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Technical Writer Software Engineer

Denver, Colorado, United States
August 30, 2018

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Denver, Colorado 80229


● Over 25 years of experience in writing and documentation in technical professional arena in IT process.

● Experienced in writings for all levels. Coordinating operations, procedures, preparing documents. delivering quality products, publishing, and documenting based on needs, process for a variety of steps.

● Experienced in software development, full life-cycle for instruments (S DLC) . UML experiences for operations. Solve problems when needed with systematic assessments. Practical, realistic and resourceful.

● Experienced in Power point, and a variety of documentation areas Service Now.

● Produced program plans. Designed and followed requirement. Followed ISO procedures required, with CMMI L3 methodologies for organization. Gathered information, charted flow diagrams, setup excel spreadsheets, and graphs. Developed SOPs as required, and PMO. TECHNICAL SKILLS:

● Programming Aids and Methodologies: CMMI Level 3, FDA 508, TCP/IP, JCL, Object Oriented Programming, Rational Unified Process (RUP) for all software activities, Adobe, Robohelp, Service Now.

● Languages: C, C++, C#, FORTRAN, Pascal, BASIC.

● Hardware: P Cs, IBM mainframe, VAX, ALPHA.

● Operating Systems: UNIX, MS-DOS, VAX/VMS, Windows 2000/NT, Windows 3&7, Microsoft Office, and XP, RoboHelp.

● Software: Word, Excel, Visio, SQL&Oracle relational databases, PowerPoint, Java, html & web technology.

● Professional Courses: Graduate-Level Technical Management Course. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Technical writer 5Dec 2016- 9Feb2017

Conduent (was Xerox)

● Writing and updating procedures and documents as required per changes

● Following procedures for activities in steps of occurrence Technical writer 8 Aug 2016- 16 Sep 2016


● Documenting details of the process followed

● Adding status details of issues covered according to changes made Technical Writer 22 Feb 2016- 15 May 2016

CPN Network

● Activities for WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission)

● Recording the processes used and updating data upon changes Technical Writer 19 Jan 2016 – 19 Feb 2016

Arc Source Group at Mark Center

● Assimilating documents

● Writing new and modifying old documents

Technical Writer and Coordinator 19 Oct 2015 – 16 Nov 2015 Signature Consultant

● Assimilating Documents for Geico to update their processes. The purpose is to consolidate the information into a final single document. Other documents were reviewed for accuracy. Visio and Sharepoint were used for records.

● Logistics coordination is performed, for organization. Technical Writer

Quadtec Solutions 1 Sept 2015 – 25 Sep 2015

● Documented record of Technical Documents,

● Updating issues as required.

Technical writer

Apex System Support LabSupport

Pharmaceutics Incorporated Inc (PII) 28 April 2015 – 15 July 2015

● Gathering, assembling, and keeping inventory of information of documents for validation and qualification records of facilities, equipment and processes for the pharmaceutical needs and requirements. Some of the documents were SOPs, and others were documents for records. Technical Documentation Writer March 2015 – April 2015 Pragmatics

● Recording information for users and records for the US Patent Trading Office. Documentation for Workers Compensation Commission Feb 9, 2015 –Feb20, 2015 Randstad Technologies

● Organizing documentations for the commission

Freelance Technical Writer Oct 2013-Jan 2015

Sr. Technical Work

● Modifying, and updating existing documents. Wrote excerpts to prepare strategies for proposals, and for status issues, for operations and administrative needs, assuring compliance.

● Assuring proposals are adhered to, and prepared for kickoff meetings.

● Interviewed subject matter experts, and prepared for team reviews

● Accomplishing research on subjects for new procedures according to functions.

● Configuring details using Excel, Power Point, and Visio. Science Systems and Applications, SSAI Jan 2012-Sep 2013 Sr. Technical Writer/Configuration Management

● Configuration Mgmt, and technical writing keeping records for all required documentation.

