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Medical Health

Tamil Nadu, India
August 22, 2018

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Dr. Deepak Sundaram. M.B.B.S, M.D(anatomy)

No *-kandaswamy street


Chennai 600004

Date of birth: 20-11-75

Medical Education

Under-Graduate Education: Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, India.

Register Number: 3195023. M.B.B.S August 1995 – May 2001 (Passed exam). Finished C.R.R.I and Diploma in Febuary 2005.

Tamil Nadu Medical council: Register Number 76214

Post-Graduate Education: Saveetha Medical College, Thandalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Register Number:111411001. M.D. Anatomy from May 2014 to june 2017 (Passed exam).

Other Education.

High School Education: DonBosce Matriculation Higher secondary school, Egmore, Chennai, India, from L.K.G to 10th Standard. Cardinal Newman High School, west palm beach, Florida, USA, from 10th to 12th Standard. Graduated in 92-93.

Undergraduate - University of Miami, Miami, Florida


08/1993 - 07/1995

Membership and Honorary/Professional Societies:

Indian student association at University of Miami 93-94

Publication: Assement of Beningn Prostate Hypertrophy, in patients with Lower urinary tract symptoms, from the ages of 41 to 70 years, and comparing the size of prostate with Urine flowmetry to Assess Bladder outlet obstruction. (Pub med.)(jcdr).

SOCA Poster Presentation: Beningn Prostatic hypertrophy assessment in patients with Lower urinary tract symptoms, and comparing, the size of prostate with urine flowmetry.

Conference Power point Presentation in September 2016: Variation in the course of Deep Peroneal nerve, during dissecting a cadaver. In the Distal 2/3rd of the right tibia, the variation of the Deep peroneal nerve which is medial to the Anterior tibial artery. Subsequently, variation in the cutaneous innervations of deep nerve, in the dorsum of foot.

SOCA membership.

Work experience:


12/2003 - 01/2004

Sri Ramachandra Hospital, India

Resident Internship for internal medicine, Dr K V Somasundaram

I work under the guidance of Dr K N Vishwanathan.. 1. Reported 8am for the rounds every working day. 2. I had at one/two night duty every week. 3. During OP days, I wrote admitting orders. 4. Wrote s.o.a.p notes every day. 5. Lab reports, culture reports, case discussions,ekg readings,ER duty.

11/2003 - 12/2003

Sri Ramachandra Hospital, India

Resident internship Paediatrics&newborn, Dr K N Somasundaram

Under the guidance of Dr Ragu 1. Reported for morning Rounds at 8am every working day 2. wrote admitting orders, monitoring growth chart, immuniztation history,check developmental milestones, check for abuse,anemic disorder, dengue fever, malaria, hookworm,pinworm,kwashiorkor and marasmus,referrals for surgery,rapid strep testing, nebulaziation-albuterol,involved in case discussion, 3. Apgar scoring, im VitK injection, monitoring HR, dehydation, Low birth weight, preterm babies., monitoring head circumference,weight and length.,ant.fontenelle.

07/2003 - 10/2003

Sri Ramachandra hospital, India

Resident internship Surgery&orthopaedic, Dr K V Somasundaram

Under the guidance of T R Gopalan 1. Took part in transplant update. 2. Grand rounds every morning at 8 A.M 2. On OP day-wrote admitting orders, lab reports,culture reports, fill out prescription, preop and postop orders,monitor I/O chart,electrolyte,postop monitoring. 3. procedure done-staples,suturing,foleys catheter,ng tube,LP, prep the patient at operating room, thrombin gel, adhesive pad, Assisted in kidney transplant, lipoma removal, hydrocele repair,inguinal herniorhaphy,thyroidectomy, lumpectomy of breast tissue, tissue biopsy.

11/2001 - 01/2002

Sri Ramachandra hospital, India

Resident internship OB/GYN&family planning, Dr K V Somasundaram

Under the guidance of Dr Jaya 1. Reported for grand rounds at 8 A.M 2. Admitting orders, lab reports, pap smear, cervical cultures, prep the patient for surgery, preop and postop orders, blood cultures, Fetal heart monitoring, monitor uterine contraction, monitoring cervical dilatation. IV oxytocin drips, magnesium sulfate regime. Monitoring preeclampsia patients.

3. Conducted 8 vaginal deliverys-vertex-.,with 4 medio-lateral episiotomy-mattress and simple suturing., Foley’s catheter placement, NST, assisted in Total abdominal hysterectomy., observed twin pregnancies(vertex, breech) 4. Assisted in tubal sterilization, assisted in Medical termination of pregnancy.

08/2001 - 11/2001

Sri Ramachandra hospital, India

Resident internship Public health, Dr K V Somasundaram

Under the guidance of Dr Satyamoorthy 1. Travelled to remote villages in Chennai and educated people on proper hygiene to prevent diseases like malaria, dengue fever, tapeworm, pinworm, hookworm. 2. Worked in Cholera hospital for 2 weeks as an intern, 3. Participated in voluntary health center in Chennai. 4. Worked the TB hospital in Chennai as an intern.

Other Awards/Accomplishments

During my rotator internship in general surgery- a team of doctors conducted RENAL TRANSPLANT UPTAKE...

Took part in blood donation drive in the SMILE (Selfless movement improving life everywhere) organization at Chennai. Voluntary health services in India. Voluntary health services at wellington medical center and at palms west hospital.


There are times, when people do not appreciate the value of human life, as countries wage wars against one another, fight battles, both domestic and international for supremacy. Little things, in life, mean much more than winning over the world. If change, needs to happen, it should start, from within, than looking outside. This story is an example of such.

One day, i was sittings on my couch reading a story about a young girl. She was a 10 year old girl, who was kidnapped in 1991, and she resurfaced on august 29th 2009, eighteen years later. Tragic story of a young innocent girl, who was going on a field trip. She hardly knew, that, what would happen next, would change her life forever. She was kidnapped by ‘X’ and ‘N’ on the gloomy day, which was the worst day of her life, for she never expected what would happen next. ‘X’ is a delusionist, thinking that he was a messenger from god, trying to rid the world from evil. There was a video shown on television, showing that he was singing, while ‘N’ his wife was taping him and little kids playing in the playground. ‘P’ is a paedophile, who thought kidnapping this young girl and abusing her, would cure his delusion or disease. She was handcuffed in a sound proof room, for nearly 18 years. She was raped, abused and battered by him. His accomplice, ‘N’ who was his wife, was apathic for this kind of torture. This young girl, in her interview said that ‘N’ cried for repentance, while her husband was away. If so, why didn’t she release her. This young girl in her adolescence, gave birth to two children, in a closed, sound proof room, without any form of aide. The first child was at the age of 14years and the second was two years later. Imagine the kind of torture, agony and pain that she went through during those years. When she gave the interview, the only thought in her mind, inspite of the interviewer repeatly asking her, how she endured so much pain, was her two children and the memories of her mother singing a song about the moon, when they were once together. During those times away from her daughter, her mother and her step father, were hoping, that one day she would reappear. Well their prayer were answered, but the drawback was far too painful to bear. When god closes a door, somewhere there is a window or a door open. Penance in life, make us enjoy the small things in this world. Remembe, that change should start from within.

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