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Experienced Development Professional and Economist

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
US$240,000 annually
August 31, 2018

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Name: Dr. Nirmal Ganguly

Qualification: Ph.D. (Economics)

M.A. (Economics)

M.A. (Development Economics)

M.A. (Sociology)

B.A. (Honors) Economics

Date of Birth: 9 January 1956

Contact Details: 21 Pelican Street, Greenmeadows,

Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila, Philippines

HP: +63-2-3974365 Mobile: +63-998-*******


Summary of Experience

Possess over 36 years of extensive professional experience as a development practitioner, economist and economic administrator, of which over 17 years with the Asian Development Bank

(ADB) in various important positions, and 19 years in key economic and policy making ministries of the Government of India that include the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Industry. My experience in ADB for over 17 years gave me rich exposure on the various aspects of operations involving as Advisor in the Board of Directors, Sr. Advisor to the President, as well as in the operations department, and covered the work of a division, department, and the whole institution and at the project level; performing work ranging from management to technical and coordination support in terms of budgetary and human resources; and providing advice to senior management in making policies and decisions from national, regional, and global perspective. Meanwhile, my experience in key economic ministries in the Indian federal government, also provided me extensive as well as intense exposure in diversified and specialized areas on economic policy, management, financial programming and policy setting, and policy implementation.

Since December 2016 to till date I am doing freelancing consultancy primarily on analyses, monitoring and evaluation on developmental, economic and social issues with emphasis on economic and social policy planning, formulation, implementation and analysis and evaluation of economic as well as social policies programs, including reflecting on accountability, compliance, citizen driven complaints mechanism and dispute resolution issues in the developmental context On educational background, I earned a PhD in Economics with Master's Degrees in Economics, Development Economics and Sociology and B.A. (Honors) Degree in Economics. My background exposed me well to the different facets of development issues affecting developing countries. As would be evident from my CV, I have a flair for developmental, academic and analytical work in the developmental field, especially policy analysis, monitoring, evaluation, strategy formulation and economic reform areas. I can present my ideas in a very articulate and interesting way, 2

making rigorous thoughts and concepts intelligible in a relatively simpler but analytical way, helping people to assimilate and relate the significant areas and providing them with important takeaways. I have a flair for writing in a lucid and analytical way. I earnestly feel that I can effectively contribute to both developmental and academic areas which need good leadership traits, academic fervor and flavor with the ability to provide operationally relevant knowledge integrating theory and practice, good communication skills and vigorously applying an inclusive approach and encouraging strong team spirit and become excellent team players focusing on results. I also have strong qualities of leadership and management. A. Posts Held at ADB

Advisor, Office of the Compliance Review Panel (24 September 2013 to 28 December 2016). The post centered on compliance with ADB’s entire gamut of development policies and procedures including policies relating to environmental and social sustainability. Compliance is safeguarded to ensure that the formulation and implementation of ADB projects do not cause harm to the citizens and in case of any direct harm the project is brought back into compliance, and that the development impact is optimized. I worked on compliance review cases relating to ADB-financed projects, which looked into non-compliance issues with respect to ADB’s whole lot of operational policies and procedures, including environmental and social safeguard policies. The core objective of my assignments is on working towards improving development effectiveness, enhancing project outcomes, learning lessons from past mistakes and help doing things better in future in terms of project outcome and development impact, with the end view of enhancing development and institutional effectiveness. The job also involved active and regular outreach activities, both with ADB operational staff as well as project implementation and execution agencies, project affected people and NGOs and CSOs so as to improve the ultimate developmental outcome. The role also involved regular and pro-active dialogue and exchange of ideas on the best practices on the area of accountability with the accountability mechanisms of the various multilateral development banks (MDBs) as well as bilateral development institutions and other international development agencies

Principal Budget and Management Services Specialist, Budget and Management Services Division of the Budget, Personnel and Management Systems Department (17 July 2009 to 23 September 2013). The post served as the department’s focal on ADB’s operational resource parameters, planning directions, and work program and budget framework (WPBF); on Budget Review Committee (BRC) meetings; and on ADB resource and budget efficiency measures, which the department initiated in 2010 and rolled out in 2011 and 2012. Specifically, I was the team leader on budget planning, formulation, reporting, and monitoring; preparation of the 3-year rolling WPBF; BRC meetings; and collaboration and discussion with other multilateral development banks on budgetary resources and efficiency, and the development and implementation of ADB’s efficiency measures. I was awarded for my outstanding contribution in 2011, as well as in 2012 by the ADB Vice President. Advisor and Senior Advisor to the President of ADB (7 November 2006 to 16 July 2009). The post covered operational and policy-making matters that require action by the Office of the President. I reviewed all projects and policy papers for Board consideration, which involved my thorough understanding of ADB’s priorities, projects, and programs in different sectors, and the environment in which it operates. I regularly briefed the President on all contemporary economic and developmental issues including the latest policy papers and analyses appearing in various journals, and media.


Country/Programs Economist in the Operations Coordination Division and Office of the Director General in the erstwhile Mekong Department; and, later, in the Office of the Director General of the Southeast Asia Department (SERD) (3 April 2003 to 6 November 2006). The positions involved wide-ranging areas to help the departments achieve their key result areas on the: (i) performance-based allocation (PBA) of the Asian Development Fund, as member of the inter-departmental PBA working group and focal on the annual country performance and triggers assessments; (ii) regional cooperation activities of SERD, such as the Greater Mekong Subregion, and on developments at the global level to update the SERD Director General as Special Advisor to the President on Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration in Asia and the Pacific; (iii) loan and TA portfolio indicative planning, monitoring, and prioritization, and savings; (iv) cofinancing efforts; (v) country officer for Myanmar; (vi) management reports, briefing papers, and presentations; (vii) review of ADB-wide papers on policies, strategies, and concept papers; (viii) department representatives in a number of inter-departmental working groups; and

(ix) communities of practice for agriculture, rural development, and food security, and for social development and poverty, as member.

Director's Advisor in the ADB's Board of Directors (March 1998 to August 2001). This post enabled me to experience ADB’s effective progression into a broad-based multilateral development institution; establishing poverty reduction as its overarching goal; and empowering it on wide-ranging policy initiatives. I was actively involved in the review of policies, such as on governance, ordinary capital resources and ADF lending rates, resource and net income position; and on cross-cutting issues, like environmental sustainability, gender and development, indigenous people, and resettlement. These involvements gave me a thorough understanding of the policy issues and their ramifications on ADB operations. My contribution as Director's Advisor in the Board of Directors was highly commended by the constituency governments. B. Posts in Various Ministries of the Government of India From 1980 to 1998, and again from August 2001 to March 2003, I served the Government of India in its cadre of professional economists called “Indian Economic Service,” in several important posts in crucial economic ministries of the Government of India. These included the posts of Additional Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance; Director, Ministry of Commerce; Deputy Economic Adviser, Ministry of Textiles; Joint Director (Plan Finance), Ministry of Finance; Deputy Director, Publications Division; and, Chief Research Officer, Ministry of Industry. These important positions provided me with a strong foundation on economic, thematic and sector analysis and research, policy setting, economic policy implementation and evaluation, resource generation and management, division and staff supervision, and internal and external relations and coordination. Also, during my stint in the government, I published 26 papers in areas dealing with economic development and economic policy.

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