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Engineer Process

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
December 20, 2018

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Alex Nejad

**** **** ****** **. ****** Christi, Texas, 78414 C: 361-***-****


I have 20 years of progressive experience in Process Engineering and production involving LNG process simulation, gas plant design, petrochemicals and refinery. I have had exposure to all phases of EPC projects from scope preparation, conceptual and economic feasibility studies, equipment packages design, specification and bid evaluation, Pre-FEED, FEED to Detailed Design of Engineering and support to Construction, pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Startup. Extensive experience pressure safety valve, flare system, PHA, HAZOP, PSM,MOC, SAP, Dispersion Modeling Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, simulation and modeling, detailed process engineering, and vast knowledge in API, ASME, ANSI.


Process Simulation: Aspen Hysys, HTRI, EDR, FlareSim,, iPRSM, Promax, and Visual Flow

Expensive experience: Unit Optimization, Troubleshooting, Acid Gas Treating, SRU, refinery, design and operational LNG.

Broad knowledge of: LOPA, PHA, HAZOP, PSM,MOC and Root Cause Failure Analysis

Flare System Study, Design/Analysis

Pressure Relief Valve design/Analysis (Over 4500 relief valves)


PEOPLES GAS DELIVERY, Fisher, IL 2018 to 2018


Dehydration, LNG and ESD Project

Provided technical service process support to gas plant operations and various projects.

Reviewed design documentation issued by the vendors and EPC Contractor and verified compliance with industry codes and project specifications.

Review all major project definition engineering deliverables to ensure continuity and consistency.

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of approximately 50 relief valves on the Compressors, and Heaters. Purpose of this evaluation was to determine relief valve capacities relative to current process throughput rates.

Participate in HAZOP & SIL (LOPA) meetings and development of HAZOP closeout reports

ANDEAVOR REFINERY, Mandan, ND 2017 to 2018


Naphtha Desulfurization Unit Project:

Proactively engage in the scope development and continue into detailed engineering with the goal to discover and resolve potential issues as early as possible.

Provide process engineering technical leadership and answer questions from Engineering Contractors’, technical disciplines and most specifically the process engineering discipline to ensure clarity and accuracy of the design against the project goals and objectives.

Provide leadership to the development and maintenance of the PFD’s, P&ID’s, Control Narratives and Cause & Effect documents from initial design, through PSM activities (such as HAZOP, LOPA, and other similar reviews), through detailed engineering and finally through construction and commissioning.

Responsible for providing technical expertise to unit HAZOPs, assessments, audits, incident reviews, etc. and ensuring the safety concept of the unit is maintained/improved.

FREEPORT LNG, FreePort, TX, 2015 to 2017


Regasification, PTF and Liquefaction Project:

Provide technical review of all process documentation, drawings and engineering calculations developed during Detailed Engineering by the EPC contractor CBI to ensure that design complies with the basic of design, best practices, specifications and government requirements to build an LNG Plant with capacity of 8 MTPO of LNG in Freeport.

Supported plant Operations personnel in troubleshooting NGL process issues and concerns; including commissioning, start-up, shutdown, normal operations, reduced load operations, and maintenance periods.

Provide ongoing engineering assistance to operations including troubleshooting of process operating problems, conducting special tests, developing reports, providing technical assistance as required and reporting of production status.

Review and make suggestions on engineering documents developed by the contractor including: analyze PFD’s, heat and material balances, P&IDs, participates in HAZOP review, Alarm Rationalization management, MOC, LOPA,equipment data sheets, performance test procedures, performance test calculations and provided recommendation.

Supervises the day-to-day operations for production to ensure manufactured products meet or exceed all established quality requirements, including product integrity and production.

Worked closely with Technology Management and process engineers to support product-line development activities as well as participating in P&ID reviews and Hazops, potentially at contractor offices.

CDI ENGINEERING, Houston, TX. 2012 to 2015


Hydrogen Plant Project, USA

Completed the process design of a 2.0 MM SCFD hydrogen plant feeding naphtha. This plant design included a cylindrical steam-methane reformer, feed vaporization and desulfurization, a high temperature shift converter, a PSA unit, and associated waste heat recovery equipment.

Distillate Hydrotreater Project, Canada

Process Engineer on the design of a grassroots 97,070 BPSD Distillate Hydrotreater Unit (Prime-D) to produce Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 10 ppm in Canada. Responsibilities included the design of new equipment and the development of PDB.

Gasoline Desulfurization Unit, USA

Process Engineer on the design of a revamp 14,820 BPSD Gasoline Desulfurization unit (Prime-G+) to produce Low sulfur Gasoline 30 ppm in the U.S.A. Responsibilities included the design of new equipment, and the development of PDB, which included H&MB, PFDs, MMDs, and data sheets.

400 MMSCFD Natural Gas Liquefaction Project:

Prepared conceptual design, cost estimates and developmental plan.

Evaluated of process licensor proposals for a 400 mmscfd base load LNG plant.

Project coordination for engineering studies on a major Arctic LNG project, which included sub-sea production, pipelines, LNG plant and shipping and receiving terminal.

Huntsman Chemical Corporation PSV revalidation Project:

Performed process simulations and use other engineering tools and calculation methods to evaluate project options and development scope for AAU, SAU, JAU, MAU D-Kettle, and G-Kettle PSV Mitigation.

Compiled and analyzed production data that was used to reduce batch cycle time by 20-25%, tune process control system, and identify root causes during troubleshooting.

Attended internal and external meeting as the company’s technical expert. These include, but are not limited to kick off meetings, design reviews, HAZOPs, Control Reviews, etc.

Citgo Refinery Flare system Project, Corpus Christi Plant

Evaluated the principal causes of overpressure, determined relief rates and conceptualized the modifications during turnaround and reconfiguration of the flare system.

