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Manager Food Safety

New York, NY
October 05, 2018

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Mikhail Ivaniv

Moscow, Russia.

Tel: +791******** e-mail: Skype: mvivaniv


KEY SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS IN 8 YEARS OF WORK IN HSE: Experience in huge international companies as Deputy HSE Director (Region Russia), Director HSE Department (Segment Energy and Resources – Russia and Kazakhstan), HSE Manager, Safety Training Coordinator; Managing of HSE Departments, consisting of 26 and 100 employees; Optimisation of HSE processes and HSE departments; Experience in oil and gas industry, fire safety, food safety, transport safety, electrical safety, working at height safety, risk management and crisis management;

Competent and confident in high-risk environments including multinational team; Identify and draft HSE strategic initiatives with the focus on ensuring a “safety first” culture; Conducting interviews, organisation and conducting estimative procedures, development of material and non-material motivation schemes, training and personal development;

Planning of the budget of department, providing department with material resources; Auditing and provide recommendations to drive performance; Carry out risk assessments;

Investigation of accidents, incidents, near misses, HIPO incidents, road traffic accidents, equipment damages, spills of hazardous chemicals

(Investigation Team Leader role);

Implementation: Weatherford Business Management System (OHSAS 18001), Sodexo Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001) and Sodexo Food Safety Program (ISO 22000); Development, implementation and progress monitoring: policies, improvement plans, standards, procedures, instructions, programs; Implementation of programs: Zero Mindset, HSE Induction Courses, Safe Start, Rig Pass, Safety Leadership, Taproot and the Safety Awards Program is intended to promote safe behavior of individual employees and the individual working groups; Implementation of Competency Assurance Program;

Monthly reports and presentations to top management; Keeping up to date with new legislation and maintaining a working knowledge of all HSE legislation and any developments that affect the business;

Bid management (pre-qualifications and tenders);

Implementation and progress monitoring of program Salus and WPTS; Other delegated responsibilities are ordered from Country President (CEO) and Group HSE Director; Computer skills: TapRooT®System; MAPS; RAMS; WPTS; Salus; Client Relationship Management System etc.; Conversations skills at any level: top management, regulatory authorities, clients, and contractors; Professional communication skills include English, Russian and Ukrainian. Basic knowledge of German; Business trips: Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Czech Republic, UK, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore. In general duration of all business trips are more than 24 months. During the business trips on the sites Sodexo located in: 1. Lodz (Poland) at the plant of the client Gillette; 2.

"PGE Narodowy Stadium" in Warsaw; 3. Czech Republic at the plant of the client Bosch; 4. Singapore in one of the known Business Center - within a framework transfer of Best Practices received important information and documentation, whereunder was developed Food Safety Program (based on ISO 22000) and implemented on all sites of Sodexo in Russia. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

01.08.2017–13.05.2018 “Sodexo”, Deputy HSE Director (Region Russia). Change the title of the position due to the merger of the two legal entities and in general the reorganization of the company in Russia. Responsibility and other terms of the contract remained the same as in the previous position.

21.05.2014–31.07.2017 “Sodexo”, Director HSE Department (Segment Energy and Resources). 2 600 employees / staff of HSE Department – 26 employees. 16.03.2011–20.05.2014 “Weatherford”, HSE Manager.

Temporary discharge of duty QHSE Director (all product lines Weatherford of the Siberian Division – 6 000 employees); Temporary discharge of duty HSE & Training Manager PL Drilling Russia (3 drilling companies / 60 drilling rigs / 3 000 employees / staff of 3 HSE departments – 100 employees); Direct responsibility: management of 2 HSE departments (2 drilling companies / 40 drilling rigs / 2 000 employees / staff 2 HSE departments – 60 employees).

04.02.2009–30.11.2009 “Weatherford Drilling International” Safety Training Coordinator. EDUCATION:

2018 “Tushinsky training school” (Moscow), HSE professional retraining according to the professional standard

#192 the Order of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Russian Federation #524н 04.08.2014; 2007 “Ural State Legal Academy”, qualification: Jurist – specialist; 2006 “Ural State Legal Academy”, qualification: Interpreter of English language; 1997 “Oil technical school“, profession: “Maintenance service and repair of motor transport“, qualification Automobile mechanic. ADVANCED TRAINING / COURSES:

2018 Development and implementation of a management system in an enterprise based on the requirements ISO 22000, course provider

“Inter Consult”;

2014 Client Relationship Management System, course provider “Sodexo”; 2014 Sodexo Global Health & Safety Management System (framework OHSAS 18001), course provider “Sodexo”; 2014 Salus, course provider “Sodexo”. Report and manage incidents in a consistent way and share HSE information, analyze performance, it will save money, prevent wasted efforts and improve standards; 2013 Environment Protection, course provider “Weatherford”; 2013 Risk Management Instructor, course provider “Weatherford”; 2013 TapRooT® Certified Instructor, course provider “System Improvements, Inc” (USA); 2013 TapRooT® Advanced Investigation Team Leader Course, course provider “System Improvements, Inc” (USA); 2012 Investigation of incidents (Root Cause Analysis), course provider “Det Norske Veritas”; 2012 Safety Leadership, course provider “Moody International”; 2011 Internal Auditor (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 19011), course provider “Moody International”; 2011 Rig Pass Instructor, International Association of Drilling Contractors; Safe Start Instructor; Rig Asset Management System Instructor; Competence Standard (Corporate – Level 1 QHSE Technical); QHSE Competency Assessment, Courses Provider


2010 About 30 “Baker Hughes” HSE trainings, INTEQ Global Workmanship Standard, SAP training, MAPS training; 2010–2011 Courses “Business Global English”;

2009 Weatherford Performance Tracking System Instructor. Exchange of information on incidents for prevents reoccurrence of incidents, as well as for the exchange of information on meetings and other HSE activities and in general for continuous improvement; 2009 Weatherford Enterprise Excellence Process.


Quality control and reporting;

Long-term planning and long-term perspective;

Organization of the HSE department;


Delegation of tasks and goals as well as control over their implementation. PROFILE:

Easy outgoing, fast and easy trained, also independent learner; High self-motivation;

Out of box thinking;

Proactive style of work;

Promote Changes;

Look past today and monitor the environment for tomorrow; Don’t get stuck in the past;

Build an environment where all feel free to speak; Learn to listen;

Respect difference of opinions;

Spend at least 50 % time on people;

Clarify + Consistency + Commitment = Credibility;

Credibility + Talent + Attitude = Potential;

Potential + Training = Skills;

Skills + Persistence = Growth;

No bad habits;

Take sports. Now weightlifting, previous: karate, boxing, kick-boxing, Thai boxing.

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