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NOC Automation Engineer

Hanover, PA
October 04, 2018

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Michael Nobile

*** ******* ******, *******, ** **331

717-***-**** (Cell)

Career Objective

To continue my career developing into a Python Engineer with opportunities to increase my education and knowledge in the IT field.


●A+ Certification, Network + Certification, YTI Commitment to Excellence Award, LFS101x: Introduction to Linux, Sourcefire Certified Professional, Cisco’s Intro to Python Course, Google’s Python Course, Cisco’s Security Ninja White Belt, Cisco’s Security Ninja Green Belt, Snort Rule Writing Professional


Associate of Specialized Computer Science /Business Degree May 2012

York Technical Institute, York, PA


Operating Systems: Windows 95+, Sourcefire Operating System, Linux, Red Hat, Mac

Networking: Cisco, FireWalls, Routers, Wireless Networking, OSI Model, PfSense, NAT, Routing, Transparent, Inline, Port Forwarding, VPN, VLAN

Hardware: Advanced Computer Repair, Troubleshooting, Raid arrays

Programming: Visual Basic, XHTML, CSS, Python 2, Python 3, Perl, Bash

Software: Wireshark, Nmap, Microsoft Software Suite, VMWare, Microsoft Exchange, ESXi, KVM, Sourcefire, Cisco IOS, FTD, OpenATF, FMC, IPS/IDS, ClamAV, FireAMP, MySQL, Mongo, RestAPI, Splunk, QRadar, Database Externalization, Syslog, Snort, ZFS, FreeNAS, LTN Proprietary Protocols

Miscellaneous: Agile, Scrum

Work Experience

LTN Global: Savage, Maryland(NOC Automation Engineer) August 2016 - Present

●Research, develop, test, and automate the input of data across numerous platforms using Python to create a 91% time savings.

●Automate the detection of hard drive failures on over 1,500 appliances worldwide

●Automatically email customers when inbound connectivity to their deployed appliances is lost

●Documented a variety of procedures; installs, replacement, reverse tunnel, specific architecture deployments, etc...

●Automate the configuration of LTN’s various deployment architectures

●Created application to proactively monitor all scheduled video feeds for the day, and create a ticket to proactively resolve any potential issues.

●Image, Deploy, Ship numerous Linux servers and Cisco Switches across a variety of architected deployments

●Troubleshoot various Audio/Video issues at customers sites

●Researched and in the process of creating automation program for shipment through UPS

●Troubleshoot a wide range of Network/Linux related issues

●Researched, tested, and implemented ticketing solution

Cisco: Columbia, Maryland(Malware QA Software Engineer) June 2015 - August 2016

●Verify that Cisco’s Firewall stops Malware on supported file types via HTTP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and SMB protocols 100% of the time.

●Confirm that Malware between the minimum and maximum configurable settings are stored on the NGFW.

●Validate that files stored on the sensor, can be downloaded in an encrypted tarball.

●Review that ClamAV automatically scans supported file types for Malware via the HTTP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and SMB protocols 100% of the time.

●Examine that retrospective event(s) are generated on malware, after the file has been detected and convicted(Zero Day Vulnerability).

●Certify that supported file types are automatically/Manually sent to the Threat GRID cloud for Dynamic analysis.

●Perform detailed testing the next time the file is seen it is treated as malware, if the Dynamic Analysis results come back with a higher threat score then set in the file policy.

●Collaborate with team members to architect, plan, create, and automate features/test cases pertaining to Cisco’s unreleased Threat Defense Feature.

●Develop and execute exploratory tests as well as automated tests in order to ensure product quality.

●Estimate, plan, and coordinate testing activities.

●Ensure that quality issues and defects are appropriately identified, documented, tracked, and resolved in our defect tracking system.

