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Attorney, skilled Contact Manager & Procurement Manager

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
August 16, 2018

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ANNABELLE D. QUINTANA, Esq. **** Malpais Rd. SW

Albuquerque, NM 87105

Ph: 505-***-****



Cates & Quintana, Attorneys


March 2018 – Present

■ Legal representation of clients on various business transactions, including real estate leases, RECs, easements, restrictive covenants, construction contracts, legal review of by-laws for not-for-profit water irrigation district, landlord disputes, development of contract for community use and management of community well for land developer.

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, Inc.

Director of Research Administration

September 2017 – March 2018

■ Supervised Office of Research Contracts (“ORC”), Proposals, and Procurement; filled key vacant positions Contracts Manager, Procurement Manager, as well as two Shipping/Receiving Clerks.

■ Overhauled Master Agreement, NDA, and other contract templates for LRRI and each of its subsidiaries; developed RFP and RFQ templates for Procurement; developed certification forms and checklists for ORC to carry out closeout of back log of closed government contracts; working with Contracts Manager and Purchasing Manager developed more efficient workflows.

■ Performed legal review and negotiation of US Government research contracts and subcontracts and monitored compliance with federal regulations and reporting; commercial research and services contracts; lease agreements; IT software licenses and hardware service and maintenance agreements; MOUs with NM State Agencies; Nondisclosure Agreements; and any other agreement required by the Institute and its three subsidiaries; also responded to demand letters and subpoenas and provided risk analysis on business activities.

Laguna Development Corporation

Manager Procurement

August 2016 – September 2017

■ Perform legal review and negotiation of procurement contracts for all departments from gaming master lease agreements; IT software and hardware licenses, maintenance and support agreements; Facilities design/build construction contracts with proper bonding; Marketing and entertainment contracts; contracts with hotel suppliers, large event contracts, and revamped hotel’s contract template, RFQs for hotel vendors, and settled dispute for hotel; contracts for banquet operations and RV Park; contracts for consultants for HR, Finance, and other business units; and any contracting needs for operating casinos, hotel and other retail business interests.

■ Developed terms and conditions for Purchase Orders, updated the process for services contracts to include complete scopes of work including milestones, updated existing contract templates, including NDA, consulting agreement, and hotel/banquet events agreement, also developed RFP, RFQ and RFI templates, evaluation form, and processes for competitive bidding; carried out RFPs for major construction project, armored car services, pest control services, outdoor maintenance, hotel laundry services; RFQs for consulting services for HR, IT and Marketing, equipment purchases for Hotel, Facilities, and Marketing, and goods and services for various other business units not directly related to the casinos. Developed score card for continuing compliance after the contract was awarded and signed.

■ Reviewed regulations, policies and developed procedures for secured handling of gaming receipts, procedure for securing documents from prospective vendors (i.e. W-9s, quotes, vendor gaming licenses) prior to orders being placed with vendors; introduced and rolled out eSigning service and electronic management of contracts and associated documents, interacted with Tribal Regulatory Gaming Authority to develop process/manage vendors’ securing vendor gaming licenses, and worked with Accounting, Marketing, Gaming, Facilities and Food & Beverage to implement more efficient processes; also quickly came up to speed on tribal sovereignty, and federal/state/tribal gaming laws and regulations and their applicability to procurement arrangements; and performed risk analysis supporting policy/process changes.

■ Supervised Procurement Clerks and Warehouse Clerk, and general operations of the Procurement Office.

Seventh Judicial District Attorney’s Office

Assistant District Attorney

September 2014 – July 2016

Criminal litigation of misdemeanor and low level felony cases, perform legal research, draft motions, consult with law enforcement, probation and parole officers, forensic experts, and victims and witnesses. Perform legal research and prepared advisory memo to state and local law enforcement addressing jurisdictional issue between the law enforcement agencies, handle Inspection of Public Records Act requests, and other legal research and matters as assigned. In addition, I prepared responses to IPRA requests, as well as presented motions to the District Court (and prepared subpoenas) to secure information covered by HIPAA.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology – Energetic Materials Research & Training Center

Contract Management

June 2014 – July 2014

■ Supervise Payroll, Purchasing, Accountants, and Pre-Award;

■ Supervised and assisted Pre-Award in preparing response to proposals;

■ Review/negotiate sponsored research and services contracts, and drafted an improved nondisclosure agreement for the University, as well as negotiation of contract for provision of research services by ICASA to third party relating to research in computer security;

■ Analyzed and streamlined purchasing workflows to include electronic routing of approvals;

■ Supervised preparation of regular and quarterly financial and other activity reports;

■ Implemented use of Data Rights form by Pre-Award to ensure government agencies were properly notified when EMRTC would be using pre-existing EMRTC inventions in carrying out funded research.

