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Medical Customer Service

Missouri, United States
August 24, 2018

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Maryland Heights, MO


My professional healthcare career has prepared me to would be a very versatile employee. I have a total of 42 years in healthcare inindustry.

Chronologically my work experience started with my employment at Jewish Hospital St Louis as unit secretary monitor tech. I then went on to work as respiratory therapist for Lindell Hospital in St Louis and St. Louis Children's Hospital. I took a Hiatus to raise my daughter for about 18 month. I returned to work after obtain trained as a Holter monitor scanner. Works for biomedical systems of St.Louis and for private cardiologist doing monitor testing and scanning . While working for private cardiologists I was trained to cardiac ultrasounds and EKG. The cardiologist that I work for also had mobile testing company . I did mobile cardiac testing in the St Louis area for the private cardiologist and part-time with mobile diagnostic Institution . I sought after by Christian Hospital Northeast . I went to Christian Hospital and worked in their Mobile Department as a cardiac sonographer. Christian Hospital train me to do vascular ultrasound and EEG testing. My training at Christian Hospital also includes being trained to read EEG test . I was trained by the chief neurologist at Christian Hospital. This got me a promotion to senior cardiovascular sonographer at Hospital Christian Northeast and Christian Hospital Northwest. I then works independently at Christian Hospital Northwest performing the cardiac,vascular ultrasound, and an EEG. test. While working at Christian Hospital Northeast and Christian Hospital Northwest there became a layoff. The layoff affected people as far as their seniority. Therefore my level of seniority was less than the technicians that were there at the time . I was transferred Within the system BJC health to Barnes-Jewish in their cardiac Department. While working at Barnes Jewish Hospital I got the experience to train the cardiac Physicians to perform echocardiograms that were in the cardiac fellowship program at Barnes Jewish Hospital. I acquired additional experience working in adult congenital heart clinic and doing cardiac biopsies cardiac transplant team. This was an addition to my skills and made me very marketable . After working at Barnes Jewish Hospital for one year, Christian Hospital had an opening in the vascular department . This allowed me to transfer within the system to go back to Christian Hospital Northeast Northwest. This transfer was lateral transfer because this is BJC Health Systems I transferred back to Christian Hospital Northeast in the vascular Department of her pay upgrade I worked in the vascular department when I return and occasionally in the cardiac Department, an EEG Department . In 2004 I got the opportunity to work for a private cardiologist who was the chief medical director for Christian Hospital Northeast and Northwest. While working for the chief medical director I continue to stay per diem at Christian Hospital Northeast Northwest in vascular Department taking call.. while working for the chief medical director after four years the practice slowed down and I was laid off . I then began to travel around the country doing cardiac and Vascular ultrasound. this was a wonderful experience being a travel sonographer and I enjoyed it very much. I became very ill and was forced to retire. I have since recovered and now looking to re-enter the Workforce. I can no longer perform the cardiac vascular and EEG testing. I have developed limitations that inhibits me from performing the test . I would like to still work in the healthcare field and anything related to my work experience. I hope to obtain part-time work doing teaching or anything related to my previous work skills. While working as a travel sonographer I learned to use most all ultrasound equipment . I also learn how to use many different kinds of electronic medical record systems. I feel that this experience working with the multiple ultrasound machines and electronic medical systems. Therefore I feel that I would be an exceptional application specialist for ultrasound companies. In conclusion I hope to seek part-time employment related to my previous work. I I feel that I am very marketable in many areas of the workforce due to my previous work. I am a outgoing and am independently working person and feel that I can work in many feels because of my professionalism. I was very respected in my previous field and became very well known in the area. Therefore I feel that this is prepared me for experiences in many areas in the workforce. I will furnish references upon request.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Cardiac Sonographer

BJC HealthCare - St. Louis, MO

July 1994 to February 2013

Cardiac and vascular ultrasound. I also have done EEG testing. I have worked around the country doing these jobs as well.


Some college


Cardiovascular, Ultrasound



March 2013 to Present

Additional Information

I am retired now however I am wanting to re-enter the workforce in a part-time position in the medical area or postions that can utilize my previous career skills. My ideal position to obtain a part time employment as an instructor or a facilitator of activities.

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