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Management Manager

Kathmandu, Bagmati Zone, Nepal
Annual US $ 30000
October 07, 2018

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GPO Box: *****, Kathmandu Nepal

Home: Mahalaxmi-4, Nirankar Toll, Lalitpur, Nepal

Tel: (Cell) +977- 984******* (Res) +977-*-*******

E-mail:, and Skype: Lachhi.singh

Expertise: Integrated programs/projects planning, designing, implanting, phase IN/OUT plan, monitoring & evaluation, budget tracking, developing quality policies, procedures, formats, strategies, quality management of financial, internal control system, standard accounting management, business administration, logistics services, HRD, communication, procurement, leading, coordinating, managing and security issues, those activities are managed according to ISO standard. For oversight operations of the organization management, partnership, consultants, grants/contracts management, internal control, risk management, vehicle management, staff supervision, NGOs capacity building, making OD-plan, training/workshop, research, interpersonal skills, various donor reporting, good governance, transparency, social inclusion, fundraising and social mobilization with right based approach.

Education Background:


Degree with main subjects/topics





MA (sociology):

-Project planning, organizing, implementing and controlling

-NGOs/CBOs/CSOs capacity building and OD-plan

-Operation management and office business promotion

-Social franchising marketing and behavior change

-Research methodology in society and anthropology

-Economic development in community and society

-Gender studies and development perspectives

-Base line survey and Monitoring & Evaluation

Tri-chnadra Multiple College Kathmandu under Tribhuwan University Nepal





-Financial accounting and management accounting

-Internal Control System

-Effective communication management system

-Financial quality planning, implementing and management

-Budget quality planning and tracking system management

-Prepare financial statement and donor reporting

-Managerial economics and cost effective management

-Human resources development and recruitment process

-Managerial accounting and quality record keeping

Nepal Commerce Campus, Kathmandu under Tribhuwan University Nepal





-Teaching foundation of education & curriculum development

-Education psychology specialization and development

-Managerial economics and methodology development

-Administration and supervision of the organization

-Developing lesson plan and work plan

-Developing individual operation plan and implement method

Kritipur Education Department under Tribhuwan University Nepal





-Managerial accounting and quality record keeping

-Developing administration policy and procedures

-Developing industries and organization business policy

-Organization behaviors and reporting system

-Internal Control Management

-Financial Auditing management and internal control system

-Economics management system and effect cost management

-Financial statement and ledgers reconciliation method

-Developing quality financial reporting and capacity enhance

-Practical financial and administration strengthening

Mithibai Commerce College under Bombay University India



Working Experiences in National & International:









Advisor- Finance/Administrative

CARE Sri Lanka, Colombo

May’05 – Aug’05

Sri Lanka



ASPW Company Bombay





Children Aid Society Bombay






Finance and Grants Manager





Grants and Contracts Manager

Hospitality Way/ANM-USA




Finance/Admin /HR Manager

CCS Italy Nepal

Dec’07 – Jan’11



Regional Finance Officer

CARE Nepal

Apr’02 - Nov’07



Cluster Finance Officer

CARE Nepal

Apr’93- Mar’00



Accounts & Admin Officer

Save the Children USA

Aug’89 –Mar’93



Accounts & Admin Officer

Bhaktapur Dairy Ltd



Donor Reporting Experiences:

USAID, DFID, EU, ECHO, DANIDA, CIDA, DASU, UN, CARE, CCS Italy, Private Donors etc

Working with Diverse Partners:

More than 25 years working experiences with various natures of more than 40 partner organizations as a partnership program for their capacity building up and promoting their skills to maintain program quality (i.e. INGOs, NGOs, Net-works, Government Offices, Federations, Vendors, Banks, Line Agencies etc.) in integrated program development in community level. I have been working with more than 40 partner organizations in remote and non-remote areas. So, I am saying confidently to easily handle partner organization without hesitation

Visited and Working Country:

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Bangladesh etc

Training skills:

A) International Training Participation:

Finance and Administration Management Workshop: Organised by CARE USA in Delhi India on 1-5 Nov’95

Procurement and Logistic Management Workshop: Organized by CARE Sri Lanka, Colombo 10-15 May’05

Budget Planning & Tracking Management Workshop: Organized by CARE Sri Lanka Colombo on 1-10 Jun’05