EMCORE Corporation

Corporate Counsel EPV Division / Contract Management

January 2011 – June 2014 / September 2010 – September 2013

■ Provided legal advice to executives, senior management, and staff of EPV Division (which included

HR, Operations (manufacturing facility), Supply Chain/Shipping, Proposals, Contracts Management, and IT business units) as described below:

■ Specifically related to IT: negotiation of all software licenses including with OEM providers, technical support and consulting services agreements, legal support on RFPs related to procurement of systems and software, review of security and privacy procedures, and legal support on any other issues as they arose;

■ Carried out risk analysis and mitigation strategies, strategic planning, regulatory compliance with an eye on bringing functions in line with financial goals and objectives while meeting regulatory requirements;

■ Performed legal research and analysis regarding applicability of federal procurement regulations, including cost pricing analysis, (i.e. FAR, DFAR, DEAR, NASA regs, etc), applicability of FCPA and EAR/ITAR with respect to foreign sales and procurements and compliance therewith, advised Proposal Managers (Pre-Award) and was part of the evaluation team in preparation of response to RFPs, kept abreast of proposed rule-making/federal legislation and submitted public comment when necessary;

■ Review, drafting and negotiation of all sales and R&D contracts with US and foreign customers (i.e. OEM sales agreements for sale of space qualified solar cells, complex multi-party R&D, multi-party NDAs, US government prime & subcontracts, Long Term Sales, reseller and distribution agreements, joint ventures, engineering-design-procurement arrangements for space qualified and terrestrial solar cells and panels, software licenses, data rights, hardware lease to own, realty leases and consultant agreements), RFPs and procurement contracts and purchase orders, and prepared and submitted all regular compliance reports to US Prime Contracts or federal agencies as applicable, resolved contract disputes and impasses in contract negotiations, also negotiated with New Mexico Land Office for lease to construct 2MW Solar facility, negotiated with public utility on requirements for the facility, and lobbied Pubic Regulation Commission for extension of time for grandfathering rate to be paid by utility for power from the EPV facility;

■ On all sales and R&D contracts worked closely with internal stake holders to ensure existing intellectual property was protected, ownership of intellectual property developed under a given contract was clearly identified, transfer of intellectual property rights to the limit required for sale of product, alignment of Scopes-of-Work with engineering specs and production time lines, and developed negotiation strategies for business development, as well as strategies for retaining rights to intellectual property when subcontracting or outsourcing production, and maintained working relationship with external customers;

■ Performed legal research and assisted IT with security and privacy requirements for storage and maintenance of data on sensitive programs; managed compliance and reporting on US government contracts; advised internal teams of contract requirements/compliance requirements; performed investigation of claims by customers of possible infringement of intellectual property and worked out resolution; provided analysis of wage & time reporting requirements for HR for federal contracts, and any other HR issues as they arose, provided training on property management, and coordinated training by outside export control counsel for entire company, provided EPV Division staff training on property management and contract compliance issues;

■ In addition to regular duties, collaborated with Moss Adams consultants and internal business units, to accomplish within a very short time frame, complete redraft and implementation of each of the Division’s business units’ policies and procedures thus permitting Division to pass a DCAA and DCMA audits and resume federal contracting eligibility; spear headed paperless contracting using eSigning service and development of contract database to store contract information, thereby improving access to contract information, increasing efficiency of processes, and greatly reducing cost related to off-site storage and archiving.

■ Supervision of Legal Staff in the Albuquerque office, managed EMCORE’s export control outside counsel, close interactions with customers’ contract managers and legal counsel, oversight of contract management including keeping ORCA then SAM reporting databases up-to-date, assisted General Counsel with export control processes/issues and other duties as requested, and prepared quarterly activity reports and metrics; and

■ My international transactions experience includes business and contracts negotiations with entities in Russia, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, India, Israel, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina.

