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Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer

Cagliari, Province of Cagliari, Italy
August 22, 2018

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First name: Mauro Last name: Marongiu

Date of Birth: May 24, 1980 Gender: Male

Country of origin and present nationality: Italian Address: via Libeccio 14, 09126 Cagliari - Italy

Phone: +39-349-***-****


LinkedIn profile: Languages: Italian (native), English (fluent), Spanish (elementary) Cover letter

I am experienced on telemetry and electronics, enthusiast in aeronautics and aerospace. Actually, at Nurjana Technologies in Elmas (ITA) I am supporting the development of advanced real-time systems and the management of the company infrastructures. After my studies in Electronics and Telecommunications I have worked as Ground Station administrator for Alenia Aeronautica (now Leonardo) and later for Piaggio Aerospace in support to flight test activities. This framework has allowed me to operate in an international environment acquiring professional versatility and skills on managing on-board Flight Test Instrumentation, avionic bus acquisition, ACRA and IADS data processing systems, design, troubleshoot and operate telemetry and ground RF equipment, signal coding and writing technical documentation (Office Suite and Visio). I can work independently and manage my work-load, during my time on the job my organizational and time management skills allowed me to help companies on achieve goals. I always managed to help others and work in team environments quite successfully. I have good people skills, I am generally extroverted and easily able to fit-in within any social contest or team dynamic. I am flexible and I can adapt, I am open to challenges, available for travels, shifts and overtime. I own a clean background, valid EU passport and B driver license. Education, trainings and professional development

Electronics and Telecommunications Specialist Diploma From 1994 to 1999 School: Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale “Guglielmo Marconi” – Cagliari, Italy Learned about scientific subject matter and its practice as it concerns physics, chemistry, mechanics, computer science and English. The main focus was later on electronics and telecommunications. Trained in realize projects (OrCad and EWB) and technical documentation (Office Suite), read electrical diagrams and data sheets, solder and troubleshoot PCB, operate tools as multimeter, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, power meter, RF equipment, signal generator, lathe and drill press. IADS System Administrator and advanced user 2014

Issued by: Symvionics Inc. Training Center – Palmdale, California, USA Deep knowledge on IADS system, TMATS, telemetry data gathering, configuring the L3-MFT800 board with VISTA software, managing the Operator Console, Real-Time and Post-Test data servers, handling parameters and derived parameters, managing and developing client displays using stripcharts, frequency plots, 3D models, maps and ICAW display, setting test points and mission attributes, data processing and analysis, troubleshooting and catastrophes scenarios.

Professional Airport Agent 2014

Issued by: Alitalia Training Academy for Associazione Accademia del Lavoro – Fiumicino airport, Italy In-depth knowledge on how airports and airlines are organized, aviation English and ICAO language, security and safety standards, managing public relations, problem solving, work under pressure, international lost&found policies, travel documentation procedures (UMNR, Api/ApiPlus, ESTA, Reg.1107/06, US DOT 382, PRM, INAD, DEPU/DEPA), passenger services, create tickets and luggage tags (PIR, AHL,OHD, DPR, IATA, RUSH, PP, ID-CHART).

Other courses

Advanced database and SQL querying - USA 2017 Linux Command line Basics - USA 2017

Online marketing fundamentals Google Inc. – ITA/UK 2017 Fire Officer (Low risk) PiattaformAttiva – ITA 2017 Work experience

Job title: System Technician Company: Nurjana Technologies 10/2017 – Present Currently supporting the MSCCS (Multi Sensor Central Control System) development that includes the integration of telemetry systems, radars and optical sensors. Involved also with the management of the company infrastructures. Duties:

• Provide technical support throughout the MSCCS projects lifecycle

• Manage and improve the company facility systems, Lab and technical equipment

• Produce diagrams and technical documentation

• Collaborating in the management of the logistic and maintenance services Job title: Instrumentation Engineer Company: Contamination LAB 01/2018 – 03/2018 Participated with the eFlavor team at the "Contamination Lab" fifth edition as experienced instrumentation engineer. Provided free collaboration on projecting and manufacturing the eFlavor P-1 demo, the first electromedical device which works as a transducer for the human gustatory sensitivity. The project won the

"Rector's special prize" from University of Cagliari (ITA). Job title: Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer Company: Nurjana Technologies 09/2014 – 09/2017 Trained as IADS system administrator aiding the system delivery to Piaggio Aerospace at Symvionics Training Center in Palmdale (USA). Installed the IADS Ground Station and telemetry equipment at Trapani-Birgi airbase

(ITA) and supported the first UAV P1HH prototype flight test campaign. Accomplishments:

• Configured and operated IADS system, telemetry antenna and RF equipment

• Installed and configured the on-board ACRA acquisition system and data recorder

• Calibrated the on-board FTI transducers, actuators and PCM transmitter

• Written the Piaggio PxHH - FTI Ground Station Operator Manual Collaborated also at Nurjana Technologies in Cagliari-Elmas (ITA) on realizing the MSCCS Mission Abort System for Leonardo-OTO Melara (Meppen test range, GER) and the MSCCS Ballistic Tracking System for Weibel Radars (Port Wakefield test range, AUS) with the following duties:

• Participate on planning systems hardware architecture

• Design and manufacture hardware interfaces and electrical subsystems

• Assemble systems on racks, produce diagrams and technical documentation

• Provide technical support throughout the products lifecycle Job title: Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer Company: Sipal S.p.A. 05/2000 – 01/2013 Trained in aeronautics, avionics, flight data acquisition and processing systems at Alenia (now Leonardo) Flight Test Dpt. in Caselle airport (ITA). Supported as Telemetry Operator and later as Ground Station administrator the flight test campaigns of the EuroFighter-Typhoon, MRCA Tornado, C27j Spartan, AMX and UAV Sky-Y prototypes at Decimomannu airbase (ITA), including the Rafael RecceLite and MBDA Storm Shadow RF video trials and the firings of Raytheon AMRAAM and MBDA ASRAAM. Accomplishments:

• Operated telemetry antennas, configured RF equipment and client displays

• Managed the real-time and post test flight data processing system (ACRA bus and PCMs)

• Coordinated the telemetry link with the military test range (PISQ, ITA)

• Integrated and managed IADS system in support of the Boeing JDAM telemetries

• Implemented an additional Control Room increasing the number of tests performed

• Maintained the facility systems and radio bridges

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