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Management Executive

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
October 05, 2018

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Ajit B Bambras

Sr. Procurement Executive

Personal Summary

A highly motivated and ambitious individual able to give timely and accurate advice, guidance, support on procurement of services and product for business purpose. Possessing excellent management skills and having the ability to work with the minimum of supervision whilst Sr. Executive in a team of 4 members within the country and its overseas offices. Having a proven ability to lead by example, consistently hit targets, improves best practices and organise time efficiently.

Now looking forward to a making a significant contribution as a team leader with a company that offers a genuine opportunity for progression.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Sr. Executive for CitiusTech Healthcare Technology Pvt Ltd, Dept. Function (Administration & Infrastructure).

Duties:- Vendor Management and Procurement management for all functions & Markets, Depts.

-Manage external vendors and internal depts for procuring services / product for business .

-Performs a functional bridge amongst external vendors as well as Internal stakeholders.

-Co-ordinating all Vendor management tasks like, Vendor registration, preparation of MSA, GSA, NDA, rate contracts. After completing of documents and approvals . Vendor details are entered in ERP systems for smooth payment release .

-Record keeping of each documents and data in ERP system as well EXCEL sheet.

-Mandatory Documents submission from vendor, like PAN card, TAN copy, GST certificate, MSME certificate., payment completion of MSME vendors less than 60 days Invoice, Security addendum wherever required.

-Coordinate all vendor management tasks inclusive of working with external vendors and internal employees.

-Ensure to track the vendor purchase and evaluate vendor performance for audit requirement.

-Ensure that process is followed of vendor selection and evaluation.

Procurement Management:-

-Devise and use fruitful sourcing strategies for procuring products / services.

-Discover profitable suppliers and initiate business.

-Negotiate with external vendors to secure advantageous terms. Identification of best vendor/service providers available to meet the business requirement.

-Approve the ordering of necessary goods and service with approval of seniors and management.

-Finalize purchase details of orders and deliveries. Making the yearly contracts/ AMC’s for stationary vendors, housekeeping vendors, facility vendors, transport vendors, courier vendors, printing vendors.

-Consolidate POs of 6 months of facility vendors, rent vendors, housekeeping vendors, stationary and housekeeping materials.

-Making POs for overseas entity, record keeping of their Invoices submission, payment confirmation,and timely payments to avoid fine charges.

-Planning, establishing and Implementing an effective framework, Including policies.

-Timely delivery of high quality products/services at the most competitive cost., Co-ordination with vendors for urgent delivery, services . Submissions of RFP ( Request for payment ), KYC documents to release of urgent payment.


-Preparation of Purchase Orders and get it approved as per approval authority and submit the order to vendor for material delivery. Ensure that material is time delivery to respective address or person.

-Keeping the records of all open POs, Drft POs, pending POs. Ensure that MIS for this is send to finance team in regular provision format for their further action of accounting purpose.

-After receiving the Invoice from vendor, proper Invoice is to be examine as per GST rule, RFP documents need to prepare and submit to Finance dept. for payment release on time.

-Keeping the records of all vendor Invoices, paid and unpaid. Need to inform the vendors for payment release once confirmed by finance team.

-Handling of Housekeeping vendors, facility vendors, generic IT vendors, Cafeteria vendors, transport vendors, facility vendors, rent vendors.

-Taking role in Audit for giving required evidence and solving the findings given by audit team.

-Track and report functional metrics to reduce expenses and Improve effectiveness.


Proven ability to manage through others. Strong decision making and problem solving skills. Able to motivate and lead others in a team environment. Excellent command over excel, words, Vlookup,hlookup, macros, IF, SUMIF, concatenate coding to shortcut the work of huge process and handling he multiply excel worksheets with single MIS format. As well excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. An ability to build rapport and trust quickly with work colleagues and senior management. Able to prioritise tasks and workloads in order of importance. Track record of delivering result with deadlines.Talk to others to convey information effectively. Use logic and reasons to identify the strengths and weakness of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.


Graduate from Commerce (BCOM).


Excel expert in formulas, MIS reporting, keeping the tracking of the Inventory, Supervising, and Ability to handle a large data, give the result on stipulate in short time span .Re-evaluating vendors, Re-negotiation rates of existing contract.


High performance Delegating Decision making Organizing


Windows 7, XP professional, Excel 2010, Excel professional


MIS reporting on election duty, local GANESH MANDAL reporting of transaction of different billings and daily cash.


