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C Pharmacy

Great Neck, NY, 11021
September 09, 2018

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Roya S onghorian, P harm-D, R Ph,MSc

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Great N eck, N Y 1 1021

C ell: 5-16-482-**** E-mail:


Objective: T o p rovide a nd o ptimize t he p atient's c are b y m eans o f p harmaceutics i n institutional s etting

E ducation:

O hio N orthern U niversity R aabe C ollege o f P harmacy A da, O hio

D octorate o f P harmacy 2 006

R elate c ourses: B iotechnology f or P harmacists, D rug I nformation a nd, B iostatistics, C hemical

A spects o f D rug A ction, C linical P harmacokinetics, P harmacotherapeutics, N utritional

A ssessment a nd P arenteral P roducts, B ioanalytical C hemistry a nd, B iostatistics, C hemical

A spects o f D rug A ction, C linical P harmacokinetics, O ncology, P harmacotherapeutics

S t. J ohn’s U niversity J amaica, N Y

B achelors D egree i n P harmacy & A llied H ealth 1 993 Experience:

2016-present C UNY B ayside, N Y

● Pharmacology I nstructure C ourse t itle “ Intruduction t o P harmacology” 4/2010-7/20/17 N UHealth E ast M eadow, N Y

● Clinical C are P harmacist,( I CU, S ICU, P ICU, N ICU,CCU) a nd o ther related a rea

● Provide d rug i nformation t o m edical s tudents & r esidents & h ealth c are professionals.

● Oversee t he t raining o f t he n ew h ired p harmacists, p harmacy s tudents, pharmacy t echnicians

● Order v erifications & p roper i nterventions, d ocumentations

● Proper c alculation o f t he P CA p umps, c ontinuous i nfusion m ediactions

● C omply w ith J oint C ommision S tandard ( JCAHO),

● Comply w ith C MS r egulations,

● Evaluated, calculated, prepared and dispensed chemotherapy medications and i ntravenous m edications a ccording t o t he i nstitutional p rotocol 7/2007-1/1/09 S outh N assau C ommunities H ospita l O ceanside, N Y Pharmacy S upervisor

● Participated in weekly administration meetings, updated pharmacy department p olicy a nd p rocedure i n a ccordance w ith J CAHO r equirements

Communicating with physicians & nursing staff for the safest & most appropriate t herapy.

● Oversaw the daily activities of the pharmacy staff based on pharmacy guidelines.

● Participated in various managerial meeting and coordinated the activities of the pharmacy department and other departments and clinics within t he i nstitution.

● Implemented t he U SP C hapter 7 97.

● Followed – up t he s taff a ssignments & p erformances.

● Updated the out-patients pharmacy policy, implemented the restriction on n on-formulary m edications.

11/1994-6/2007 Brookdale H ospital M edical C enter B rooklyn, N Y

S enior C linical P harmacist

● Performed the duty of satellite pharmacist in (medical, surgical, psychiatry f loors a nd o utpatients & e mergency d epartment).

● Monitored t herapeutic o utcomes t hrough p atients p rofile, l ab v alues

● Evaluate, prepare and dispense intravenous admixtures to the pediatric, medical a nd I CU u nits

● Evaluated the drug therapy and report of any adverse drug reaction


● Inquired the Anticoagulant, and antimicrobial form, answered drug information q uestions t o h ospital m edical s taff.

● Evaluated, calculated, prepared and dispensed chemotherapy medications a ccording t o t he p rotocol

10/2000-7/2001 National M edical H ealth C ard S ystem P ort W ashington, N Y Clinical P harmacist

● Approved Preceptor of St. John’s University, School of Pharmacy

& Allied Health, training and teaching undergraduate students during their c lerkship.

● Performed r esearch a nd e valuated n ew F DA a pproved d rugs.

● Member of the P&T committee. Researched clinical trials and updated the results. Authored articles and presentations for the P&T committee and s taff.

6/1994-9/1994 Blythedale C hildren’s H ospital Vallhalla, N Y

S taff P harmacist

● Monitored drug therapy and report of any adverse drug reaction (ADR), drug & d rug i nteraction a nd g ive p roper s uggestion. Certificates:

8/2004-present Cold S pring H arbor L aboratory Cold S pring, N Y Pharmacogenomic c ongress, G enetic B iology & PCR W orkshop 3/18/2009 Colorectal C ancer: P athway t o S urvival S mithtown, N Y 2/14/2009 Current T rends i n L ung C ancer a nd H ead & N eck C ancer N ew Y ork, N Y 11/30/2005 National C omprehensive C ancer N etwork ( NCCN) New Y ork, N Y NCCN C linical P ractice G uidelines i n O ncology S ymposium 6/2005 2005 A nnual C onference o n A ntimicrobial R esistance Bethesda, M D National F oundation f or I nfectious D iseases 1997 American C ollege o f C linical P harmacy ( ACCP) Certificate i n P harmacoeconomics a nd O utcomes, Skills: Microsoft w ord p erfect, E xcel, P ower p oint, M icrosoft P ublisher, License: New Y ork S tate L icense # 0 42722-1 Affiliations: Royal S ociety o f H ospital P harmacists ( N ew Y ork) American S ociety o f H ealth-System P harmacists ( ASHP) References: Furnished u pon r equest

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