, MN 2009

Firestone Retail 12M* GU project. From proctor, utilities to foundation, CMU, etc. Ground up project. From proctor, utilities to foundation, CMU, etc. Fire Stone Retail. CMU walls, Steel Bar embeds, Under slab car hoist lifts, Multi-Overhead Doors, Sand oil Separator, 600 Amp main, Signage, etc.

DORY CONSTRUCTION, Minneapolis, MN 2008

Lead Superintendent, Oak Park Heights, MN

Auto Zone Stores *12M* GU

Sequenced, inspected, Quality control, safety meetings; Ground-up Auto Zone Stores. Ground ups are more like federal jobs, very specific in all specs of sub’s work IE: rebar no rust, spec’d over lap and tie offs; All vertical rebar’s grouted, three Bond beams grouted, bar joist and imbeds, steel decking screwed down, Copper Pipe only, Poly membrane in between Block and brick, Moisture poly taped; No penetrations through roof decking and single ply membrane; Retail entrance, Stanley Doors; trash enclosure; All concrete parking lot; Specific locations for registers, skewed angles; 400 Amp service; Fire risers & tap, Gas main & tap, water main & tap, and sewer tap. 9,000 sq. ft., CMU and brick with columns, retail frontage, concrete parking, ADA truncated domes mates; retention pond and retaining wall of 234 ft., 4’6” footer, EPA codes applied due to being near HYWY, local water district board too, safety meetings.

Depression/Recession Period 2007

Residential Remodeling- Remodeling, additions, foundation (elevation shot in; ground compacted) up to roof; framing (fire blocks, wind bracing, headers, stair stringers etc.), floor joist, truss design and build, door set and installed (plumbed and leveled) windows installed, floor decking (glued and nailed in); all electrical, plumbing done to code, Wayne’s Coating, Roman fluted columns designed and built from rough lumber and so much more!

BRAR CONSTRUCTION, Madera, CA 2007 - 2008

Superintendent, Fresno, CA

Sikh Temple / College - 40M* GU, 11 acres, 70,000 sq. ft. Steel structure & Dywidag Tie-down System, wood floors (TJI) and walls. Column foundations, Mono slab, Grade beams and tie beams; 2 Hydraulic Elevators, 26 Hydronic Heat Pumps, Large Cooling towers (125 ton, 375 GPM), Atriums, large Breese way, metal roof system w/single ply membrane, Full Kitchen w/walk in refrigerator, EFIS & Stucco finish.


Project Superintendent, Visalia, CA

CVS Retail Small Box 14M* GU - Sequenced, inspected, Quality control, safety meetings; $15mm project. Project Superintendent for a nationwide general contracting company. Local project consisted of a ground up, 14,000 square foot pharmaceutical CVS retail space on a 4-acre site with all civil utilities to include an 800-amp main, drive through Diebold transport tube system, block walls, single membrane roof, steel bar joist and decking, 1 - 15 ton and 2 - 8 ton air handling units, walk-in cooler, CVS Company logo signs, shelves, stock. Security system, Satellite system. Two stage asphalt paying 2“base, ADA truncated domes mates, etc. Stanley pneumatic doors and furniture, fixtures and equipment.

M.S. WALKER CONSTRUCTION,( I worked for this Company off and on 10 years)- Bakersfield, CA 2007

Superintendent / Project Manager, Fresno, CA

Marriot Hotel /Spring Hill Suites and Marriot / Homewood Suite - Fresno, CA $62mm Ground Up project. Sequenced, inspected, quality control, safety meetings; California Project Superintendent for a privately held development company. $20 million dollar. Estimated and created budgets for construction projects. Pre-construction negotiations and site setup. Managed sub-contractors and safety oversight. Communicated with client regarding project status to resolve issues with site construction, procurement.

Superintendent/Project Manager 2005 - 2006

Hotel complex for Holiday Inn Express - Modesto, CA, *14M* GU 2005-06 Sequenced, inspected, quality control, safety meetings; California Project Superintendent for a privately held development company. $20 million dollar. Estimated and created budgets for construction projects. Pre-construction negotiations and site setup. Managed sub-contractors and safety oversight. Communicated with client regarding project status to resolve issues with site construction, procurement. Reviewed engineering designs, drawings, blueprints, and other related engineering documents to identify potential problems ahead of time and pro-actively implement solutions.


