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Human Resources and Marketing Management

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
August 22, 2018

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Dearest My Most Respectable, Competent, Brilliant Sir / Madam,


How do you do ? I am always proud of you and your great achievement internationally. Indeed, You are always the best of the best across the globe. My warmest regards to you and your lovely family also. I admire and like you very much. If I hold the above position, I can definitely support and help you outstandingly with my good seven (7) times classified counter-terrorism and hostage rescue mission experience, expertise and successful ways of doing, plus my greatest management experience in running the huge armed forces competently and remarkably. I am capable of helping you professionally and outstandingly in your industry without any doubts, please refer to my background:************/

Notwithstanding, I hereby apply sincerely for the above-mentioned job position as I have proudly completed my military service.

Thus, I need your great kindness and helpfulness to approve my above application with my unlimited sincerity undoubtedly.

In fact, I will be the best candidate to hold the above position for helping you unlimitedly, politically, sincerely, genuinely and effectively.

Nonetheless, these are my previous Working Experiences as below:

Assistant General Manager of YSA Realty Group (April 2017 – June 2018)

a.Self-motivated professional versed in all aspects of the luxury real estate transactions;

b.Recruited, selected, Led, coached, motivated, trained and managed 12 luxury sales teams for achieving 52% sales success increment;

c.Managed the development and execution of representation contracts, closing statements, deeds and leases;

d.Experienced in the high end rentals;

e.Brought the prestige of working with the affluent buyers across the globe;

f.Represented the developers, buyers and sellers;

g.Used all previous and successful skills and experience of working as the Assistant General Manager and Senior Marketing Manager in the Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Selling company;

h.Generated the sales and rental properties listings through the daily cold calling and pertinent referrals;

i.Advertised on the real estate websites for the client properties through the social media;

j.Established a vast referral network unlimitedly;

k.Made an appointment regularly and daily to persuade the clients for ensuring the luxury properties purchase and open houses.

Human Resources Manager of A & W (Fast Food) Pte Ltd (2001 - 2003)

a. Legally, fairly and effectively managed the two (2) thousand employees well to enable the company to realize and obtain the solid return on its investment in its workers;

b. Developed and obtained the right talent recruitment success continuously for the entire company and Top Management to ensure the good returns of the investment;

c. Prevented the company well with the continuous Food Safety training from being vulnerable to the litigation brought by the consumer groups and government agencies based on the production or offering of low-quality food products;

d. Ensured the human resources teams serving an essential operation in protecting the company business from these costly lawsuits;

e. Ensured the HR staffs taking seriously the Food Safety training provided to the employees as the inattention to this issue can result in the consumer illness or even death;

f. Hired and trained an adequate number of personnel engaged in the Food Quality Control programmes unlimitedly and successfully that include the regular testing on the safety issues precisely and competently.

g. Prohibited, identified and solved the previous the wronglful employment practices, include the harassment issues, discrimination, improper work hours, inattention to overtime laws and a host of other caveats designed to protect employees;

h. Prevented the Top Management from being unawared of the scheduling or harassment matters significance;

i. Legally and fairly administered these types of employment quagmires;

j. Developed and improved the detailed job descriptions, compensation and health and retirement benefits;

k. Highlighted the Risk Management to the Top Management endlessly because it is the pertinent priority for the human resources, monitoring work-related injuries and mitigating their cost to the business;

l. Worked effectively and fairly with the both union and non-union employees;

m. Created the opportunities for the career advancement of the employees;

n. Ensured the business is fully staffed at all times with the most qualified people;

o. Communicated effectively with a variety of cultural and ethnic groups and had the in-depth knowledge of the laws governing cultural divergence in the workplace;

p. Hired the people new to the industry from distant geographic areas by smoothing the transition for these new employees and turned them into exceptional performers;

q. Sorted out the 9 costly employee lawsuits;

r. Capitalised using the Human Resources with the innovative Human Resources Management strategies and tactics to ensure the business growth at 1.3 times within 1 year concededly;

s. Received the Best Employee Award also.