Internal Control System Management workshop: Organized by CARE Sri Lanka Kendy Sri Lanka on 10-17Jul’05

B) National Training/Workshop Participation:

Performance Management Training (PMT): Organised by CARE Nepal in Pokhara on 7-12 Apr’93

Training of the Trainer (TOT): Organised by CARE Nepal in Janakpur on 12-20 Apr’95

SCALA Financial Software Operation Training: Organised by CARE USA in Kathmandu on 1 - 10 Mar '00

Cress Reporting Management Training: Organised by CARE Nepal in Kathmandu on 20-24 Nov’01

Partnership Financial Mgmt Development Workshop: Organized by CCS Italy in Kathmandu on1-5 Sep’09

ISO-9001:2008 QMS Development Workshop: Organized by CCS Italy HQ in Kathmandu on 16-19 Dec’09

Program Phased IN/OUT Guideline Development Workshop: Organized by CCS Italy in Kathmandu on 20-23 Dec’09

My Donor Financial Software Operating Training: Organized by CCS Italy HQ in Kathmandu on 10-15 Sept’09

FINMAN Financial Software For Partner Training: Organized by NK Joshi & Co in Kathmandu on1-5 Jan’10

Fundraising Strategy Development Workshop: Organized by CCS Italy in Kathmandu on 6-10 Nov’10

C) Conduction Training/Workshop:

Capacity Building Training/Workshop for Partner Organizations (NGOs)

Partnership Operations Guideline Developing Workshop/Training for partners

Public/Social Auditing Conducting Training/Workshop for partners and community people

Quality Policy and Procedure Training for partner organization

D) Consultant and research work:

Team Leader: RRN/CSP-DFID “Peer Review and Final Evaluation” in Jhapa and Sunsari districts in 2006

Team Leader and Consultant: NGOs/Partners Capacity Building raining/Workshop ASHA/DFID in Dec, 2004

Team Member: Final Evaluation of USAID” CSP/CARE Project for Kanchanpur in 2000

Assistant Team Leader of Research Study and Case study of Mechi Hill Development Project/SNV in 1999


Financial Controllership:

Controllership-plan, organize, directs & monitors

Treasury and Cash Functions

Budgeting and Forecasting

Financial Reports and Quality Reviews

Financial Reporting and Reconciliation of books of accounts

Finance Management:

Planning, forecasting, fundraising, supervising implementing and controlling of financial works

Preparation of clear, simplicity and liquidity for financial transaction during implementation

Analyse and present financial reports in an accurate and timely manner; clearly communicate monthly and annual financial statements; collate financial reporting materials for all donor segments and oversee all financial, project/program and grants accounting accurate records keeping and reconciles all sub-ledgers

Coordinate and lead the annual audit process liaise with external auditors and the finance committee of HQ

Oversee and lead annual budgeting planning and tracking in conjunction with supervisor and senior managers to review all financial plans and budgets, monitor progress and changes about abreast financial status

Manage organizational cash flow, projection, liquidity or forecasting of individual grants and contracts

Effectively communicate and present the critical financial matters to the donor and HQ for reducing risks

Making strong internal control system and strengthening controllership within the organization

Follow up necessary local government rules and regulations during the project and program implementation

Provide training to Finance staff, and assist in staff developing necessary skills to make them eligible for advancement

Manage the assignments of the project based staff accountants and I am well familiar with OMB Circular A-122 and A- 133 Cost Principals for non-profit organization, especially, it is used only USAID grants and contracts

Well familiar with ECHO and EU financial management system as well as compliance

Internal Auditing Management:

Attending meetings with auditees to develop an understanding of Organization business processes

Travelling to different sites to meet relevant staff and obtain documents and information accordingly

Researching and assessing how well risk management processes are working and recording the results using financial software such as FINMAN, SCALA, Banana, My donors, QuickBooks, Microsoft Word and Excel

Providing advice and guidance to program managers and program staff at all levels, sometimes by delivering courses and training sessions regarding the internal control system and internal auditing means

Performing risk assessments on key business activities and using this information to guide what to cover in audits

Anticipating emerging issues through research and interviews and deciding how best to deal with them