Superintendent 2005

Rite Aid Drug Store and Bank, $15.5 M GU. Reedley, CA. Sequenced, inspected, Quality control, safety meetings; 9-month project from January 2005 to October 2005. Development included a $15.5 M dollar steel frame, inner bi-level Pharmaceutical, multi-tenant retail site for Rite Aid Drug Store and Bank on 4 acres. Working with Excavator Sub to Cultivate 5% Lime+ into top 18" of soil with all civil utilities to included; an 800-amp main, single membrane roof, steel bar joist and decking, 1 - 15 ton and 2 – 8-ton air handling units, walk-in cooler, Stanley pneumatic doors and furniture, fixtures and equipment.


Superintendent 2004

Multi-family, *19M* Ground. Up. Sequenced, inspected, Quality control, safety meetings; 200 Unit, 7 buildings Multi-family $12mm dollar Project Hip roof, shingle; 1 hour and 2-hour walls and Floor to floor. I verified and supervised also all civil installation of gas, waste pipe, water, storm drain system etc. Asphalt parking and drive. Concrete curbing, sidewalks etc. Verifying prints, site plans etc. Coordinate all subs. Inspections with State, and county inspectors and Fire Marshalls. Supervised all sub-contractors and created punch list. Sub-contractors include: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Framers, Insulators, Roofers, Stucco and lathe installers, Site or civil sub-contractor, finished carpenters, Road and parking asphalt pavers, Curb, and Concrete, foundations subs, and more. DFR's, RFI's, Addendum's, and as-builds performed daily. Verified & supervised all problems, with subs, and promoted & adhered to prints direction, where not detailed RFI for answers or used experience.

NATION MARK INC., Crystal River, FL 2004


Hess Convenience Stores/Gas Stations, *12M* GU Jacksonville, Fl. Sequenced, inspected, Quality control, safety meetings; In charge of a $10million dollar, 5 acres. Mono-slab, Concrete block, rebar; steel column, and steel bar joist, metal roof; single membrane commercial roof. Hess convenience stores/gas stations. Everything from ground clearing to Occupancy permit. Installation of underground gas storage tanks, Federal inspectors.


Superintendent 2003

Multi-Family TI project

*6M* TI Tampa, Fl. Superintendent/Foremen for a privately held commercial design and building company. $6 million-dollar, Multi-Family TI project. 20-man crews. Demolition of Condo's, Multi-Family units, accessed damage due to age, termite etc., Shored up structure, rebuilt and refinished. New windows installed per owner’s request. Exterior and interior finish completed. Siding, vapor barrier, framing, Engineering clips & straps, sheet rock replaced and finished and more. Safety meeting every day, due to structure rebuild and tenants living on site. 1400 Employee Company. Engaged in leadership program. Safety Programs. Tool safety and training Programs. Became involved and initiated teaching program.

Instructor for company and OSHA Safety Training, 2005 Leadership Training and Tool and Safety Training. Developed curriculum and testing for training classes.


BA, Art History, Iowa State University

CSU Outreach Program; Behavioral Science

30 hour’s OSHA accreditation CPR, 2Hr Harassment course, CPR.


Comprehensive computer skills include: Microsoft Office Suite Timberland Expedition 10.0 Primavera Systems IE America Contractor Project Mates: Submittals, transmittal's, Request for Information (RFI), and Daily Field Reports (DFR)


Keith Taggart, Asst. Superintendent

PH: 303-***-****


Richard Nordick, Project Manager

PH: 602-***-****


Sherman Fujokia, Project Manager

Walker and Sons

PH: 559-***-****


Jim Miller, General Superintendent

PH: 941-***-****

Mike Norburg, Superintendent

PH: 602-***-****


Juan Carbajal, Project Manager / Superintendent

PH: 209-***-****


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