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Director of Hardware(System) Engineering

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
August 16, 2018

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David Dae Hyun Sim

**** *. ******* ** #*

Ellicott city, MD 21042

MP : 410-***-**** Skype ID : dhsim2000심-대현-a044b450 DIRECTOR OF SYSTEM ENGINEERING


System engineering program director in which IoT devices/platform and their software solutions development and commercialization (validation) are carried out. Owning deep technical knowledge in the fields of wireless transceiver design, IoT devices hardware development and relevant software solutions development, and rich experience in management in the fields, specifically,

Supervising advanced R&D projects related to IoT devices/platform

Planning technology roadmap, commercial delivery and IPR generation

Managing budget, resource and schedule based upon business goals QUALIFICATION SUMMARY

■ Retaining technical expertise ranging from components, devices and their software

- Broad experiences in advanced development of new features for IoT devices, such as requirement/specification generation and validation process. Also holding a degree in IC design.

- Familiarity in commercialization processes by supplying deliverables with software such as Platform stack, apps and UI from prototypes. Hands-on experiences in electrical and software debugging. Experiences in service components such as LAMP stack, open source and Cloud-based

■ Goal-oriented work attitude

- Schedule and quality-deliverables oriented planning and execution capability by securing resources and management skills. Habitual never missing targets.

■ Strong human management and communication skills and experience over 200 people

- Experience in management either engineers or administration staffs. Familiarity in recruitment, Promotion( salary negotiation and retention ), resignation cycle management

- Experience as a Managing director overseas R&D center over 200 headcounts, supporting either HQ or regional customers such as telecom and broadcasting operators – B2B2C

■ Design Tools and Skills

- Cadence Composer/Spectre-RF/Virtuoso/Diva, ADS, Simulink/Matlab, AutoCAD

- Programming Language : C/C++, VHDL, Behavior Modelling tools

- Service System and Requirement Generation/Validation, Software/Hardware Platform Architecture and their IDEs

- Wireless cellular communication system architecture such as WCDMA and OFDM WORK EXPERIENCE

ICT Center, KESCO Sept.2017 – Jul. 2018

Director – Public(Electricity) Safety Platform and IoT devices Development

■ IoT device implementation

- LoRa/NB-IoT-based current leakage sensor

■ Device management and analytics platform build

- OneM2M – MQTT protocol-based implementation

- RDB and real-time DB implementation – monitoring and maintenance

- Statistical package and alarm learning for analytics Sung Kyun Kwan University Jan. 2016 – Sept.2017

Professor - Industry collaboration and relation in IoT projects( devices and analytics platform ) Samsung Electronics Jan. 2015 – Dec. 2015

Team Leader, Advanced Device Team in DMC R&D

■ Planning next generation smartphone solution and strategy( Android-based )

- Define future smartphone technologies and solutions

- Needs and UX analysis, requirement and specifications generation

- Set-level PoC (Flexible display, wearable, complex diagnostic equipment, etc.)

■ Technology securing and acquirement( development and validation )

- Hardware: Magnetic resonance wireless charging, pen/touch IC, Ultrasonic transceiver IC

- Software: remote diagnostic solutions, remote virtual reality solutions (sharing, streaming, billing, smart phones / telepresence robot / drone linked) Key Achievements

■ Magnetic resonance wireless charging solution

- Resonators and standard-based control ICs development

- Performance testing embedded on target (Galaxy) and transferring technology

■ IC Solutions

- Pen/touch IC and combined film for both pen and touch interfaces developed and verified on target devices( Galaxy )

- An ultrasonic transceiver and ADC development for world's smallest portable diagnostics

■ Software solutions

- Cloud-based remote diagnostic solution: Pre-commercial North America field trial

- Remote Virtual Reality Streaming Solution : VR working with IoT devices( tele- robot/drones/smart phones)

Samsung Electronics Jan. 2012 – Dec. 2014

Managing director, Poland R&D

■ European telecommunication/broadcasting operators (each over 120 companies) localization and technical support

- Operator-specific software customization and configuration

- Field-test on flagship/mass-production models verification

■ Europe and global software development

- Smartphone: RCS solution, Tizen software platform (kernels, API, browser, etc.), DCM