Ajit B Bambras

Bldg no 1B/701, 7th floor Kannamwar nagar no 2, Vikhroli (east) Mumbai 83.

DOB: 06thAug, 1981.

Nationality: Indian

Marital Status: Married

Mobile: 983-***-****

Worked for Reliance Industries, through CMS IT services Pvt Ltd . as Sr Asset management Executive for IT dept.

Period :- AUG,15 – MAY,16


1)Ensure to allocate the IT assets ( Laptop, Desktop and Thin Client ) as per the request raised by respective user, distribution of tickets to each members by giving approvals to allocate the assets .

2)Ensuring that resigned user assets is collected back with proper process with data back and asset condition, allow the IT clearance to release the employee to F&F.

3)Vendor Management, ensure to get each call raised to respective vendor is closed with in TAT, Laptop under warranty should be replaced with proper compactible hardware gone faulty.

4)Making the available of assets for new project or team which is introduced to business, by co-orating with project manager, business COE, and concern managers

5) Maintaing the Life cycle of Fixed asset throughout the business, and state offices, prepare the deprecation report on quarterly basis or whenever required by management.

6)Preparation of MIS reports for IT assets through business and state office with the utlilization and stock status from management review.


1)Establish polices and procedure for Inventorying tracking assets reporting on information technology related assets.

2)Explore opportunities for maximizing or exploiting unused or partially used it assets to achieve full efficiency roi from company resources .

3)Develop strategies external relationships to implement plans for auctioning recycling or otherwise selling obsolete assets.

4)Lead the overall effort in planning monitoring maintaining recording of all enterprise level agreements and asset records which will be used to audit review.

5)Conduct and report software asset reconciliation and audit activities on a timely basis including financial licensing warranty maintenance/support contract information.

6)Compare warranties maintenance agreements and vendor contracts to assist with asset upkeep upgrades repair replacement.

7)Identify opportunities for volumn purchasing to obtain price breaks.

8)Ensure all softwares and hardware serial nmbers or identification tags are maintained in a configuration management systems cms and ensure information is upto date accurate auditable.

9)Research industry best practices compare against the organization practices in orderto establish benchmarks for managing it assets

10)Working with different stakeholders to standardize equipment to lower total costs.

11)Generate distribute review relevant management reports.

12)Perform periodic audits to make sure that all IT assets are updated in systems with CMS.

Worked for Citigroup, through CMS Computers Info System Pvt as Sr. Administrative Executive for General Service dept for CSIPL entity of Citigroup India.

Sr Administrative Executive – Citigroup of entity CSIPL Citigroup Services India Private Limited, Dept General Service ( GS ) through (CISPL) CMS Computers Info systems Pvt Ltd.

Period :-FEB,14 – JUL,15.


1) Vendor Management

2)Procurement Management ( General Procurement )

3) Housekeeping Pantry, facility management

4)Travel,Shuttle Management

5)Printing and Stationary management

6)Employee Car perk and transfer of their car activity from different states, following with RTO Agent recruited b company for doing the car transfer

7)Maintain the car documents, agreements with lease company,

8)Vendor payments, Documents, agreements, outstanding payments.

9)Working on audit ( Internal ), providing the required evidence and supporting for General Services deptarment

10)Courier management, control over the mailroom facility.

11)Arrangement for fire drill process for every quarters.

Audit Activity,

1)Ensure that vendor agreement are proper places, filed, signoff with respective authority in software as well hardcopy.

2)Ensure that all the bills, Invoices, orders are completed before Financial Year.

3)MSMED to be done for all vendor once in FY for all vendors billing more than 1 Lac as well reply to be given for same, if any vendor proposed.

4)All documents and process of each activity should be PPT in share folders for auditor review.

5)Regularly review of other zonal Administrative works for better, smoothness, Administrative run.

6)All PR, PO, Should be released on or before end of FY .

Worked for Citigroup, through CMS Computers Info System Pvt as a Regional Co-ordinate for Inventory Management, Software Management, Procurment Management ( MIS Reporting for Assets )


AUG, 07- JAN,14.

1)Inventory Management

Assigning the ICN No ( Asset tag no) for new procured asset. Ensuring that all records are maintain

In AMS system (Asset Management System).

Collating the CHANGES/ADD/MOVEMENT from all over the country (India) which has happened in the different dept, branch, location, from all over the country on weekly Basis. Collated details are updated on weekly basis provided by the sites. Report all over the country is called as Weekly ADD/MOVE/CHANGE report. Getting the asset to be surrender by the employees who had resigned, transferred, retired etc.