Group Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Manager of PTR IT Group (Top 50 Enterprise Award Winner) 2000-2001 (2 years)

a. Developed and managed the human resource business partnering also;

b. Provided excellently the operational Group HR support in the owned dealerships;

c. Advised and supported the local and top management on the HR issues associated with policies, plans and budgets;

d. Developed and managed the Human Resources operations success for at least 2.2 times;

e. Provided the strong and operational support to the business covering the wide range of HR areas, including recruitment, training, international moves, disciplinary and performance management issues, engagement, exit process, etc;

f. Implemented and maintained the effective recruitment strategy – the innovative ways to attract right talent, understanding requirements from hiring managers, working with search agencies, CVs screening, interviews, offering of candidates, etc;

g. Implemented the on-boarding orientation process;

h. Worked closely with the relevant stakeholders to agree on the learning & development requirements to achieve the business goals, identify the talent potential and the necessary development or career progression, understand the succession planning requirements and potential training & development;

i. Supported in the coordination of the compensation & benefits policies and calculations, such as salary review, Variable Salary Payment, expatriates relocation, etc;

j. Maintained the monthly headcount reporting and other management reporting;

k. Maintained the up-to-date Organisation Charts & Job Descriptions;

l. Supported the internal employee engagement process, including execution and work with managers on the communication of the results as well as be involved in action plan discussion;

m. Developed and maintain constructive employee relations, including organizing HR related activities such as monthly happy hour/ staff communication

n. Provided the admin support in HR / Manpower Planning;

o. Contributed to the HR related tasks and projects as assigned;

p. Having the strong and broad operational experience with the skills to be able to be involved in detailed transactional HR matters when necessary;

q. Attracted recruiting the right talents to join the company with the 3.5 times successful results.

r. Solved reducing the internal staff disciplinary cases strategically and extraordinarily from 32 cases to 5 cases within three (3) consecutive months period.

Assistant General Manager cum Senior Marketing Manager of TMN (Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Selling) Pte Ltd 2003 - 2005 (2 years)

a. Led the overall management of the company, including implementation, formulation and monitoring of best practice of asset management company in the market;

b. Proactively set strategic direction and vision for the organization for future business plan and projects;

c. Contributed to the growth of the business, thus forming the legacy in the company;

d. Succeeded with the successful experience in the investment, asset management and product development by possessing the strong analytical and implementation skills while proven ability to efficiently manage multiple tasks and drive change across a complex organization and multiple stakeholders with the proven track record in increasing the asset size, sales driven and possess solid business acumen on asset management;

e. Obtained the return through the dedication and hard work from being rewarded with the very lucrative salary along with other non-financial benefits after my unlimited exposure to the regional scope as well as various industries.

f. Worked closely with the Executive Management with the outstanding ability to take part in driving the business forward outstandingly.

Please refer to my personal details with the full certification and pertinent recognition as below:

1. Name: Major General. Grandmaster. Prof Dr Philbin Tan Sih Ean - 8th Dan

Human Resource Management Professor (MBA -PhD Course), Martial Art (Disarming & Snatching Firearms), Counter-Terrorism & Hostage Rescue Expert

Special Forces Veteran

CZ75 P07 Duty Pistol (used by Singapore Police also) License Holder of Royal Malaysian Police

Independent Think Tank on International Security, Counter-Terrorism and Defence

My Background:************/

2. Age: 45

3. Sex: Male

4. Date of Birth: May 2, 1973

a. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to get along with diverse personalities, flexible, people-oriented;

b. Open-minded, quick learner and proactive;

c. Well-organised and service-oriented;

d. Meticulous and good co-ordination and planning skills

e. Strong team player and leader.

5. Family: 1 Wife and 2 Sons

6. Family Heritage: My grandmother's grandmother is a British White.

7. Race: Malaysian Chinese but my grandmother's grandmother is a British White.

8. Specialised Professionalism:

a. Hostage Rescue Expert (Counter Terrorism);

b. Human Resources Management Professor;

c. Famous Watercolour Artist;

d. Martial Art Expert.