- Smart TV: TV MW, natural language processing engine, LFD/printer B2B solution

- Set-top box: Europe/North America set-top software development, MW-CAS import

- 3G BTS NMS/OAM software development

Key Achievements

■ Restructuring regional field-test organization into global software development organization

■ Building B2B development organization

- KNOX(mobile), LFD(CE), Cloud print solutions

- Europe and Russia B2B business support

Samsung Electronics Jan. 2010 – Dec. 2011

Lab leader, Convergence Applications Lab in Software Center

■ DLNA-based AllShare platform development

- AllShare stack development and OS-specific customization

- Convergence APPs and UI development

- All-share-based Mirror Link platform( connected car ) and Apps development

■ Smart home platform development( connected home )

- Open-source Linux-based smart home platform stacks development

- Smart home application development: CE/accessory devices control, smartphones/TV interface, sync and local/remote media streaming features,

- Smart home hardware development: Multi- connectivity ( WiFi/BT/Zigbee ) built-in AP, NAS Key Achievements

■ AllShare – mounted Samsung devices launched

- Additional features such as remote monitoring for robot vacuum cleaner for smart home and payment client/gateway for Galaxy tablet( SE and RFID ) technology development initiated. Samsung Electronics Jan. 2005 – Dec. 2009

Project Leader, Next generation terminals Lab Telecommunication R&D center

■ Next mobile phones technology/product planning and development( product engineering )

- Set-level PoC & prototyping : mobile broadcast (DVB-H) receiver phone, projector-mounted phone (Galaxy beam), watch/wearable phones, UWB with AR glasses, Dual camera with 3D display phone

- Hardware/software requirements and specs generation for new features

- Feature-specific WPAN connectivity verification such as WiFi and Zigbee

- Commercialization support for PoC projects deliverables and exhibition( CTIA, 3GSM )

- PoC on Context-aware engine( rule-based learning ) for mobiles Samsung Electronics Jan. 1993 – Dec. 2004

Senior engineer, MODEM R&D Team in Telecommunication R&D center

■ WiMax( OFDM ) transceiver architecture design

- Tx/Rx chain design : spectrum mask, receiver sensitivity, etc

- Transceiver RF FE high-level IC design

- MODEM FE( DAGC/I-Q balancing/sync recovery) block design

■ Wireless transceiver for CDMA BTS Development

- Rx chain circuits ( discrete, PCB-level )design

- World's first commercialization of CDMA BTS( ’95 )

- World's first commercialization of PCS outdoor BTS( ’97 ) EDUCATION BACKGROUND

Ph.D, Electrical Engineering 2002

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

VLSI Analog and Mixed Signal Group - CMOS RFIC

Teaching(mixed signal- ADC/DAC test) Assistant

M.S, Electrical Engineering 1992

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Microwave Engineering, Microstrip antenna

B.S, Electrical Engineering 1989

Sung Kyun Kwan University, Seoul, Korea


Good command of English in reading, writing & speaking OTHERS

■ Papers and patents

- "MiRE: A Minimal Rule Engine for Context-aware Mobile Devices," 3rd IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management 2008, November 2008, Changbai Choi, Insuk Park, Soon J. Hyun, Dongman Lee, and David Hyun Sim.

- "CMOS I / Q demodulator using a high-isolation and linear mixer for 2GHz operation," IEEE RFIC Symposium 2004.

- "Trend and Issues in Academic Research – Technical Aspects of Smart Phones," Korean National Academy of Science 2017.

- 22 US patents(IP) granted: US 8830888, US 8755593, US 8615197, US 8577100, etc

■ Award: NCBiR Grant Project (POIG.01.04.00-14-160 / 12), Apprx, U.S $ 10M

- EU grant

- Project Title: "Construction of converged ecosystems family of products SMART"

■ Co-op engineer, AAP - TI - Dallas, 2000

- WCDMA BTS digital I / Q modulator verification logic design (FPGA)

■ 6Sigma- BB(BB-0702506-SEC) and SLP certificate(short MBA @Samung Electronics 2011) VISA status

■ Permanent resident( green card holder References be available upon your request

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