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Entry-Level Software Engineer

San Diego, California, United States
December 21, 2018

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Jesslyn Hernawan

**** ******** ** #****, *** Diego, CA 92122 206-***-**** github: jhernawa LinkedIn: jesslynhernawan


University of California, San Diego, CA Anticipated Graduation: June 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, GPA: 3.2

Relevant Coursework:

Advanced Data Structures (C++)

Software Engineering (Android Studio)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision Making (Python)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Statistical Approached (Python)

Networked Services (C++, Java)

Principles of Computer Operating System (Java)

Introduction to Computer Security (C, Python)

Database System Principles (work in progress)

Online Database Analytics Application (work in progress)


•Languages: Java, C, C++, Python

•Tools: Eclipse, BlueJ, Android Studio, Vim, GDB, Linux Bash Subsystem

•Operating Systems: Linux, Windows


Network Security [Python] 10/18 – 12/18

Collaborated in the team of two to create a DDoS attack to a victim website.

Programmed the interception and manipulation of the TCP packets to inject the iframe.

Web Server [C++] 04/18 – 06/18

Implemented a web server that can receive requests and send back responses to web clients based on “TritonHTTP”, a slightly modified version of a subset of the official HTTP/1.1 specifications, over a single and dedicated TCP connection.

Programmed the web server to be able to serve out HTML files and images in jpg and png formats.

Designed the parser and framer class to be able to convert the HTTP messages from the client socket into HTTP requests and convert HTTP responses into a message to be sent back over the socket.

Sudoku with and without SAT [Python] 01/18 – 03/18

Implemented the naive constraint solving algorithm (Point-Valued version) and improved the performance to solve the harder Sudoku problem using the idea of arc-consistency.

Generated the encoding of Sudoku as propositional logic formulas in CNF and used an SAT solver.

Triton Meal Planner [Android Studio, Java] 10/17 – 12/17

Collaborated in a team to create a meal planning app for UCSD students

Designed the layout for the User Interface and coordinated the overall User Interface of other pages with the other team member

Implemented the functionalities of the meal main search page using the principle of MVC

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon [C++] 03/17 – 06/17

Designed the representation of undirected graph with the most appropriate data structures to get the best possible running time when trying to find the shortest sequence of common shared movies between two actors/actresses

Implemented BFS and Dijkstra’s algorithm to find the shared movie connection, as well as Disjoint Set to find the earliest year when those two actors/actresses are connected.

Reviewed and tested the final implementation

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