Providing support and guidance to management on how to handle new opportunities

Agreeing recommendations with relevant staff members to make improvements to operations and helping to secure backing for them in meetings along with 40 local level partners

Preparing reports to highlight issues and problems and distributing the reports to the relevant people and partners

Assessing how well the organization business is complying to rules and regulations and informing management whether any issues need addressing with developing tools of compliance follow up

Developing effective and efficient financial operation, reliable and integrity financial reporting, compliance with donor rules and regulations, physically control, safeguard assets and cash control

Developing internal control system factor like, control environment, control activities, risk assessment, information and communication and more controlling and monitoring the financial rules and regulations

Internal auditor's main responsible to maintain compliances, resources management, help to external auditors

Managing a variety of stakeholders and their expectations through regular communications.

Grants & Contracts Development and Management:

Receiving the budget estimates from all the departments of the organization and critically examines them for correctness, accuracy and completeness

Studying the previous budget and taking into consideration the benefits and losses occurred during the financial years

Consolidating the data for budget and also providing an overview of the financial status of all the operations

Performs related duties by researching, analyzing, preparing reports and monitoring budget variances

Prepare strategic Budget plan for every fiscal year for integrate programs as well as tracking

Prepare periodic budget projections and inform program staff and management about budget issues that arise

Fundraising Development and Management

Work with the SMT to secure adequate funding for the operation of the organization

Ensure that the organization complies with all legislation covering taxation and withholding payments

Participate in fundraising activities as appropriate

Builds long term relationships with key donor segments based on mission, cultivation, stewardship, program outcomes and sound financial management system, which is based on ISO certify quality.

Leads organization's financial growth in order to maintain healthy cash flow, provide full services to our constituents and maintain adequate reserves to support board-approved investments and risk-taking

Auditing Management:

Internal auditing of CARE Nepal partner organizations in regional level

Developed partnership financial management guideline and operation manual

Developed public auditing manual for local level partners used in conflict situation, its result oriented impact

Conducted public auditing training in various districts with participated of District Government offices

Developed financial management after conducted public auditing training in partner organizations

Well familiar with prepare internal auditing plan, implement, organize and reporting subjects


Prepares monthly/quarterly/annually financial reports for SMT, HQ, Donors, Governments, partners etc.

Prepares Quarterly/annually procurement and inventory reports for SMT, HQ, Donors, Governments, partners etc.

Prepares Budget tracking and burn rate reports for program staff and partner organizations monitoring purposes

Prepares financial statements (P&L, Balance sheet, income and expenditure reports and cash flow statements)

Prepares quarterly financial analysis reports and circulate to all staff and partners for monitoring purposes

Updates financial status to SMT and program staff to know organization stability

Administration/Logistics Services Development and Management:

Establish and implement administration and logistics procedures in line with organization requirement

Identify, establish and manage an effective and efficient office working environment for ensuring program security

Identify, establish and manage accommodation for international staff ensuring effective security

Cover essential duties in the absence of other personnel related general operations departments

Make effective coordination with HQ, partners, SWC, AIN, donors, line agencies, government, bank and stakeholders

Procurement System Development and Management:

Oversee procurement department and maintenance of centralized procurement activities

Making procurement committee for yearly vendors or suppliers performance evaluation and supervision

Review and oversee update of procurement procedures and ensure all staff is following and using uniform contracts, invitations to bid and other related forms within the organization for check and balance

Deadline maintain inventory reports, vehicle reports, vendor approval list preparation, procurement planning etc

Monitor bid selection process and participate in bid selection committee

Human Resources Development and Management

Determine staffing requirements for organizational management and program delivery

Oversee the implementation of the human resources policies, procedures and practices with development of JD

Establish a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations

Recruit, interview and select staff that have the right technical and personal abilities to help organization's mission

Ensure that all staff receives an orientation to the organization and that appropriate training is provided

Implement a performance management process for all staff which includes monitoring the performance of staff on-going basis and conducting an annual performance review

Coach and mentor staff as appropriate to improve performance

Discipline staff when necessary using appropriate techniques; release staff when necessary using appropriate and legally defensible procedures

Leadership in Organization:

Participate with the Board of Directors in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide the organization

Identify, assess, and inform the Board of Directors of internal and external issues that affect the organization

Act as a professional advisor to the Board of Director on all aspects of the organization's activities