9. Nationality: Malaysian (But aiming to migrate with my family to your nation).

Nonetheless, I hope to work running and handling your forces SUCCESSFULLY for you with my seven (7) times classified, MOST EFFECTIVE, global hostage rescue mission (counter-terrorism) accomplishment experience, plus commanding, managing, coaching and upgrading your forces excellently.

10. Army Pistol Shooting Competition: 2 Times Champions, including the fact that I am the IPSC Shooter that possess the official handgun license (Royal Malaysian Police) for the self-protection and member of the US Practical Shooting Association undoubtedly also. Indeed, I am the legitimate, personal and licensed (Royal Malaysian Police) CZ75 P07 Duty pistol (used by the Singapore Police Forces also) holder undoubtedly.

11. Veteran of:

a. Republic of China (Taiwan) Army Political Warfare Special Task Forces - PWSTF(Special Forces);

b. Republic of China (Taiwan) Army Airborne / Altitude Special Service Company – ASSC (Special Forces);

c. Royal Malaysian Army and Navy;

d. Russian Combat Paratrooper.

12. Honourary Member of:

a. Warrior Officer Mess of Royal Malaysian Air Force Special Forces (PASKAU);

b. Special Warfare Command of Royal Thai Army.

13. Joining Forces in 1993: Selected by the Malaysian Armed Forces Chief in 1993 while I was teaching the police Taekwondo classes.

14. Medals Awarded:

a. Order of Resplendent Banner with Yellow Grand Gordon, the status might be equivalent to the UK “The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George As Knight Commander” with the title "Lord";

b. Order of Precious Tripod with Cravat, the status might be equivalent to the UK “The Most Excellent Order of British Empire As Commander” with the title "Sir";

c. St George Bravery Medal;

d. Army Medal of Outstanding Service;

e. Medal of Army Achievement (A Class Ribbon);

f. Medal of Army Achievement (B Class Ribbon);

g. Army Treasure Star Medal Three (3) Stars;

h. Army Solid Gold Cup Medal Three (3) Stars (B Category);

i. Army Scenic Wing Two (2) Stars (B Category);

j. Navy Sea Light One Star Medal;

k. Navy Sea Contribution One Star Medal;

l. Navy Sea Medal One Star;

m. Navy Sea Wind One Star Medal;

m. Hon Navy;

n. Hon Marine;

o. Hon Air Force;

p. Civ Def Officer Medal.

16. Insignia Qualification:

a. Navy Submarine (Underwater Warfare);

b. Political Warfare Special Task Forces (Special Forces);

c. Airborne / Altitude Special Service Company (Special Forces);

d. Army Special Forces;

e. 50 Army Airborne Jump Master;

f. Special Terrain Army Parachuting Jump;

g. Army Freefall Parachuting Jump Master;

h. Army Airborne (10);

i. Republic of China (Taiwan) Army Senior Pilot (Honourary);

j. Royal Thai Army Parachuting Jump Master (Honourary).

17. Military Skill:

a. Black Ops Command;

b. Special Ops Command;

c. Counter-Terrorism Command;

d. Military Total Quality Management;

e. Escapes from Enemy Line;

f. Manhunt;

g. Special Ops Planning, Execution and Implementation;

h. Advanced Submarine Silent Underwater Warfare;

i. Military Weapon Acquisition, Analysis and Research;

j. Submariner and Naval Warfare Strategy;

k. Exceptional and SEASONED Leadership.

18. Note: The Malaysian Armed Forces Chief praised me personally for my outstanding combat performance in the Special Forces Demonstration 2008.

19. Academic Qualification:

a. Member of US University Professor Association;

b. Doctorate Degree of Business Administration (USA);

c. Master Degree of Business Administration (USA), plus passing with all Master Degree in Business Administration subjects of UK Sunderland University;

d. Postgraduate Diploma of UK Sunderland University;

e. Postgraduate Certificate of UK Sunderland University;

f. Business Studies Certificate of Stamford College.