New Mexico Highlands University

Director Procurement

August 4th – 31st, 2010 (It was understood I had a better offer from Emcore Corp, but helped NMHU for a month)

Performed analysis of processes and documents utilized by University’s Procurement Department, developed new contract templates, and recommended new policies and procedures improving efficiency and reducing FTE time processing paper, as well as bringing the department into compliance with NM Procurement Code, Federal Procurement regulations, and cost analysis principles; and reviewed of architect agreements with engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) contract for construction of student union building. Worked closely with upper management, and provided recommendations to President Fries.

PNMR Services Company

Project Analyst/Sr. Analyst-Supply Chain

December 2002 – August 2010

■ Specifically related to IT: reviewed and negotiated all software licenses for IT and individual business units, negotiated software upgrade of major software system used by company which included negotiation of escrow agreement, software licenses, hardware lease agreements, technical support and service agreement, also negotiated software/technical support and services agreements for financial software to be used by entire enterprise;

■ As part of a team worked on various special projects, including with team rolling out internal processes to TNMP after its merger into PNMR; worked with Accenture consultants on restructuring Procurement into a centralized Supply Chain organization, bringing Supply Chain into alignment with corporate financial/cost savings goals;

■ Part of team that redesigned contract management workflows to work with new/upgrade of work-management software (Passport v10); roll-out/training of Passport v10 to all operational units including TNMP; redesigned contract management workflows to work with upgrade of document management software system (DM) which included incorporation of calendaring software system (DocMinder); implemented electronic signing of contracts with eSigning software making Supply Chain paperless (reducing costs including off-site storage costs);

■ worked under very short deadline with HR, Legal, and Operations to design and implement a process to secure background checks and training of contractors’ employees to meet NERC physical security requirements; revised contract templates for Supply Chain; performed complete overhaul of signature authority policy and processes (simplifying the process and bringing it into compliance with SOX) as part of implementation of new enterprise-wide accounting software (PeopleSoft); performed compliance reporting on material contracts per Sarbanes-Oxley;

■ worked closely with A/Pay and Risk Management to resolve contract issues as they arose; and negotiated realty leases and rights-of-way agreements including provisions regarding hazardous materials/waste.

■ Under new Supply Chain reorg, led many large sourcing events for commodities utilized throughout the enterprise (such as credit cards, office supplies, and electric poles), and assisted with outsourcing agreements, as well as the RFP to secure a supplier to keep various warehouses, yards, and power plants stocked with hardware needed by work crews; implemented use of supplier score cards and regular meetings with such suppliers to ensure continuous improvement, negotiated numerous software licenses, including enterprise wide software licenses and hardware leases with OEM providers, IT technical support agreements, and prepared and submitted information for SOX reporting requirements;

■ prepared and filed patent assignments in USPTO, prepared and negotiated movie location agreements, assisted Sourcing Specialists with difficult negotiations including review of their contracts.

■ In 2009 PNM donated part of my time to assist New Mexico Highlands University with it’s Intellectual Property Policy redraft, select research agreement negotiations, and copyright issues.

Prinova Capital Group, Inc.

Intellectual Property Attorney & Deputy General Counsel

August 2001 – November 2002

Legal representation related to intellectual property issues, preparation and negotiation of all contracts, revision of existing contract templates, and policy/procedure development.

■ Specifically related to IT: negotiated software license agreements for client companies, drafted software license and technical support and services agreements and OEM agreements for client companies with software they created;

■ Developed a team based due diligence process to review all business aspects of client companies seeking financing/funding from Prinova Capital Group (PCG), with each team member presenting their findings to the team, and having the team develop strategies to address shortcomings in the client company’s business (such as ways to generate sales from non- and under- performing assets, aligning processes to client company’s financial goals, identifying and securing protection of intellectual property, etc), corrective actions which would reduce the amount of financing/funding actually required by the client company;