●Review requirements specifications and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback

●Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases

●Design, develop, maintain, and execute automation scripts using open source tools

●Identify, record, document thoroughly and track bugs

●Perform thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved

●Understand and implement the methodologies in an Agile/Scrum development process

●Debugging of numerous rules in the Access Control Policy of the Firewall, including but not limited to URL monitoring/DNS Sinkhole/File/Intrusion actions

●Troubleshoot and fix software problems

●Automated over 10k test cases using the OpenATF Automation framework

●Verify that Malware is detected in Archive file types, and archive files up to a depth of 3

●Find, report, document, and create bugs for vulnerabilities in the way we detect/inspect/alert on malware

●Extensive hands on experience in security systems, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-virus software, authentication systems, log management, content filtering, etc

●Proven working experience in building and maintaining security systems

●Daily routine working with web related technologies (Web applications, Web Services, Service Oriented Architectures) and of network/web related protocols

●Collaborate with colleagues on advanced product bugs

●Proud listener of the TechSNAP podcast since episode 1

●Architected, deployed, and maintained testing environments in Columbia, Pittsburgh, and Austin.

Sourcefire/Cisco: Columbia, Maryland(Technical Support Engineer II) April 2013-June 2015

●Collaborated with customers to implement and monitor security measures for the protection of computer systems, networks and information from small businesses to corporate giants.

●Provided assistance, and delivered detailed documentation on log retention configuration via SIEM

●Assisted customers in establishing the precise corrective path if a true positive for an Intrusion Rule fired.

●Escalated tickets to the Talos Team to debug if the customer had a rule fire for a Shared Object Intrusion Rule.

●Debugged Fireamp Endpoint deployments, and false positive alerts

●Worked intimately with Snort based Intrusion Prevention Systems.

●Promotion to Technical Support Engineer II from Technical Support Engineer I

●Delivered advanced Configuration to the end customer, so they could use Active Directory authentication

●Provided assistance in configuring IPS/IDS technologies.

●Troubleshoot Linux based systems.

●Closely involved in finding and resolving software bugs.

●Provided assistance in investigation of false positive analysis of Intrusion alerts.

●Keep all cases updated and fully documented. Actively participate in populating the Sourcefire Knowledge Base, with many being populated on Cisco’s TechZone website.

●Took an active role in training and welcoming any new team members.

●Became a technical leader on the team.

●Provided best quality of service possible and speedy resolution to customer problems while providing timely updates to customers at all times.

●One of four Sourcefire Technical Supports SME’s for the first implementation of the Sourcefire Module on the ASA, and a BETA member for the following Software release.

●Prepare and document standard operating procedures and protocols

●Advanced Configuration and troubleshooting of all Sourcefire/Cisco security infrastructure devices

Tanager Inc: Woodlawn, Maryland(NOC Engineer) August 2011- March 2013

●Create and Track Rational Trouble Tickets received via email or telephone from both internal and external sources.

●Conduct specific procedures to proactively check the health and welfare of all CMS(Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) applications.

●Follow all documented NOC standards and procedures.

●Participates in team projects as required.

●Installation, configuration, and maintenance of a CentOS Development Environment running different Applications and Content Management Systems. Such as Joomla, Wordpress, MediaWiki, SimpleMachinesForum, 389Directory Server, DNS caching server, and OwnCloud.

●Installation, configuration and maintenance of a CentOS Development Environment running a local Repo, HTTP server, FTP server, NTP server, NFS server, DNS caching server, and Open LDAP server along with a OpenVPN server.

●Perform an audit of a Red Hat server using the Department of Defense’s STIG(Security Technical Implementation Guides).

●Perform standard administrative procedures of Production and Test Environment Web Servers.

●Prepare and distribute system health reports.

●Escalate issues to the appropriate parties as needed to ensure the most efficient and expedient means to problem resolution.

●Document all events that transpire during shift and escalate alerts when needed.

●Prepare thorough turnover reports for the oncoming shift personnel to ensure follow-up on outstanding issues and continuity of operations.

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