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Modesto, California, United States
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August 24, 2018

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Rhonda Smallen

P.O. Box *** Hughson, CA ***** 209-***-****

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Welder


** ***** ******* **********

Estimating and Invoicing

100% Safety Record

Experience with M.I.G /Arc Welders

Punctual / Reliable / Multitasker

Ability to Lift 50 Pounds

Arm / Hand Steadiness

Basic Computer Knowledge

Knowledge of Blue Prints / Quality Control

Knowledge of Safety Policy & Procedures


M&M Powder Coaters

Oakdale, CA

2004 to 2008

Powder Coater

Select appropriate coatings, paints or sprays or mix ingredients to create specific finishes

Determine paint flow, viscosity, and coating quality by performing visual inspections, or by using viscometers

Observe machine gauges and equipment operation to detect defects or deviations from standards, and make adjustments as necessary

Clean machines, related equipment and work areas using solvents and other cleaning aids

Set up and operate machines to paint or coat products using materials such as paint or rustproofing materials

Prepare and apply stencils, computer-generated decals, or other decorative items

Recorded operation date on specified forms

Wyatts Welding Company

Modesto, CA

1997 to 1999

Welders Helper

Lay out position, align, and secure parts and assemblies prior to assembly

Set up and operate hand and power tools common to welding trade, such as shielded metal arc and gas metal arc welding equipment

Guide and direct flames or electrodes on or across work pieces to straighten

Weld components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions

Weld separately or in combination using stainless steel, cast iron and other alloys

Clamp, tack weld, heat bend, grind or bolt components

Monitor the welding processed to avoid overheating of parts or warping, shrinking, distortion or expansion of material and examine work pieces for defects

Operate manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to process such as gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, flux-cored arc, plasma arc, shielded metal arc and resistance welding

Chip or grind off excess weld, slag, or spatter, using hand scrapers or power chippers, portable grinders or other equipment

Mark or tag material with proper job number, piece marks, or other identifying marks

Fill holes, and increase the size of metal parts



Modesto Junior College

Modesto, CA


Combination Welder

Cal Trade Welding School

Modesto, CA


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