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Engineer Project

August 13, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

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Current location: -Palakollu Andhra Pradesh India Nationality: Indian Email: Passport No: R2390120 Permanent Contact Number in India: +91-898*******

Senior Project Engineer (Telecommunications)

Professional Senior Project Engineer with 13 years of experience with various leading telecom industries of the country.

Respected leader of creative teams, telecom divisions Conceptualize and orchestrate telecom projects with a very high success rate.

Expert in the technical, conceptual and content development of Project-driving collateral. Proven ability to drive record-high project delivery response rates and execute project smoothly in time. Skills and Expertise

Project Planning & Management

Project documentation

Creative Team Leadership

Client Onsite Maintenance training

Troubleshooting technical

Technical support to sales team at

tender stage

Capable of adopting modern


Understanding project scope of work

as per tender documents.

Key player in project execution &

system integration.

Accepting new challenges

Ability to work under pressure

Multitasking capability

Awards & Certifications:

Awarded with Cisco Certification (CCNA) in 2005 in India.

Awarded with Motorola’s Certification for Tetra Dimetra IP Micro (DIPM) Accreditation in 2009 Oman.

Awarded with SITTI Certification for Voice Communication (VCS) systems for Air Traffic Controller from SITTI in 2016, Italy, Europe. Curriculum Vitae

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Trainings Attended:

Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) in 2005, Nagpur, India.

Motorola’s Tetra Dimetra IP Micro (DIPM) in 2009 Oman.

Motorola Digital Mototrbo’s technical training in 2008, Dubai, UAE.

Motorola Digital Mototrbo’s technical training in 2009, Dubai, UAE.

Motorola Analog Radio truning & Converntional technical training in 2010, Kuwait.

Motorola Digital & Analog Radio technical training in 2011, Muscat, Oman.

SITTI Operational & maintenance training (Voice communications system (VCS) for Air Traffic Control Voice Communication System) in 2016 Milan, Italy, Europe. Major Projects Executed Successfully:

1. Successfully completed FM1 project of projected value of 0.7million Rial Omani, involving Jampro multichannel combiners, Nautel transmitters like NV5LT (1+1) system redundancy design) along with Program input equipment (PIE) for Public Authorities of Radio and TV

(Oman) in 2014-2015.

2. Successfully completed FM2 project of projected value of 1million Rial Omani, involving Jampro 4 channel combiners, Nautel transmitters (NV10LT, NV5LT, VS2.5, VS 1) of various configurations like 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 system redundancy design along with program input equipment (PIE) involving RDS, with automatic changeover from main audio source from fiber optic to satellite as secondary redundancy in case of any failure from the main audio. Execute this project for Public Authorities of Radio and TV (Oman) in 2015-2016. 3. Successfully completed data transportation from old to new Royal Air Force to Oman Airbase project value of 100K Rial Omani involving radar data, telephone lines, hot lines other military encrypted data from Old Airport airbase to New Muscat Airport airbase through a single mode fiber link with redundant link (approx. 7Km) involving multiplexers with redundancy solution for Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) in 2016. 4. Successfully completed Air Base project of value 1.7millions Rial Omani involving integration of SITTI MultiFono M800 IP based Air Traffic Controller Voice communication system (VCS) along with 22Nos console controller working positions (CWP’s) integrated with Rhode & Schwartz radio with remote control units including 4 guard RX receivers, Digital Motorola’s Mototrbo trunking radios system involving 3 channel repeater combining system, ICOM base radios and analog telephone line as well as IP based PABX for entire base of Royal Airforce of Oman at Adam in 2017.

5. Successfully completed Air Base project of value of 1.6million Rial Omani with SITTI MultiFono IP Based M800 ATC Voice Communication System (VCS) at Musanna Airbase for Royal Air Force of Oman. (2017)

6. Successfully completed Digital Motorola’s Mototrbo trunking project of value 150K Rial Omani by connected 6 various located sites through 6 DR3000 Repeaters through IP site connect through microwave link also involving Mobiles DM3601, Curriculum Vitae

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DP3601 handheld radios and tracking software to track the construction vehicles for one of the Giant Construction company Astaldi-Ozkar BIDBID- SUR road project in Oman in 2010- 2011

7. Successfully completed analog radio communication infrastructure project of value 100k Rial Omani involving solution to communication inside and outside ship communication with analog repeater MTR3000, GP340 handheld radios, DM340 base radios for Duqum Drydock at Duqum in 2011

8. Successfully completed Digital Motorola’s Mototrbo trunking infrastructure project of value 150K Rial Omani including 4 channel DR3000 Repeater combiner system, DM3600 Mobile/ Base, intrinsically safe DP3600 handheld radio including tracking software for monitoring of trucks or vehicles inside plant for Sohar Aluminium Smelter Plant at Sohar Industrial area, Oman in 2009-2010.

My Responsibilities/ Role in the Organizations:

As a Senior lead Project Engineer am responsible for the execution of various projects those are assigned, project planning, project designing, understanding the SOW of entire project, preparing project documentation, supporting workshop team in fault finding in the equipment received for repair and return. Coordinating with the Principals for any major equipment related issues. Supporting sales team in preparing new proposals at the time of tender stage. Maintaining close relationship with major clients like Air Force of Oman, Royal Oman Police, Public Authorities of Civil Aviation, Public Authorities of Radio & TV, and other public and private sectors in order to generate some more additional new requirements.

Professional Experience:

OHI Telecommunication Co. LLC, October 2014 – January 2018, Muscat, Oman. Worked with OHI Telecommunication as a Sr. Project Engineer/Lead Engineer with OHI telecommunication LLC (One of the Giant integrator in Oman) Part of Oman Holding International Group of Companies, Muscat, Oman. Radiant Technology LLC, SEP 2012- OCT 2014, Muscat-Oman. Worked with Radiant Technology LLC as an Sr. Engineer responsible for Projects related to Wireless communication, FM Broadcasting, Sultanate of Oman. Waleed Communication Co. (WACOM) Ltd (Omar Zawawi Group of Companies) OCT 2008- SEPT 2012. Muscat, Oman.

Worked as a Sr. Engineer (Projects) with Waleed Communication Co. (WACOM) Ltd (Omar Zawawi Group of Companies), Sultanate of Oman

Apex Mobile Telecommunication LLC- JUNE 2007-JUNE 2008, Muscat, Oman. projects experience with Apex Mobile Telecommunication LLC as a data Engineer/team leader for Sultanate of Oman. (Asset Management Project for Oman Mobile Telecommunication LLC.) Sutherland Global Services- OCT 2006-MAY 2007, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India US-Client Non-Voice Online Support Engineer for Microsoft XP & Vista troubleshooting various issue like compatibility, third party software errors occurring in the system. A.R. COMMUNICATIONS VENDOR OF TATA TELESERVICES (TTML), Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

Curriculum Vitae

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BTS Site Engineer, OCT 2004- OCT 2006.

Maintenance of telecom Motorola BTS sites of around 20+ sites, involving troubleshooting of various BTS related technical issues like E1, and RF POWER testing like forward power, VSWR, reflection to make sure power divider, cable and patch panel antennas are fine, while troubleshooting coordinating with the MCR to make sure that the site is back to normal state, generate report for each and every problems at the site.

Expertise in Technologies/ Software

Communication: ATC communication, FM Broadcasting, Wireless communication, Telecommunications.

MS Windows : MS Project, MS Visio, MS Office (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint). Education:


Bachelor of Computer Application, BCA (PART TIME TWO YEARS COURSE). Portfolio on Request Available for immediate joining

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