20. TOP Specialisation: Human Resources Management (Recruitment, Selection, Motivation, Retention, Remuneration Planning, Reward System, Human Capitalisation and Advanced Training).

21. Martial Art Black Belt Qualification (42 years experience):

a. 8th Dan Sang Moo Do;

b. 5th Dan Taekwondo;

c. 4th Dan Karate;

d. 3rd Dan Aikido;

e. 2nd Dan Judo;

f. 18 years Silat;

g. 18 years Kung Fu.

22. My Former Job Positions of Royal Malaysian Navy in martial arts:

a. Taekwondo & Unarmed Combat (TTS) Instructor;

b. KL (MINDEF) Representative and Assistant Secretary of Navy Self-Defence Association.

23. My Military Students' Self-Defence Competition Achievement:

a. They won many medals successfully in competitions;

b. Some of them is the 6th Dan black belt holder and master instructor now.

24. Twenty five (25) Years Experience As the Military, Police and Special Forces Unarmed Combat Instructor in teaching the hundreds techniques of the Snatching and Disarming Firearms for the Counter Terrorism Operations.

25. Political Experience with the Strong MARKETING Skill:

I HIGHLY QUALIFIED, COMPLETED and ACCOMPLISHED Working As the Former Part-Time Senior Special Officer and Senior Bodyguard (2011-2018) to the former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister, plus former Defence Minister.

26. Written Languages:

a. English;

b. Chinese (China & Taiwan);

c. Malay (Malaysian & Indonesian).

27. Spoken Languages:

a. English;

b. Chinese (China & Taiwan);

c. Malay (Malaysian & Indonesian).

28. Spoken Dialects:

a. Cantonese (Hong Kong);

b. Hockien (Taiwan).

29. Mailing Address:

Level 9, Unit 13A, Menara K1, Lorong 3/137C, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lmpur, Malaysia.

30. Email:

31. Mobile: +601*-********


a. Maj Gen.Grandmaster.Prof Dr Philbin Tan Sih Ean - 8th Dan’s Art Foundation************/ ;

b. Komando JAK;

c. Komando Frank;

d. Sang Moo Do, Special Forces and Espionage Unarmed Combat;

e. Global Practical Shooting Examination Board.

33. And the referees:

i. First Admiral (Rtd) Datuk Kay Hai Thuan RMN,

Royal Malaysian Navy

Tel: +601*-*******


ii. Colonel Rye Wu Rai Yi

Republic of China (Taiwan) Army

Tel: +601*-*******


34. Kindly be invited to go through my written articles happily and enjoyably in my Maj Gen. Grandmaster. Prof Dr Philbin Tan Sih Ean - 8th Dan's Art Foundation at************/ that are as below:

a. Present Underwater Warfare Era;

b. Today Special Forces (SF);

c. The Stealthy Black Operations (SBO);

d. The Latest Strategic Policing (SP);

e. The Defensive Counterterrorism;

f. The Real Proactive Counterterrorism;

g. Border Police Manpower Shortage Overlooked;

h. Efficient Communication Tips For Police Forces;

j. Police Job Satisfaction vs Engagement;

i. Secrets of Police Officer Retention.

Eventually, I hope you enjoying to read the above articles and capitalizing the human capital. Nevertheless, I love your nation concededly.

In fact, I am ready for any interview if you can call me, provide me the transport, food, accommodation and two (2) ways flight tickets concededly at once. In fact, I can be available to work for you at anytime.

Indeed, I have the honour to be, Sir / Madam, your obedient and loyal subordinate forever.

Anyway, thank you extremely much for your greatest kindness and helpfulness again !

Yours faithfully,

Major General. Grandmaster. Prof Dr Philbin Tan Sih Ean - 8th Dan

Human Resource Management Professor

Martial Art (Disarming & Snatching Firearms) Expert

Counter-Terrorism & Hostage Rescue Expert

Special Forces Veteran

CZ75 P07 Duty Pistol License Holder of Royal Malaysian Police

Independent Think Tank on International Security, Counter-Terrorism and Defence

Tel: +601*-********


My Backgroud:************/

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