Preparing the asset reports for the AMC ( Annual Maintains contract), Audit report ( Both Internal & External ), Insurance purpose, Migration Projects ( Application, Security, New Machines, Application suitable machines)

Preparing the report of the asset like Desktops, Laptops, Server, Switches, Routers, and IP consumption report. Quarterly reports, Monthly reports, Yearly reports.

Asset maintained in AMS are Server, Desktop, Laptops, Routers, Switches,Printers, MFD machines, Scanner, Voice device, Logger, IP phones, Digital phones etc ( All the electronics equipment used for the business purpose),

Maintaining the current Information in AMS through the year.

Preparing report for the FINCON team for their reconciliation purpose

During the audit purpose (Internal & External).

Daily activity are of assigning the ICN No for new purchased machines, Updating the assets in AMS system, Monitoring the data feed by the region co-ordinaters, Each and every fields are being check for better MIS purpose

Handling the team of 8 members at all over the country as the divide by the region North 1, North 2, East, South 1, South 2, West

Main purpose of the team is to maintain the current Information in Asset Management System and providing the same Information when every required by the Management for their review, development, security, Insurances etc

2) Software Managment

To maintain the list of the new procument of the softwares as per the requirement from the users and from the project point of view

To complete the tickets and assign the software control no for the packages or the software purschased from the appproved vendor’s

To recon the softwares from the audit prosfectives and reconciliation from

Interal audit,external audit .

To keep the trace of the each softwares, when not in use or get it back to the stock when it is not in use, all the softwares are been trace by the PC name ( Computer name, Hostname )

Need to have the co-ordination with Wintel team and get the correct information or physical check of the softwares and packages ben installed at each machine in entire permises.

3)Procurment Managment

To arrange the proper requirement of the asset raise by the users

With proper investagationand business justification, concern approvels

To get the asset procure first it needs to complete some process like approvels, request raise by the users, direct mail aaprovels from user superiers, all the required details are get match with approvels are present than, PR form which is been created by me(team member) as the process part needs to be get filed from the Wintel team(LAN Enginer or Desktop Enginer) which is been placed at respective user end for the help . PR raised by team member will be reviwed and will be approved by me to procurment team to prepare the purschase order

Once the PR forms is filles and get check by team, I (myself) or my team member raise the PR purchased request of the assets, as same go across all the concenr approvels and management

From the superior to financel approvels, vendor and last it get to the requestor

As per the process, requisition travels through the process, this needs to be trace and find out if any thingh needs to be done according to the query raised for a particular request or may got stuck .

This needs to be follow up with vendor also for the delivery status.

After delivery asset needs to assign the control no which folows from different process, report

This ensure the payment released to vendor. Each asset record should be maintain in Asset Centre

Role Description:

1. Leading the procurement team and handling the day-to-day procurement related transactions.

2. Understand the techno-commercial requirements and accordingly source proposals from vendors, Project Managers, Users.

3. Ensuring that all requests are closed within defined timelines.

4. Ensure that the order is delivered as per agreed timelines.

5. Ensure that all invoices are tracked, accounted and closed.

6. Defining various MIS reports based on the procurement tasks.

7. Track the capex/opex purchases and payouts.

8. Capture the budget utilization. Providing trends and analyses based on these reports.

9. Manage and track all technology assets

10. Maintain hardware, software, and services contracts as appropriate.

11. Forecast needs for additional equipment

12. Maintain current knowledge of hardware/software changes and plan for changes in response to dynamic business needs.

13. Conduct regular asset audits and ensure that findings are closed

14. Ensure compliance to the organizational policies and processes.

15. Ensuring that the reports published are accurate.

16. Ensure that the procurement process is in line with the organizational procurement policy.

17. Manage activities together with procurement, finance, legal and other business units.

18. Ensure that there are no non-compliances during audits.

19. Assess the quality of the Procurement operations and identify areas of improvement.

20. Play a leadership role in efforts to improve departmental processes

21. Ensure compliance to the organizational policies and processes.


1. Accurate procurement and budgetary reports capturing the complete lifecycle.

2. 100% accuracy, completeness and integrity of the procurement data base.

3. Compliance to standards and audit requirements.

4. Accurate and relevant information available for reference and analysis.

5. Various reports such as Performance Scorecards, Budget Reports, Quality Dashboards, etc. are published regularly and are accurate.

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