Work with the client's technical staff to develop the credible relief scenarios, both for individual pieces of equipment and especially for those effecting entire units or sections of the plant (blocked flow, external pool fire, loss of cooling, loss of power, etc.).

Performed a study of the existing plant blowdown and flare system. The study included dynamic simulation of critical units and analysis of all flare contributions in time, rigorous line hydraulics for low pressure high velocity flow, and flare load distribution and radiation calculations for multi-flare system.

Occidental Chemical Corporation PSV revalidation Project, Ingleside Plant:

Revalidating existing PSV’s and proposes modification of PSV’s if necessary for VCM, Chlor-Alkali, and Cogen Unit.

Performed necessary calculations to ensure all systems and equipment are adequately protected and all relief devices are properly specified

Work with the client's technical staff to develop the credible relief scenarios, both for individual pieces of equipment and especially for those effecting entire units or sections of the plant (blocked flow, external pool fire, loss of cooling, loss of power, etc.).

BP Cherry Point Refinery PSV revalidation Project, Bellingham, WA:

Revalidated and proposed modification for BP Cherry Point Refinery PSV’s ( Hydrocracker Unit, Sulfur Recovery & Sour Water Unit, Light Ends Unit, #1 & #2 Reformer & NHDS, LPG Recovery Unit, #1&#2 Tail Gas) and Crude Unit).

Performed rigorous hydraulic calculations to evaluate the relief devices’ inlet and outlet lines, including evaluation of whether the existing inlet and outlet lines meet API-520/521’s 3% rule and backpressure limitations.

MAVERICK ENGINEERING INC, Corpus Christi, TX 2009 to 2012


Flint Hill Refinery PSV revalidation Project, Corpus Christi, Tx:

Completed pressure relief system reviews and revalidation for refinery sulfur recovery unit, LPG Tanks, CCR NHT Toluene Fractionation Unit, Isom No.3 Unit, Pseudocumene Unit, De-Isopentanizer Unit, Udex (Benzene/Toluene) unit, No.1 Para-Xylene Unit, No.2 Para-Xylene Unit.

Evaluated the principal causes of overpressure, determined relief rates and conceptualized the modifications during turnaround and reconfiguration of the flare system.

Interacted with Technical Services process engineers to define problems that need further study, design and carry out tests in the interest of enhancing production or solving process problems, and identify potential tie-ins for capital projects.

Diesel Hydrotreater Unit Project:

Lead Process Engineer on the design of a grassroots 1,000,000 TPY Diesel Hydrotreater Unit (Prime-D) to produce Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 50 ppm in India. Responsibilities included the design of new equipment, and the development of PDB, which included H&MB, PFDs, MMDs, P&IDs, Plot Plan, and data sheets.

VENTECH ENGINEERS INC, Pasadena, TX 2005 to 2009


Mark West Gas Processing Plant Project, Houston, PA:

Detailed engineering and design for 60 MM scfd expander compressor cryogenic residue gas and LPG recovery gas plant.

Responsibilities included design of the Flare system utilizing Hysys FlareNet software, sizing all the PSVs, generating equipment datasheet for PSVs, and flare system.

Developed process Simulation design for entire Gas processing Plant, this include De-Ethanizer, Depropanizer, Compressors, Exchangers, Fractionator Unit, and Refrigeration Unit.

Hydrogen plant Project:

Completed the process design of a 120 MM SCFD hydrogen plant feeding RFG, butane, and natural gas. This plant design included an eight row box steam-methane reformer, multiple feed pretreatment system, combustion air preheat, a high pressure condensate stripper, a 1200 psig steam system, and an integrated steam turbine to produce and export power, in addition to the typical hydrogen plant equipment.

WGTL Gas to Liquid Plant 350 bpd Project, Trinidad:

Lead process engineer on a project to develop the process of a new 350,000 BPD Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) facility for a major refining company. This facility included natural gas treating, syngas production, Fischer-Tropsch conversion, product upgrading, and power generation. Managed the daily workload, client interaction, and the progress of four process engineers.

INDUS Refinery Inc. 100,000 Bpsd (65 LTPD SRU), Karachi, Pakistan:

VOSTOK 20 LTPD Sulfur Recovery Plant Project, Vostok, Russia:

Process design package for three Claus unit. Evaluated multiple feed cases, and alternate operations (O2 enrichment, ammonia in feed, etc.).

Designed and re-sized all the major equipment such as Heat Exchanger, Vessel, Furnace and Pumps by using computer Simulation.

FOSTER WHEELER CORP. Houston, Texas 1998 to 2006


Shell Refinery Project: Coordination of process design effort for a major expansion of a Shell refinery, involving the addition or revamp of multiple processing units.

Valero refinery Texas City: Lead process design engineer for major Valero refinery Texas City expansion project. Increased capacity by 30% and quality by 10% through process and equipment modifications

Citgo Refinery Expansion: Participated on FEED project and responsible for design heat exchangers, fired heaters, vessels data sheets, as well as hydraulic calculations of pump around systems and review pump data sheets. Reviewed PFDs, P&IDs, and process simulation.

LNG Project: Responsible for coordinate, develop, review, and advice on the approval of construction packages for capital projects related to LNG Plant and other capital projects.

Responsible for the study, design, and specification and services related to process plants such refined products, oil and gas production, and LNG facilities.

Designed 22 LNG storage tanks, the majority were double-wall single containment storage tanks up to 200,000 cubic meters (m3).

Reviewed process design and basic engineering and prepare cost estimate for a 60 mmscfd sour gas process plant located in Alberta foothills.

Developed a conceptual design and cost estimate for an Arctic project to convert natural gas to methanol Capacity: 7,000 t/d.


Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, 1997

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