● Managed a group for outputs required for proposals and documents.

● Sharepoint was the tool used for the process

● Making changes for presentations, and related management documenting information for NOAA

● Satellite Operations Facility, NSOF. Writing and editing a variety of information, providing technical and scientific organization, supporting planning as required. Have produced pertinent and acceptable alterations for processing, and records. Freelance Technical Writer Sept 2011-Dec 2011

● Documenting and writing articles as needed for SSAI.

● Kept records for managers, and records for teams.

● Developed executive summaries for managers, and trained when required. Service Source Network July 2011 –Aug 2011

Document Manager/Technical Writer

● Maintained a Master Technical Documentation Library for a variety of documents.

● ISO standards were used for industry standards.

● Edited and proofread documents for correct nomenclature, proper writing and format.

● Maintained a clear explanation with a clear description of deliverable documents like Standard Operating Procedures. Created the startup of a document for various functional areas, as part of the Document Management procedure.

Adjunct Professor at University of Baltimore Jan 2011-May 2011

●Instructed College Algebra Math 111

Self Employed Mar 2010-Jan 2011

Reviewing and Writing Documents

for Honeywell subsidiaries

●Working on structured diagrams using Word 2007, updated from 2003, updating clarification, and communication process.

●Used Excel, xml and organized procedures

Honeywell/Engineering Technical Group Nov 2009 – Mar 2010 Documentation Developer for NASA

●Authored the documents for the User and the Software Documentation for Satellite Laser Ranging for NASA, using SDLC procedures for the documentation.

●Detailed the analysis of the documentation for both the software and the hardware, with review of a variety of existing documents, resulting in creating new ones when needed.

●Created Documents: User Guides, Data Sheets, Functional details, Applications, Overviews, and detailed Descriptions per requirements. Project schedules were incorporated where applicable. A set of specific procedures were required for the process.

Self Employed May 2009 – Oct 2009

●Wrote excerpt for a magazine publication, retrieving some of the significant details from the previously written book.

AAI/Miller Jones, Inc. Mar 2009 – May 2009

Document Specialist

●Implemented changes,corrections, or updates to the Operations manual for the new instruments on Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Shadow), with Electro Optical/Infrared payloads

●Worked with Windows XP, and Arbortext Version 5.1, and Adobe

●Authored an introduction document to describe the purpose and process of the activity incorporated; reviewed old written documents, updated them with additions as required with either written additions or screen captures, as dictated according to requirements.

Self Employed July 2008-Feb 2009

Sr. Technical Writer in Clinical Training

●Trained online to get accreditation for a Clinical Research Associate for Biopharmaceutical Research, with Kriger Research Group International.

●Checked the configuration of written documents, keeping attuned, and maintaining transferable skills for a career change.

DCCA May 2008 – July 2008

Sr. Technical Writer

●Authored the User Documentation for changes to Medicare on-line access forms. Responsible for documenting the steps for the implemented changes.

●Developed documents for updates and progressions to CMMI L3.

●Authored the Project Plan, and Configuration Management Plan for new procedures to be implemented for CMS

(Medicare System), maintaining the desired procedures, making sure of correctness, understanding, and following ISO standards.

Reviews for SEG Apr 2007 – Apr 2008

Analyst/Technical Writer

●Upgraded to FORTRAN 90/95 from lower level FORTRANs. (for 2 months, had an interim clearance)

●Reviewed and edited documentations, and wrote additions for Oracle 9i /10g, XML, Configuration Management. TELVENT (now Schneider Electric) Aug

2006- Apr 2007

Systems Analyst & Technical Writer

●Authored and designed the requirements for the technical architecture of a 75 page User Informative and User Instructional Documentation for System Operations activities for web and on-line assessment of the pipeline activities and services, thereby the model was processed, the functions defined, and the technical reports shown.

●Code was in C#, OO; used visual studio 5, worked with XML.

