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Licensed Life Producer

Seattle, Washington, United States
January 18, 2019

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Coletha Albert

Mailing: PO BOX *****, SEATAC, WA 98168


Dear Hiring Manager:

I have 27 years of experience working in administration including domestic and international travel arrangements for business in for profit and nonprofit industries including: Holland America Line - Personal Cruise Consultant

PricewaterhouseCoopers - Global HR Solutions, Executive Assistant Buck & Consultants - Executive Assistant

Mellon Bank - Executive Assistant

Adecco/Goodrich Aerostructures - Accounting, Executive Assistant Adecco/Regence Blueshield - Physician Contracts, Executive Assistant Adecco/Swedish Hospital - Executive Offices, Executive Assistant The Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston - Office of African American Ministries, Secretary Self Enhancing Literacy Fundamentals - Paraprofessional, funded by the Houston READ Commission

Americans for Fair Taxation - HR2525 - Office Manager and Executive Assistant Skills Summary:


• Adept at using computer and “walking” diverse populations through voting online

• Expert at Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access among other software packages

• Well versed in ballot processing including opening, counting, reviewing and duplicating Clerical

• Efficient in filling out forms and helping those with limited English skills do the same

• Knowledgeable of the structure and terminology used on ballots

• Knowledgeable of the proper procedures to insure vote is counted Communication

• Outstanding and clear communication skills

• Excellent presentational skills

• 27 years of communicating with diverse ethnic and faith based populations

• Ability to communicate verbally and in written form Coordination

• Ability to act as a liaison between diverse populations and King County Elections

• Proficient in organizing joint ventures that require extensive preliminary sharing of ideas among all parties

Time Management

• Excellent ability to prioritize tasks and manage them in an orderly manner

• Ability to assign time frames to due tasks and accomplish the time targets successfully

• Skilled in pre planning events and precautionary event management Analytical

• Effective problem solving ability

• Skilled in information ordering and conducting sequential tasks successfully

• Ability to research on a topic and produce relevant reports for review of the executive Please see following resume and score for your consideration. Thank you,

Coletha Albert





Coletha Y. Albert

Rockwell’s School of


Houston Baptist University

American Business




Experience in processing expense reports as well as processing travel arrangements including revising travel. Have worked from April 2016 to January 2018 as a board member for the City of Tukwila and a volunteer with the City of Tukwila District Attorney in 2013. Extensive calendaring experience utilizing Microsoft Outlook as well as processing meeting materials and processing requests for refreshments and lunch orders for extended meetings/conferences. Experience also includes setting up meeting rooms and securing all meeting materials post meeting/conference.

Additional experience includes processing meeting minutes. Experienced in long-range planning strategies to accomplish organizational goals, objectives and initiatives.

Experienced in conducting research and analyzing data from multiple sources. Experienced in delivering informational and technical materials. Experienced in researching and evaluating strategic organizational issues and identifying relevant options. Experienced in providing strategic design, logistics and facilitation of large meetings, conferences, and events. Experienced in developing and maintaining project schedules and budgets. Experienced in monitoring and tracking execution of plans and communicating status to all project participants. Experienced in planning and coordinating organizational facility requirements. Experienced in developing and deploying localized training content. Experienced in creating, editing, and maintaining electronic and written communication. Experienced in preparing reports, presentations and flow charts utilizing Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Visio respectively. Prefer working in a team environment within a dynamic organization with multiple tasks with short deadlines.

QUALIFICATIONS:Experience providing administrative support to C Level Executives. Experience arranging business travel and generating expense reports. Experience using Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and Excel. Experience supporting Executives and Directors members. Experience supporting calendars and meetings for C Level Executives and Directors.


Census Field Representative - National Crime Victimization Survey United States Department of Commerce

12/2017 - 12/2018

Interview during a predetermined period of the month households or persons locally. Utilize Census Bureau standards to record survey answers.

Precinct Committee Officer

9th Congressional District

3/2014 - 5/2018

PCOs play an important role in elections. It’s their job to get to know their neighbors, educate undecided or swing voters, and make sure citizens are registered to vote. Before Election Day, they work to turn out voters. All this hard work adds up to precinct-by-precinct victories and the election of candidates. This is what grassroots politics is all about! PCOs are also a central part of their local organizations. They elect Party leadership, help fill vacancies in elected office, and lead their precinct caucus every two years...