Foster effective team work between the Board and the Executive Director with other staff

In addition to the chair of the executive team, act as a spokesperson for the organization

Conduct official correspondence on behalf of the Board as appropriate and jointly with the Board when appropriate

Represent the organization at community activities to enhance the organization's community profile

Strategy and Planning for quality ensure:

Develops and leads the strategy of the organization within the broad context of the local and national landscape by using performance measurements to guide strategic and operational decision-making

Oversees preparation of the annual budget and other necessary financial documents. Provides information and justifications for SMT in its budgetary review and approval process

Organizational Development and Management

More than 45 NGOs has been capacity building and strengthen with development their OD plan as well partners

Leads, motivates and develops staff and board so that they are passionate about what organization has achieved and are committed to working effectively toward continual improvement

Ensures the organization has diverse staff with skills appropriate to the needs of the position through people management activities including hiring, separation of employment, ongoing staff development, performance management, compensation and benefits

Ascertains that employment policies are adhered to in all employment practices and partners with the Board

Ensures that organization has the appropriate systems, physical space and technology to operate efficiently and effectively integrated program in different natures of communities with coordination them

Security and Risk Management

Identify and evaluate the risks to the organization's people (clients, staff, management, volunteers), property, finances, goodwill, and image and implement measures to control risks

Oversee organizational insurance policies and ensure that senior staff develop and update project security plans

Using maximum cheque transaction and minimum cash handling within the organization for reducing risk

Monitor the political, economic, military and security situation in the project areas and make recommendations

Keeping office records data in software and hardware and HR files in safe place

Ensure that the Board of Directors and the organization carries appropriate and adequate insurance coverage

Ensure that the Board and staff understand the terms, conditions and limitations of the insurance coverage

Proficiency in the use of computer skills:

Word processing, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, Financial Software (Banana, My donor, Finman, Scala) E-mail, Internet, website updates etc.

Personal Competencies:

Adaptability: Demonstrate a willingness to be flexible, versatile and/or tolerant in a changing work environment while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency

Build Relationships: Establish and maintain positive working relationships with others, both internally and externally, to achieve the goals of the organization

Communicate Effectively: Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques based on present situation and requirement

Creativity/Innovation: Develop new and unique ways to improve operations to create new opportunities.

Lead: Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization.

Make Decisions: Assess situations to determine the importance, urgency/risks/make clear decisions which are timely

Organize: Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals and track details of all data

Plan: Determine strategies to move the organization forward, set goals, create and implement actions plans and evaluate

Problem Solving: Assess problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the problem.

Report Writing: Prepare of financial, inventory, logistics and communication for donor and HQ

SMT Roles:

Assisting to develop SMT and PMT roles and responsibilities consult with Country Director, Managing Director, Board of Directors, senior managers and HQ

Regular attending SMT meeting for solving the major problem of the organization and its share with team

Active role plays in SMT while developing policy and procedures of the organizations


Public Participation in Community Development Work: Published in CARE “Technical Bulletin” on Oct'99

Most Important Financial Role in Development Work: Published in “Saluda Suseli” at Solu on Oct'98

Public Auditing: Book produced and disburses to all partner at Far Western/mid part of Nepal on Dec’03

Financial Research in Community Level: published in Community Magazine Nov’03

Internal Control System in Community Development: published in partners and program staffs on Dec’05

Partners’ Financial Management Guideline: published for CARE Nepal’s partners using on March’05

Professional Members of societies:

Chairman: Accounting Management Committee of Samuhik Sewa Sahakari Limited

Senior Advisor: Community Development Center Baitadi, Nepal

Senior Advisor: Nirankari Toll Development Committee Lalitpur, Nepal

Treasurer: Community Empowerment Program (NGO) Lalitpur, Nepal

Chairperson: Anandabasti Sadak & Dhal Sudhar Committee in Lalitpur Nepal

Deputy Chairman: Imadol & Dhapakhel VDC’s Drinking Water Supply Management Committee Lalitpur, Nepal

Personal Detail:

Date of Birth: 3rd of July 1963AD, marital status: Married & Nationality: Nepalese


English-Fluency, Nepali-fluency, Hindi-good and Doteli-native especial for far western Nepal language


As per request available soon

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