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Teacher Management

Libreville, Estuaire Province, Gabon
September 08, 2018

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Dr Elvis Jolinom MBOT

Bp 33 Franceville/Gabon, Bikele-Entraco, Libreville,

+241******** / +241******** /

Date of Birth : 26/03/1986

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Gabonese

Known Languages : English, French, Fang



Temporary teaching and research associate at the Department of Chemistry Supervision of tutorials (tutorials), practical work (tutorials), supervision of evaluations, correction of copies, supervision of research work for the youngest (undergraduate and master students)


Substitute teacher

to provide teaching units related to chemistry as well as probability and statistics. Volunteer Program / Gabon

Recruiter of volunteers

Recruitment of volunteers for the Africa Cup of Gabon Nation 2017 in Franceville and administration.

University of Yaounde 1

Research internship at the Laboratory of Animal Physiology Test the antidiabetic and antihypertensive activity of plant extracts on albino wistar rats

Research internship at the Laboratory of Biochemistry To test the antibacterial and antioxidant activity of some essential oils as well as the composition of the perfuming bases of these essential oils. Saint Thomas Dackin school complex in Franceville

Temporary teacher at the Saint Thomas Dackin school complex in Franceville Teaching Life and Earth Sciences

Gabonese Red Cross

Active member of the Haut-Ogooue committee

responsible for youth, rescuer, making major decisions, training, environmental sanitation


Technical Director of Projects

Overall I am supposed to supervise all the projects of the association Festival de Masuku

Scientific Director of Projects

Overall I am supposed to oversee the management of the scientific aspect of all projects of the association.


ED-SFA/ Faculty of Sciences/USTM

PhD in Organic and Natural Products Chemistry with Very honorable mention Faculty of Sciences/USTM

Master in Organic and Natural Products Chemistrywith Very honorable mention University of Sciences and Technologies of Masuku (USTM) Bachelor in Chemistrywith Pass grade

LSOA of Bitam

Bac D, option sciences of life and earthwith Pass grade Chemical analysis techniques (GG / MS spectroscopy, ESI-MS, GC chromatography, 30 days



Management of scientific and technical projects

Physicochemical analysis of substances

Scientifically evaluate of the biological activities of substances (drugs) in vitro and in vivo

Laboratory safety and quality control

Perform pharmacological surveys

Management of diabetic patients

Statistical studies using software

Analysis of chemical data (histograms, spectra PROJECTS

Malaria screening in Franceville

As part of the social component of Masuku Festival association, we plan to carry out sensitization, screening, distribution of impregnated mosquito nets and anti-malaria drugs, with the aim of contributing to the eradication of this pathology of the Earth's surface.



Mbot E. J., Agnaniet H., Ngueguim Tsofack F., Padzys G. S., Dimo T., 2017. Antidiabetic activity of the aqueous extracts of Sarcocephalus pobeguinii (barks) and Nauclea diderichii (leafs and barks) in normal and streptozotocin induced-hyperglycemic rats. Int J Adv Res, 5(5): 974-982.

Agnaniet H., Mbot E. J., Keita O., Fehrentz J.-A., Ankli Gallud A. A., Garcia M., Gary-Bobo M., Lebibi J., Cresteil T. and Menut C., 2016. Antidiabetic potential of two medicinal plants used in Gabonese folk medicine. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 16:71.DOI 10.1186/s12906-016-1052-x.

Driving license B

PERSONAL STRENGTHS teamwork, solitary work, patient, adaptable, sociable, loyal, public speaking REFERENCE

Pr Huguette Agnaniet - "USTM"

My Thesis Supervisor


Pr Bill Raphaël Bikanga - "USTM"

My teacher


Nadine Otsobogo - "Masuku Festival Association, Nature, environment" Executive Officer


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