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Engineer Process

United States
August 17, 2018

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O. Brinkley Artman

**** ***** ***** ****, *******, NC 27606 ; Apt. L ; Box 632-4 757-***-****



● Double Major in Materials Science/Engineering and Genetics at North Carolina State University, 2014-’18

● GPA: Genetics - 3.521 ; Materials Science - 3.706 ; Cumulative - 3.553

● Summer in Cuba (2015): enrolled in a Spanish class and reciprocated aid by teaching English to children SKILLS

● Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and Mathematica (a programming software)

● CVD processing of TMDC materials, vacuum instrumentation, mechanical/electrical/spectroscopic/optical analytics, gene/protein/inbred fly line manipulation

● Soft skills: enterprising, strong interpersonal and scientific communication (C OM 112/ E NG 333), organized RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

Materials Science

● ‘Intro to Environmental Research’ (RISE program ‘14) - gave me experience collecting and analyzing data in the field, and ultimately condensing the results into a lab report concerning bioremediation of polluted soil by AMF (fungi)

● (M SE 370) Familiarized with the process, mechanisms, and results of sintering ceramics (silicon dioxide, 2-day lab)

● (M SE 255/335) - S kills: X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy, UV-Vis/FTIR spectroscopy, cold-rolling, tensile/Charpy testing, dilatometry, 3-point bend test, SEM, colloidal chemistry, goniometry, DSC/DTA/TGA, 4-point probe, etc. G enetics

● Advanced genetics laboratory (GN 425)

Involved designing an experiment that attempted to draw a correlation between D . melanogaster’s diet and its lifespan and overall mobility by the end of a semester.

● (G N 496; June-December 2016) Worked as an unpaid intern, then later paid for a total of 6 months, in a supervised lab with Drs. Mackay and Dembeck on a paper regarding the RNA interference ‘knockdown’ of gene expression for the analysis of color (pigmentation) intensity from melanin and sclerotin proteins in D . m elanogaster.

Skills: ImageJ, F2 intercrossing, backcrossing, inbred line maintenance, micro-dissection

● (B IT 410 ) Conducted guided narrative of experiments in gene/protein/i n vivo manipulation of CaMPARI

Skills: DNA and protein purification, restriction digestion/mapping, PCR, Western blots, ligation, fluorescent screening, Bradford assay, sequence alignment, bacterial transformation, SDS-PAGE, etc.

● (B IO 495 ) Conducted supervised cancer cell research, which involved testing the comparative effects of vitamin C on both healthy and tumorigenic tissues in the hopes of producing positively oncolytic results

Skills: flow cytometry, direct cell counting, cell culture and antiseptic techniques, Western blot, etc. PAID WORK EXPERIENCE

● (May-August 1, 2017) - Worked over 300 hours on stipend in the BITSURE 2017 Biotechnology Program, continuing Dr. Chen’s work on testing radD’s interactions with SSB, each protein, and DNA to uncover its role in DNA repair and defense from radiation. Presented my research in poster format at NCSU’s URS in Aug. 2017

Skills: EMSA, affinity chromatography, ChIP-seq, PCR, far Western blot, ATPase assay in anaerobic chamber and ambient, yeast/bacterial transformation and culture maintenance, yeast two-hybridization, reagent prep, ImageJ, autoclave sterilization, ultracentrifugation, etc.

● (August 2017-Present) - Currently working at 2DLayer as a process engineer in Dr. Cao’s nanophotonics lab

Skills: Confocal Raman spectroscopy, PL characterization, CVD process engineering of TMDC’s, AFM, familiarization with vacuum instrumentation


● Now collaborating with Diversey Care, Inc. to publish a manuscript in ARIC detailing the effect of surface damage of polymers in healthcare settings from repeated wiping on the sustainability of microbial colonization

Skills: literature review, experimental design, FTIR-ATR, confocal laser and optical (stereo/reflectance) microscopy, surface profilometry, AFM, goniometry, data analysis/synthesis, scientific writing, etc.

● Presented our research in poster format at NCSU’s undergraduate research symposium in April, 2018 HONORS

● National Merit Scholarship (Siemens Corporation) recipient - 2014 - 2018

● Dean’s List for every semester since and including the Spring 2016 term VOLUNTEER WORK

Political Action Club

● Treasurer for an upstart club in Year 2015-16 at NCSU that volunteers several hours/week to phone bank, hold tabling/social events, fundraise, and canvass around Kingstree and Charleston, SC, and Raleigh, NC.

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