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Pharmacy Health

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
August 25, 2018

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Justin Lloyd Bressack

*** ***** ******

Jersey City, NJ 07302




-Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Doctorate of Pharmacy May 2018

Professional Experience

-Pharmacy Intern Jun 2016- Jun 2018

Health Alliance Kingston Hospital

396 Broadway

Kingston, NY 12412

Pharmacy Supervisor: Priti Shah

Compound IV medications that are dispensed and administered to both in-patient and out-patient sites

Obtain necessary experience in order to maintain an appropriate balance of inventory and budget management

Dispense medication throughout the hospital and acquire the knowledge to operate both the Pyxis and Paragon software systems that are used within the hospital

Answer phone calls and coordinate communication between physicians, nurses and pharmacists in order to provide the most appropriate and efficient type of managed care

-Community Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Mar 2018- May 2018

College Hometown Pharmacy

1044 State Street

Schenectady, NY 12307

Preceptor: Anna O’Neil

Prepared and dispensed prescriptions to patients who live within the community

Ordered and stocked supplies to maintain a steady inventory

Counseled patients on how to properly manage their drug therapy

Performed customer service with eagerness and enthusiasm

-Elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Feb 2018- Mar 2018

Capital District Psychiatric Center

75 New Scotland Avenue

Albany, NY 12208

Preceptor: Pam Dolacky

Participated in group discussions and shared common interests with psychiatric patients

Encouraged patients to take their medications while simultaneously advocating for the patients and their desires

Learned how to engage and calm people who may be experiencing psychotic and/or manic episodes

Spent time collaborating with an interdisciplinary team that was comprised of nurses, social workers, and psychiatrists

-Ambulatory Care (Nephrology) Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Jan 2018- Feb 2018

Dialysis Clinic Inc. – Capital Region

176 Washington Avenue Ext #10

Albany, NY 12203

Preceptor: Katie Cardone

Managed drug regimens specific to dialysis to ensure the minimization of nephrotoxicity

Monitored patient responses to drug therapy using electronic health records and laboratory data

Worked with providers to prevent the progression of chronic kidney disease

Performed medication reconciliations

-Ambulatory Care (Cardiology) Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Nov 2017- Dec 2017

St. Peter’s Hospital Department of Pharmacy

315 S. Manning Blvd.

Albany, NY 12208

Preceptor: Scott Sommo

Worked on an interdisciplinary team with cardiologists, nurse practitioners, and nurses and provided comprehensive care to patients with heart failure

Searched through current medical research and scientific studies for presentations and to answer any drug information questions

Performed medication reconciliation and counseled patients that had been admitted to the CIU

-Institutional Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Oct 2017- Nov 2017

Health Alliance Kingston Hospital

396 Broadway

Kingston NY 12412

Preceptor: Saleh Khan

Helped educate staff on implementing new hospital policies

Performed vancomycin dose-regimen calculations for patients receiving antibiotic therapy

Monitored patient therapy by interpreting relevant laboratory data and offered recommendations to providers when medically necessary

Attended PTP meetings and provided information to hospital staff from different departments when requested

-Ambulatory Care (Primary Care) Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Aug 2017- Sep 2017

Whitney M. Young Health Services

920 Lark Dr.

Albany, NY 12207

Preceptor: Kimberly Skylstad

Worked with nurses and answered drug information questions

Counseled patients about their current medications and performed medication reconciliations

Called-in prior authorizations to insurance companies for drug approval

Volunteered with staff to educate underserved populations about the importance of public health

Helped staff reduce HIV prevalence in lower income communities by counseling patients with regard to state-wide initiatives

-Inpatient Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Jul 2017- Aug 2017

St. Peter’s Hospital Department of Pharmacy

315 S. Manning Blvd.

Albany, NY 12208

Preceptor: Monique Bidell

Rounded with an internal medicine team that consisted of physicians, residents, and medical students

Monitored patient therapy by reviewing pertinent laboratory data, examining medication regimens, and preventing significant drug interactions

Learned about a broad array of disease states and their appropriate treatment options

Gave recommendations to providers when medically necessary

Answered drug information questions when requested

Performed medication reconciliation

-Integrated Problem-Solving Workshop Leader 400 Sep 2016- Dec 2016

Assisted faculty with regard to grading and organization of class material

Facilitated students in learning how to write proper SOAP notes and what to look for when interviewing a new patient

Obtained valuable clinical knowledge by continuing to reference up-to-date clinical guidelines that should be utilized when out on practice

-Team-Based Care Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Jun 2016

Greene County Family Planning

411 Main Street

Catskill, NY 12414

Preceptor: Laura Churchill

Reviewed patient profiles and helped recommend appropriate medication therapies

Counseled patients on the importance of medication adherence and potential side effects with regard to both contraceptive and STD medications