■ Assisted General Counsel: (i) to clear up portfolio of grade D auto loan paper held by publicly traded subsidiary Autolend, Inc., (ii) negotiate out of involuntary bankruptcy a bio-tech company, then restructure management and move it from Maryland to Albuquerque, (iii) negotiate and draft EPC contracts for (turn-key) construction of clean room facility for the newly restructured bio-tech company, and (iv) other tasks as assigned;

■ Prepared corporate formation filings, bylaws, and operating agreements for LLCs, partnerships, and corporations, as well as contracts such as NDAs, debt to equity exchanges, debt instruments, franchise arrangements, software development and sale/exchange of real and personal property agreements, turnarounds including bankruptcy turnaround arrangements, review of and correction of defects in realty title documents, preparation of movie financing arrangements, agreements for the Albuquerque Film Festival, and recording and appearance agreements;

■ Reviewed federal regulations to establish an SBIC, assisted in preparation of SBIC funding application, worked with team on venture capital funding through an SBIC, and reviewed proposed federal legislation relating to financing arrangements;

■ Revised PCG’s existing agreements and policies, including factoring agreements, developed management procedures for tracking PCG’s equity and other interests in client companies, business consulting activities, team assignments, and provided back-up to General Counsel; and

■ Reviewed and negotiated various music license and arrangement agreements, and artists’ agreements.

Cates & Hammel, PC


September 2000 – March 2001

Legal representation of clients on business contracts, software license and development agreements, authorship and copyright agreements for musicians and artists, and consumer finance arrangements;

Negotiated the resolution of a trademark dispute between a client and the NFL;

Performed legal research for senior partners on federal civil rights, employment, and title IX cases; and

Drafted/lobbied state legislature on IP legislation, which Governor Johnson signed into law March 2001.

University of New Mexico

Associate University Counsel/Patent Administrator

May 1993 – August 2000


Contracts. Drafting and negotiation of: sponsored research agreements for main campus and Health Sciences Center including subcontracts, biological and chemical material transfer agreements, Contract Research Organization agreements, multi-party consortium agreements including NSA sponsored micro-engineered materials consortium agreements, leases of University labs and facilities to start-up companies, agreements for design-procurement-construction and management (EPCM) agreement and all software/hardware agreements for DoD funded super computer located on Maui and known as the Maui High Performance Computing Facility, software/hardware agreements for University’s IT Dept, NDAs, data ownership, consulting and settlement agreements, as well as development of contract templates for the Contract and Grant Administration Office, some agreements for KUNM and KNME (the University’s radio and TV stations), artist agreements for Tamarind Institute (artists institute), publishing, copyright and other agreements for libraries, agreements for the museums and archives, arrangements regarding assignment of intellectual property rights to the University’s Foundation, all patent, copyright and trademark license and assignment agreements.

Research Issues:

Advised Provost, VPs, and Contracts and Grants Office on legal issues related to tech transfer

and research, including compliance with federal and state laws and regulations governing sponsored research at a university, such as federal procurement regulations (i.e. FAR, DFAR, DEAR, ATR, DARPA, STTR, SBIR, OMB) including cost pricing analysis, use of human and animal subjects in research, conflict-of-interest in research, export controls, computer security, and reviewed proposed federal legislation and prepared/submitted public comment when necessary;

Negotiation of royalty bearing licenses of University (Health Sciences and Main campus)

patents (prior to formation of STC), copyrights, trademarks and other Intellectual Property (IP), management of University’s equity position in spin outs and start-up companies (prior to formation of STC), responsible for management of University owned IP, managing outside patent and trademark counsel, filing copyright registrations, filing assignments and maintenance payments with USPTO, preparation/issuance of cease and desist letters regarding University’s trademarks/logos, responding to copyright infringement claims under the DMCA, and resolution of issues involving the University’s incubator/ Research Park;

Advised Senior Administration on applicability of the New Mexico State procurement

regulations, use of university facilities by research sponsors and start-ups supported by the Research Park, trade secret laws, as well as investigation and supervision of litigation regarding unauthorized removal by former and terminated employees of data, technology, IP, and trade secrets;

As requested, advised other state agencies (i.e. State Game & Fish, State Highway Dept, Attorney General's office) on their intellectual property (IP) issues; and

Redrafted the University’s IP and associated policies to incorporate the Research Park’s tech

transfer operations and negotiated approval of these policies with the faculty; assisted with draft of University’s computer use policy; served as ex officio member of the Research Policy Committee, Conflict of Interest in Research Committee, and Faculty Senate; and acted as liaison between faculty and university’s incubator/Research Park.

