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Nurse Registered

St. Petersburg, Florida, 33709, United States
August 18, 2018

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St.Petersburg, Florida 33709



OBJECTIVE: I have been a Registered Nurse going on 35 years. I have a variety of experiences, and clinical skills as an R.N. Starting with some basic med/surg, to more recently Trauma/Neuro/ICU. I have a multitude of critical care clinical skills, and some distant charge nurse experience . I have office, and rounding experience, after working for a Pulmonologist for many years. I have a good bedside manner, and empathy for the patients I have taken care of. I have good people skills, and get along with most of the families I have dealt with over the years. As well, most doctors, and co-workers appreciate my knowledge, and care I provide for their/ my patients. SKILLS &


For the majority of my career I have been in a critical care environment. Way back when as I started out as a Newbie, I was put in a situation as a charge nurse of a mens med /surg floor. I did this for more or less 1 year. I then advanced into critical care. I did this for some 11 years where I was exposed to a wide, and varied scope of mostly med/surg critical care cases. Some routine, some emergent. ie rupture AAA ‘s, abdominal, and chest surgeries. The old “swanz- ganz “catheters were prevalent back then, and of course CVA’s were a big part of our patient load, as well as emergent cardiac issues. I was at that time privileged to work with Dr. J Crayton Pruitt, who was a pioneer in carotid artery surgery. I handled a multitude of his pre, and post op patients. I also became a relief charge nurse.

After all those many years I was recognized by Dr. David Silverstein, Pulmonary/ critical care specialist. as having skills that he wanted in an office, and rounding nurse .He offered me a job as his right hand man. My job then included office R.N. which included medical histories, medication and vital signs review. I also screened patient phone calls, called in medications. and made recommendations for further treatment and advice under the orders of the doctor. As well, I was doing rounds in 3 hospitals, including Largo medical center, Northside hospital, and of course St. Petersburg General. A vast majority of our patients were in critical care setting as this was one of Dr. Silverstein's many specialties. My duties included doing physical exams, writing progress notes, and initial consults. Of course he would edit them as needed prior to signing them. I also relayed orders from the doctor to the nurses providing direct care to his patients.

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I worked for him for 7 years. I then changed jobs as I moved out of the area, and applied at St. Joseph's hospital in Tampa, I was then employed in the Trauma/Neuro ICU. I Was employed there for six years. I was exposed to a wide variety of neurological issues, including craniotomies, brain injuries, CVA”s, Infarctions,, hemorrhagic,, you name it. all kinds of drains ventricular ICP’s, etc.. This all, not to mention the wide variety of trauma cases I dealt with, including MVA injuries, GSW, falls etc. We also had our share of cardiac issues, and I became very familiar with all the IV, sub q, and oral medications included in this scope of treatment and of course we had what we referred to as felony stupidity injuries. Basically, if I have not seen it, read about, it, heard about it or experienced it I have probably smelled it. I did then return to Dr Silverstein after 6 years away as he offered me more money, and was unable to find a satisfactory replacement for me. His words. But after three and a half years I did returned to St. Joseph's hospital because of Dr. Silverstein's untimely retirement secondary to his medical issues. He was generous in his departure compensation.

As I returned to St. Joes it seemed I was welcomed back with open arms. I then assumed my prior role back into the Trauma/Neuro ICU to resume my prior job.

I have done this now for 3.5 years until recently . EXPERIENCE:


Dates From-To Active 3/02/78 - 03-01-82

Training pilots, and aircrew the effects of barometric changes in flight. Also medical treatments available in the hyperbaric chamber. EMT/SAS Ambulance Co.

Emergency Assistance,St.Petersburg, Fl. 4//84 -08/84 St. Petersburg General hospital, St Petersburg, Florida Dates From-To 01-01-83- 11--96, Orderly, then

Beginning R.N. through 11 Years in ICU

St.Petersburg FL.

Dr. David Silverstein, Pulmonary, Critical care specialist / Now retired Dates From -To .11/96 - 04-00-04

Office, and rounding R.N. Returned 04-10-20 thru 11- 2014 St. Joseph's Hospital, Tampa, Florida.

4-/04 - 04/10, and 11-14 to 04-22-18


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Dixie Hollins H.S. Class of 1977. Honor Graduate St.Petersburg, Fl. National Honor Society,, National Mathematics Honor. Society, Arts and Sciences diploma. USAF, Basic training. 3701 BMTS, Honor Graduate, Lackland AFB, San. Antonio Tx. USAF Tech. School,, Aerospace Physiology specialist, Honor Graduate .Brooks Army/Airforce base, San. Antonio, Tx. 03-02-78 - 06-78

USAF, Wright-Patterson AFB. EMT

St. Petersburg Jr. College, A.S. Nursing. Graduate 5-1984 St. Petersburg College A.A, 12-17-99

FSU, 4-27-01 Bachelor In Nursing. Honor Graduate.



Over the years I have educated myself, and tried to do the best I could do at everything I have ever attempted. I think my record speaks for itself. I have always been a loyal employee. My disciplinary record has been exemplary. I was voted RN of the quarter at one point at SGH, and R.N of the year at SJH in 2007. My attendance record has been excellent until my mother became ill in 01-16, when she was placed on hospice, and passed away . As my record suggests, I believe I would be a great asset to your organization, and our Military service veterans, that I look forward to caring for. LEADERSHIP Give me a job, and I can do it.I have experience as a charge nurse, as well as a preceptor for new critical care R.N.'s, students, and new employees. REFERENCES REFERENCE NAME, COMPANY

Marcus Rhodes, R.N. Charge Nurse,

St. Joseph's hospital, 813-***-****

Dr. David H. Silverstein, M.D. Retired, 727-***-**** H. Michael Ringheisen, R.N. I.CU..St. Joseph's Hospital. 727-***-**** Charlotte Zengle, RN. ICU. 813 -495-8440

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