Observed annual exams performed by Nurse Practitioners, and gained valuable insight about the importance of providing public health and the value it provides to a local community

-Institutional Introductory Pharmacy Experience May-Jun 2016

Benedictine Hospital

396 Broadway

Kingston, NY 12401

Preceptor: Mary Butler

Experienced the functions and services provided by the pharmacy within a hospital

Observed the pharmacist’s responsibility when going on rounds within an ICU setting

Learned how to use both the Paragon and Pyxis computer software in order to dispense, track and locate appropriate medications in an efficient and organized manner

-Integrated Problem-Solving Workshop Leader 300/301 Sep 2015- May 2016

Contributed in preparing practice patient cases

Helped guide student discussion and promote critical thinking

Facilitated group participation and teamwork

-Public Health Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Jun 2015

North East Kidney Foundation

501 New Karner Rd #6

Albany, NY, 12205

Preceptor: Carol Lafleur

Participated in a Kidney Screening Program for community members at a local health fair

Performed a public education program for local elementary school students to bring about awareness of the importance of maintaining proper kidney function

Created a Health and Awareness Presentation for the North Eastern Kidney Foundation for educational purposes

-Community Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience May-Jun 2015

Price Chopper

1706 Western Ave

Guilderland, NY 12084

Preceptor: Kara Matarrese

Counseled patients on medications

Intervened with prescribers regarding dosing and therapy management

Recorded verbal prescriptions, left doctors voicemails

Input data entry

-Independent Study Research May 2013- Aug 2014

Studied ways of optimizing antibiotic efficacy when used to treat Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Implemented and interpreted data entry

Used various laboratory equipment including syringe and needles, incubators, centrifuges, and autoclaves

Performed various experimental methodologies including the obtainment of growth curves, MIC’s, and Time-Kills

Nonprofessional Experience

-ACPHS Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Oct 2016- Feb 2017

Helped manage, prepare, condition and train college basketball players

Strengthened social and communication skills

Exhibited leadership abilities when persuading a group of individuals to accept a common goal

-Creative Writing

Published original poems in the Platform Review, the Waymark Journal, and the Woodstock Poetry Society

Appeared as a featured reader at local venues through the Mid-Hudson Valley

-ACPHS Men’s Basketball Team Oct 2012- Feb 2016

Played four years of college basketball

-Orientation Committee Member Aug 2015

Assisted new students moving into their college dormitories

Familiarized students with their new environment

Helped organize games and ice-breakers to ease any possible anxiety

Licensure/Specialized Training/Certificates

-New Jersey Pharmacist License #28RI03961600 Aug 2018- Present

Biannual license demonstrating to practice pharmacy (Valid until Aug 2021)

-APhA MTM Certification Jun 2017- Present

Biannual certification to provide comprehensive patient care (Valid until May 2020)

-APhA Pharmacy-Based Immunization Certification Sep 2016- Present

Certification permitting administration of authorized vaccinations

-CITI Bloodborne Pathogen Certification Apr 2015- Present

Annual certification for clinical rotations via the CITI program

-Clerkship Bloodborne Pathogen Certification Apr 2015- Present

-Pharmacy Intern May 2015- Present

Registered New York State Intern (Valid until May 2020)

-CPR Certification Oct 2014- Present

American Heart Association (Valid until May 2019)

Awards and Recognitions

Recipient of Eckler Scholarship Jan 2013- May 2018

ACPHS Dean’s List Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2014, Spring 2016

Named ACPHS Men’s Basketball Team Captain Oct 2015- Feb 2016

ACPHS Men’s Basketball 110% Effort Award May 2016

ACPHS Men’s Basketball 110% Effort Award May 2015

ACPHS Men’s Basketball 110% Effort Award May 2014

Community Service

-Community Hospice Volunteer Nov 2014 – Aug 2015

Provided company for terminally ill patients within a nursing home setting

-ACPHS Relay for Life Apr 2014 – Oct 2015

Raised money for cancer research by walking throughout the morning with other members of the Men’s Basketball team

Participated in organizing a local 5K run to help bring about awareness for cancer research

-Albany Academy Volunteer Sep 2013 – May 2015

Helped middle school and elementary school students engage in after school activities designing scientific experiments and creating collaborative science projects


Dr. Ray Chandrasekara, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Humanities and Communication

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Mrs. Anna O’Neil, RPh

Community Pharmacist

College Hometown Pharmacy

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences



Dr. Priti Shah, RPh

Director of Pharmacy

Kingston Hospital

Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley


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