Technology Transfer and Manage the Patent Administration Office (PAO):

managed administrative reviews of inventorship and other intellectual property disputes among University members, administrative rules and procedures for Research Office and standing committees;

provided regular training to: the Contract & Grant Administrators on contract negotiations, the

PAO staff on calendaring USPTO patent and trademark deadlines, management of IP files, confidentiality issues, and to departments and graduate student groups across the University on IP issues in research, fair use of copyrights, data rights, and computer security/misuse, and maintained a relationship with the UNM Law School to provide externships through the Clinical Law Program to UNM law students interested in IP law, and handled Inspection of Public Records Act requests for proprietary information;

directed and oversaw outside patent counsel on patent prosecutions before USPTO, and litigation before Federal and State Courts involving University owned IP;

for four years prior to the establishment of the Research Park, negotiated technology transfer agreements, including patent and copyright licenses for inventions, as well as other intellectual property developed by University faculty and grad students;

after formation of STC continued to negotiate copyright and trademark licenses, and secure trademarks for the university and managed compliance/oversight sending cease and desist letters to unauthorized users of these trademarks;

prepared annual reports, budgets for day-to-day operations, projections of future

patenting costs, and supervised accounting and distribution of royalty income;

Supervised management of the University’s patent, copyright, and trademark portfolios; and

Supervised PAO staff.

Legal Assistant to Patent Administrator

August 1991 to April 1993

Under supervision of Patent Administrator reviewed Contract and Grant terms and conditions, handled filing documents with the USPTO, prepared and filed maintenance fee documents, assignments, declarations with USPTO. Provided training to Contract & Grant Administrators. Performed legal research and prepared briefing memos regarding copyright and trademark issues as they arose.


Juris Doctor 1991 (Diploma)

University of New Mexico School of Law, Albuquerque, NM 87103

B.S. Physics / B.A. Mathematics 1983 (Diplomas)

New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM 87701

*also completed course work in 4 computer languages (BASIC, COBOL, PASCAL, FORTRAN)

Licenses/Special Accomplishments

Member in good standing of the NM State Bar (NM Licensed Attorney)

Arbiter on various cases for 2nd Judicial District Court – Court Alternatives program

Spot Award for excellent work in upgrading EMCORE’s policies and procedures

Lobbied NM State Legislature for passage of a state intellectual property bill, which was passed unanimously. Then worked with Governor’s Office to get the bill signed into law. The bill became law in July 2002; it is 57-3C-1 et seq., NMSA 1978 as amended.

Guest speaker at various training seminars held in Albuquerque regarding ownership and protection of IP

Held “Top Secret” clearance while at Mission Research Corp

While at NOAA co-author on paper published in the International Climate Proceedings held in

Meudon France in 1985, as well as two technical reports published by NOAA

Fluent in Spanish

Studied French for three (3) years in High School, and minored in French in undergraduate.


Technology Division of the Alb. Downtown Action Team (2001-2002)

Not-for-profit organization of downtown Albuquerque’s business owners interested in promoting redevelopment and business and growth.

WESST Corp (2001-2003)

Not-for-profit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship among women and minorities having low to moderate incomes by providing access to low interest business loans, business education and training programs.

Tapetes De Lana (2004-2006)

Not-for-profit that provided weaving and other craft training to persons in rural areas of the state.

San Miguel Del Bado Land Grant (2009-Present)

On pro-bono basis, provide legal support to Board of Trustees of the San Miguel Del Bado Land Grant. The land grant became a political subdivision of the State of New Mexico in 2009, and is subject to all state laws and regulations applicable to state entities. However, the land grant does not have taxing authority, nor does it receive funding from the state. I assist with governance and board meeting protocols, Open Meetings Act requirements, Inspection of Public Records Act requirements and responding to requests for documents, responding to requests for accounting from DFA and State Auditor’s Office, and election issues, as well as negotiation with other entities and any other issues as they arise.

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