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Civil Engineering Technician

Painesville, Ohio, United States
August 17, 2018

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I appreciate any help you can assist me with in acquiring employment in my field. Thank you.

L.J. WALLACE - AutoCAD Drafter – 8/1/2018


Dear Administrator,

Please accept this letter as an expressed interest in working with your company.

I have been in the AutoCAD field for 22 years (1996) now; and I’ve had an interest in the architectural and drafting field for 30 years (1988). I know the AutoCAD programs of Rel. 14, 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004, 2008, and 2010 (CURRENTLY), StudioVIZ, AutoCAD Raster design and Architectural desktop; as well as, PageMaker, Microsoft Word, RUMBA and Excel. I've had steady experience in the field for 9 years after graduating (2002) with honors from New England Tech.

I am very well organized, persistent, self-motivated and able to think clearly under pressure. I am reliable and punctual. I am a straight shooter; meaning if I don’t know how something is to work, then I will tell you. Which goes in hand in hand with being a quick learner.

My knowledge of AutoCAD extends to all areas of formatting, line types, dimension and script editing and placement, line weights, shortcuts of commands, plot/plat layouts, etc. Cutting and pasting blocks into diagrams; corrections (to/on) red lined pre-existing files; updating files to ANSI standards as well as customization;

My knowledge of the architectural engineering aspect includes (but is not limited to): Common construction documents, systems in building (Blueprint conception in areas of foundation, various wall structures, kitchen and bathroom layouts, roofing systems, HVAC systems, plumbing layouts, etc.) layouts.

As well as; designing logical irrigation systems, restructuring and assessing topographies, building structure materials and strengths there of, and other aspects of building and construction.

My knowledge of the civil engineering aspect includes (but is not limited to): Surveying, taking ties and recording distances, using 200’ sheets to reduplicate areas for drawing purposes. Scaling and re-scaling maps (CADmap familiarity). Also creating detailed notes and specs to drawings. Implementing G.I.S. systems and co-ordinates.

I am very interested in this position. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how I might best meet your needs. I can be reached at 301-***-**** to arrange an interview.

Thank you for your consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Larry Jay Wallace

*Note: this resume is focused on my engineering experience. Gaps between career employment have been filled by a multitude of non-career jobs and career focused studies. Cad is an ever-changing field; therefore new technology must always be learned. Currently I have been experimenting with AutoCAD 2016.



LAST UPDATED: August 1st, 2018


I desire to acquire and maintain an AutoCAD position in the architecture or drafting field.

My desire is to achieve a work environment that fosters the growth of my skills and instructs me into new fundamentals thus enhancing my ability to contribute to the company.

Skills Assessment:

-> Analyze / research written materials, budget time and resources, meet deadlines, notice important details.

-> Work easily with instruments and machines

-> Proficient with AutoCAD- Rel. 14/2000/2000i/2002/2004 Architectural Desktop, 3D, PhotoShop, PageMaker, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.

-> Work well in a team or independently

-> As well as the comfort of being an excellent team member and working well with others.

-> Excellent people skills, ability to handle customer and public relations.

-> Dedicated, dependable, thorough, and punctual.

-> Blueprint conception.


1/11 – 3/12 Byers Engineering

500 Spring Ave.

Moorefield, West Virginia 26836

Ø (Civil) AutoCAD technician working on the implementation of fiber optics systems in Hardy county. Designing routes for the placement of overhead and buried communication lines.

GOOGLE EARTH direct linking with AutoCAD MAP in coordinate placing of TELECOM designed outside facilities. Convert geographic information system (G.I.S.) Shake files to AutoCAD formant. Linked EXCEL spread sheets to AUTOCAD dwgs. Kept log of multiple projects for client and in house specs.

Systems used: AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD 2010

Working under the management of Jerry Adame, Bill Sites, Tommy Curtis

12/05 – 10/10


4147 Lloyd St. Hyattsville, Md.

(via) Jackson & Tull Engineering 12201 Distribution Way, Beltsville, MD 20705 301-***-**** Earnestine

Ø (Civil) AutoCAD technician working on the As-built renditions of underground water ways and sewer systems in Montgomery and Prince George counties. Updating documents into a mass recall system.

Systems used: Rumba, AutoCAD 2004, Raster Design 2004 on AutoCAD 2004.

Using and coordinating various systems (G.I.S., Surveying For Ties <measurements>, Reading and recreating 200’ Sheets, researching tech information (Job summaries, materials lists, Work orders, Field tickets, previous “as-built” dwgs., “right-of way” construction permits, previous contracts, etc.) in order to create “ AS-BUILT ” Drawings.

Also Providing support in Fire-Flow tests.

Working under the management of: Steven Teavault & Derrick Phillips <3/08-8/08 and 2/10 until end date>)

(Previously: Dave Burke <12/05-3/08 & 9/08-2/10>

7/04 - 12/05

Federal Mogul (F.M.O.)

2410 Papermill Rd, Winchester, VA 22601 540-***-****

-> Ø (Mechanical) AutoCAD technician working in the friction division of automotive.

Using AutoCAD 2004 system in creation and revision of brake part drawing. Designing an entire line of drawings being used by Federal Mogul and its subsidiaries. Using time management to complete various stages of different lines of brakes. Drawings showed equipment in top, (L/R) side, and isometric views.

Systems used: Implementing raster and scanning systems and layout generations of DWF, Adobe PDF, and 1100L systems.

Working under the management of: Chris Boyce


Urban Design Studio

610 Clematis St Ste CU02 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561-***-****-> Ø (Landscape) AutoCAD technician (utilizing AutoCAD 2002) working on the placement and replacement of landscape systems such as irrigation layout, horticulture specification and layout, property set-back. ->Supporting civil engineering and land planning design projects in land/site development including preparation of construction drawings for grading, drainage, storm water management, erosion and sediment control, water and sewer utility, roadway and related site design.

6/2002 – 10/2002

Florida Power and Light (F.P.L.) 6001 Village Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33407 561-***-****

Via: Bartech Group 1655 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd # 404, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561-***-****

-> Ø (Civil) AutoCAD technician (utilizing AutoCAD 2002) working on the placement and replacement of power grid systems such as power lines, transformers and other such power components. Updating outdated drawings.

3/2002 – 6/2002

O'Donnell, Naccarato, Migdogna, & Jackson

1655 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, Suite 204 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561-***-****

-> Ø (Structural) AutoCAD technician (utilizing AutoCAD 2002) working on structural engineering drawings. Correcting red lines, drawing instructed layouts, and structural details.

Working under the management of: Mr. Jackson



New England Tech (N.E.T.)

West Palm Beach, FL.

Occupational Associate (O.A.) Degree - Architectural Drafting and Design

*Shortened program due to familiarity of academics.

*Dean's list 3/5 semesters.

*Perfect attendance 3/5 semesters.

-> Commercial and residential presentation drawings

-> Commercial and residential construction documents

-> Computer 3-D modeling, Rendering and Animation

-> Construction technology (wood, masonry, concrete, and steel)

-> Local and National Building Codes

-> Site planning

-> HVAC systems, Plumbing layouts and systems

-> AutoCAD formats such as (assignment of) layering, scaling, blocks, dimensioning, etc.

1985 - 1994

Cuyahoga Community College - Cleveland, OH.

(Various dates between: 1988 - 1994)

Various Arch. related subjects: Experience in cost estimation. Strength

of materials.

1984 Glenn Mills High School - Concordville, PA.

Diploma - Honored with early graduation at 16 years due to academic excellence.

I am extremely interested in relocation and traveling.

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