Social Security Disability

2009 - Present

Permanent Medical Disability

Administrative Specialist

KBR - Logcap, Camp Victory, Iraq


COLETHA ALBERT Core Values Scores

57% of core value energy comes from Wisdom and Power. Coletha, an INNOVATOR-BUILDER.

Primary core value is Innovator – An Innovator’s core value energy is Wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to see the way things are, and discern what to do about it. Accurately assessing situations and providing solutions.

Secondary core value is Builder –A Builder’s core value energy is Power. Power is personal energy invested to make a positive difference.

Core Results

When entering a room there is more wisdom and power energy suddenly in that room. The effective presence of powerful wisdom. Views the circumstances and situations around through the eyes of compassion and faith. Operating from reason and intuition, seeing the way things are. Asking questions and deriving the right responses, best strategies and most workable solutions. This is balanced by pure intuition. I know what to do without thinking about it. I take action and work to create positive results without hesitation. My highest and best contribution can only be made in situations in which there is a significant and constant need for powerful knowledge.

I will leverage my wit and creativity to address complicated situations and problems are not a threat to your bottom line.

Finding the best solution is one of my primary contributions. My tastes are varied and diverse.

I like to consider all the options. Rapid and clever exchange of ideas is a personal joy and a method of work for me. I like difficult situations and challenging questions. I am able to see the ways things are, and I know what to do about it. Others look to me for my quick and responsive mind. I am seen as a valuable resource for leading people toward the right ideas and the right direction. I use everything that is available to meet requirements. I value and rely upon my mental abilities. Understanding others and working with them is a key asset of mine.

Secondary BUILDER core energy supports your dominant INNOVATOR core energy. My second cornerstone core value is power, the application of pure energy for Good. This primary driver is supported by a strong faith in my own ability to know what to do, my faith that actions are for the Good, and faith that once I create change, the next step can be implemented quickly.

Accomplishing tasks now is a primary drive for me. I am practical and willing to face the truth. I am driven to get things done.

The power of innovators comes from their unwillingness to accept that there is anything they can't figure out. They are willing to put their ego at risk over and over again, staking their reputation that they will be able to come up with a plan, a solution, or an idea that will make things better.

Then, to top things off, innovators love to develop systems which ensure the continuation of their plans. These systems are the "monuments" of innovator creativity just as much as a pyramid is the monument of a builder.

When everyone around them is in a panic, the builder shouting orders, the merchant whining or up selling, and the banker preaching justice or patience, the innovator tends to isolate, grab a computer or white board and get set to work.

They are highly creative in their approach to problem solving. They inevitably are able to come at things from a new angle by adding elements, systems, or technologies that no one else has thought to add to the mix in order to achieve a true innovation. While the solutions and systems that innovators create can be well founded and practical in concept, innovators themselves are not highly practical in their approach. They do not make good implementers because they want to perfect everything before acting. Taking action to them means coming up with another innovation, again delaying the implementation of their systems or new products.

Innovators love to have people around. This is not for team building. This is an audience for their creativity and a way for them to bounce new ideas around. They love to explore their latest ideas with people. They are so fascinated with each personally conceived "potential" solution that they want everyone to appreciate each and every subtlety. Just when they have their audience convinced that this new solution is brilliant, they love to add, "Wait, what if we Innovators may create problems just for the pleasure of working them out. Builders lean on innovators but often leave them standing in the hallway, halfway through an explanation about a possible solution. Bankers constantly feed challenges to an innovator's proposed strategies, keeping the innovator charged with new problems to face. Merchants listen attentively to innovators and lean on them constantly. This makes the innovator feel "heard." Since the merchant would never consider leaving an innovator standing in the hallway, innovators and merchants often become great friends. Their brainstorming parties can be endless. Innovators are invaluable. They create new products and put together systems to solve production and administrative problems.

They are never defeated and are able to come up with new strategies and approaches when everyone else has given up.


Diane C. Hurley, Field Supervisor, Census 818-***-**** Jimmie L. Holloway, Survey Specialist Supervisor, Census


Diana Shaw AQ8, Field Supervisor, King County, East FSA 7858, CENSUS 206-***-****

Mayor Allan Ekberg, City of Tukwila Washington,, 206-***-**** Stephen B. Hollingshead, PhD, Candor-LLC, Previous Supervisor, Americans For Fair Taxation,

Please contact me at 206-***-**** or via email if you have any questions or concerns regarding these documents. I am available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST.

Thank you,

Coletha Albert

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