●Ran the entire process to gather data for the documentation, as well as interact with the researchers, the engineers. SAIC Sept 2005 – Apr 2006

Systems Software Engineer & Technical Writing for DMV in NY

●Evaluated, and documented the evaluation of Microsoft Software for adherence to Common Criteria security for the Data Motor Vehicle Administration.

●Wrote the documents describing the details and structure of the software for the new application for New York DMV Administration. The code was in Oracle PL/SQL, C++, JAVA, HTML, and Visual Basic. Self Employed Apr 2003-Aug 2005

Technical Writer for Artisys

●Completed the documentation for the quality assurance, and the configuration management.

●Reviewed the specifics for Scientific Publication. Reviewed desired graphics packages. Excel, Power Point, & UML.

ARTISYS Jan 2003-Mar 2003

Technical Writer for FDA

●Created technical material for the MARCS project at the Food and Drug Administration. HONEYWELL Dec 1996 – Jan 2003

Software Engineer for NASA

●Worked at Goddard, NASA, as leader on a full life cycle project for new scientific instrument Advanced Camera for Surveys, ACS, for simulation in Servicing Missions for Hubble Space Telescope satellite (HST). All code followed ISO 9000 and CMM-L3 rules, maintained code samples, and worked on a pre-designed framework, and met timeframes as needed.

●Designed code according to requirements with alterations due to upgrades in instruments, wrote documentation, internal and external, presented materials to customer in Critical Design Review, developed, wrote, and tested C code, and upgraded legacy FORTRAN for use on a VAX for HST project.

●Maintained code and enhancements for HST simulations for simulated instruments ACS, Electrical Power System, STIS, NICMOS, and Power Control Units.

●Designed, developed, tested and maintained technical documentations for a variety of users for Satellite Laser Ranging system with C/C++ on UNIX, MySQL, database repository for information, incorporating required algorithm development, upgraded legacy FORTRAN; and an improved GUI and operation. SES May 1992 – Oct 1996

Software Engineer for NOAA

●Contributed to full life cycle, designed code, presentations, development, programming, documentation and technical writing describing software for data for a polar-orbiting spacecraft; work was for NOAA/NESDIS.

●Worked on Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) instruments (SSMT2, SSMT1, and SSMI), including using COCOMO cost models, coding for earth location calculations, and upgrades.

●Monitored computer models for atmospheric graphics and statistics in soundings for NMC & NOAA spacecraft.

●Maintained all necessary technical writing documentations for described activities. HUGHES STX (Presently Raytheon) Sept 1986 – Feb 1992 Scientist for NASA

●Prepared the curved ionic and organic single crystals for the Bragg Crystal Spectrometer, designed requirements, test processes, and aligned instruments, wrote Pascal programs to run instruments according to the design to collect data.

●Wrote User Documentation and scientific published papers. Presented results at conferences

●Conducted radiometric measurements and instrument calibration for remote sensing by ground-based and airborne instruments, performing analysis from ultraviolet to near infrared.

●Reported on characterizations of instrument tolerances, ray throughput, and stray light analysis, and performed calibrations involving integrating spheres, single monochromator, PMT, and detectors: Si, Ge, and PbS. SOLAREX Feb 1985 – May 1986


●Conducted research of growth of polycrystalline Silicon, characterized silicon wafers, used for solar cells.

●Reported on characterizations using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Infrared Absorption (FTIR), Nd:YAG pumped dye laser, cw YAG laser, microwave reflection properties, and x-ray diffraction. SCIENCE APPLICATIONS RESEARCH, (Subsidiary to STX) May, 1984 – Feb 1985 Scientist

● Conducted absolute calibration of Si photodiodes using a double spectrometer and a standard tungsten source. EDUCATION:

● BS Physics and Chemistry Oklahoma State University

● MS Physics Arizona State University

● Biomedical

Trained online for Clinical Research Associate for Biopharmaceutical Research Got accreditation with Kriger Research Group International

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