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Sap Customer

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
600000 p.a
December 21, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae of

Manjunath Rao. L

Personal Details

Name : Manjunath Rao. L

Address : #**, ********* ****, ******** ******* Garden,

Benson town post Bangalore- 560046

Telephone : +91-988*******

Date of Birth : 14th July 1984

Passport# : H6599341

Nationality : Indian

Languages : English, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu &Tamil.

Hobbies : Listening music, Trekking and travelling.

Marital Status : Unmarried.

Personal Statement

Strongly self motivated, I am a people-oriented person who enjoys involvement with others. As a team participant I am supportive and interactive. Equally, I maintain high standards of work quality and output in autonomous situations.

I maintain very high standards in terms of personal presentation and am professional in all aspects of my work. My communication skills are developed to a very high standard and I relate well to others at all levels.

Under pressure, I remain calm and focused on the task at hand, willing to assist others towards the achievement of mutual objectives. I am honest and reliable, and confident that I would be an asset to any prospective employer

Career Objective

To secure a stimulating position within the Finance industry, this will provide the basis for a challenging, satisfying career. I envisage gaining a position, which will provide ongoing training opportunities, allowing continuing development and maximizing my contribution to my employer.

Ideally, performance and achievement will be recognized in the form of promotions and the position will provide high levels of career satisfaction.


A dedicated and people - oriented financial services professional with total 9+years’ experience in the Finance and Accounting (Accounts Payables)

An astute professional with end to end knowledge in the Accounts Payable Process.

Adept in transition and leading accounting related processes.

Recognized for being an adaptable and dedicated employee making a significant contribution to the company, thriving in a challenging fast-paced environment where multi-tasking and teamwork are valued.

Proficiency in streamlining the working procedures, formulating cost effective solutions for enhancing the accounting strategies.


Completed MBA in project management as specialization from Sikkim Manipal distance University.

Bachelors of Commercefrom Bangalore University.


Operating Systems : MS-Dos, Windows 2003

Office Tools : MS Word, Basic Power Point and Excel.




DURATION - March 2016 – DECEMBER 2017 (20 months)

Designation: Business Process Lead

Platform : PSAP (Oracle)

Duration : March 2016 – December 2017

Key Responsibilities:

Mainly processing of invoices, handling customer queries through emails for INDIA & Americas region.

For INDIA Region:

Was handling customer queries through mails and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Resolving issues and providing the business unit solutions to their queries through SRS tickets. (An application where the Business Unit raises their concerns or issues on any kind of query they require).

Handling minimum 30-35 tickets on daily basis.

Providing Business unit the payment break ups, payment advice, payment remittance details of the invoice as per the payment made to invoice.

Transmitted new process for INDIA region after GST implementation.

Processing of INDIA invoices related to new GST implementation, deducting tax rates and applying SGST/CGST/INGST accordingly.

Applying all kinds of tax rates and deducting wherever required.

(0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%) of GST tax rates (SGST, CGST & INGST respectively)

Processing of multiple GST rates & HSN codes invoices.

Interacting with customers and Business unit on daily basis over telephonic calls.


Handling the customer queries and other mails and resolving various queries of the customers on a regular basis.

Building a good relationship with the customer, timely update of status of payments for the invoices.

Providing team members on spot various solutions and guiding them with ideas to resolve the issues or queries.

Work Experience – Novo Nordisk India Pvt ltd

Designation: Senior Professional

Platform:SAP R/3 (7.2)

Duration : From September 2008 – January 2016


Excellent working knowledge in Accounts Payables Sub module of SAP R/3 (FI&MM) module transaction codes of SO01, MR8M, ME23N, FBL1N, XK03, FB03, ZICE-ILL, FK01, XK01, MIRO, FB01, FBL1, F.13, MR11, F-22, F-02, FI01, F-53, F-51 ZMIR6, ZMIRD(ERP) – at Novo Nordisk as a super user.


Transition Experience:

Successful Transition of “SAP super user” from Denmark for Novo Nordisk Service Centre (India) Private Limited.

People Management

Motivating, monitoring & training subordinates to achieve goals in pre-designated parameters.

Maintaining and supporting the operations to meet short and long term business goals.

Maintaining people engaging activities within the team during fun Fridays.

Arranging cabs for office colleagues during stay backs for year-end& duringhigh volume period.

Arranging special lunch during occasional times.

Conducting daily morning hurdles within the team during in the absence of team lead.

Ensuring the team to complete all relevant courses & tasks to be completed before the deadline by reminding them the same.

Key Responsibilities in OCR and HQ

Processing invoices in OCR.

Fast line analysis of rejected invoices in OCR.

Generating report in SAP and allocate the same to all Team members in HQ on a daily basis.

Handling invoices for HQ of Novo Nordisk.

Handling issues related to purchase order (GR, Contract amount issues, Tax code issues) which will effect to process the invoices.

Performing Fast lane analysis for the fall out invoices and provide solution.

Performing Upload activity as and when received with one day TAT.

Key Responsibilities in Affiliates:

Worked with Nine (9)Affiliates US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Netherland & Belgium.

Equal allocation of work done to the team members as per their region wise.

Was a SPOC for 3 main critical regions (Europe Central, Italy & Region Europe)

Was one of the main SPOC to confirm the Vendor master data (VMD) for all the regions once after the QC is done.

Allocation of VMD copies to all respective SPOC’s accordingly.

Assigning CRM (customer relation management) cases for the team as per region wise.

Processing of Material Management and Financial Information invoices through SAP for all the regions respectively.

Managed & assisted the team in achieving the targets

Error Corrections.

Creating &maintaining vendor master data in system as and when request arises.

Creating Eprocure vendors & updating in the E3P system.

Generating MRBR report and clearing the blocks respectively.

Generating open PO report and inform LOB the same

Performing Dunning process on weekly basis.

Trained new joinees in End-To-End process of Accounts payables.

Processing Inventory intercompany invoices for US and CANADA

Attending the Monthly calls with customers for all the Affiliates.

Updating banking information into Vendor master

Creating the vendor’s for Employee in vendor master.

Uploading the invoices into SAP through “Enterprise Scan”.

Responsible for knowledge transfer and process documentation.

Was monitoring all the documentations (job aids) are on time updated.

Monitoring the daily production activities.

Trained new joiner’s in End-To-End process of Accounts payables

Taking responsibility for the daily activities and ensures completion of tasks on time.

Handling the customer queries and other mails and resolving various queries of the customers on a regular basis.

Provide accurate, timely and complete solutions to all Vendors

AP Payment efficiency.

Month End Activities:

Clearing the CCP balance for US and CANADA.

GIT accruals’ for the both the Affiliates (US and CANADA)

GR/IR clearance for US Affiliates.

Clearing the CMR (CCP Reclass) balance for US.

Generating “ICE Open Items Report” for US.

Generating “Volume Report” for whole month.

Generating“Vendor Master Data” for whole month

Achievements & Rewards:

Received Twice “Employee of the Month” award for consecutive months in among the 150 members team from the date of joining.

Received “Max Spot awards for efficient work & accuracy in work”

Maintained an Accuracy of 99.80% all the time.

Processed 400 Invoices in OCR daily.

Processed 250 Invoices in SAP daily.

Flexible working hours during year end times, supportive to the team.

Manjunath Rao

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