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Materials Engineer/ Technical Sales

Burlingame, California, United States
August 14, 2018

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Senior Year undergraduate student looking for challenging and exciting work in the domain of marketing and sales. Education

Bachelors in Materials Science Engineering (B.S.) Graduated: June’18 University of California, Irvine


Experienced in: Competitive analysis, customer interaction, data collection, presentation design, target audience identification, working with large/remote teams.

Software: Excel (data analysis/visualization), Powerpoint, iWork, Matlab, SolidWorks (Part Builder/Design Tool), ANSYS Simulation Software.

Technical skills: Synthesis and characterization of advanced polymers, ceramics and semiconductors. analysis of electrochemical, optical and biochemical properties of crystalline and amorphous solids. Lab Equipment: Scanning electron microscope, Optical hot stage microscope, Contact angle goniometer, FTIR spectrometer, DMA tester, Laser cutter, 3D printers.

Work Experience

Marketing Intern - Pentair Thermal Management, Redwood City July’17 - Sept’17

• Surface Snow Melting Project

Conducted market research into expanding Raychem electric heat tracing cables into surface snow melting industries.

Designed a questionnaire and interviewed ~70 engineers in US and Canada and collated their responses on snow melting technologies.

Presented action items to senior management at Pentair Thermal, which were subsequently implemented by the Sales Organization to better market their products.

• FrostGuard De-Icing Project

Analyzed current methods of pipe freeze protection in the farm and fleet industry and independently identified FrostGuard as a high potential replacement over existing technology.

Evaluated historical market data for small to medium farm and garden supply stores, and worked with the marketing team to pitch the roof and gutter de-icing product to those outlets. Materials Science Intern - Bay Materials, Silicon Valley July’15 - Sep’15

• Zendura Project

Characterized the solubility parameters of a commercial acrylic polymer syrup (Poly-methyl-methacrylate in methyl-methacrylate) with Zendura - a proprietary thermo-plastic polymer used for orthodontics.

Evaluated multiple solvents though stress cracking, and determined the solvent mix with the highest bond strength and least damage to Zendura base.

• Fish Tank pH Control Project

Developed a pH control system for large fish tanks that used small quantities of ion exchange resins to improve water environment.

Plotted pH titration curves and determined the resins that were most resistant to pH change, thereby improving chemical balance. Undergraduate Projects

Mobile Makerspace Therapy for Pediatric Inpatients Sep’17 – June’18

• Conducted in collaboration with the Children Hospital of Orange County

• Designed a motorized mobile unit with interactive technology to engage and energize children with extended hospital stays

• Iteratively refined the initial prototype based on testing and feedback from beta users to best service their interests

• Researched the healthcare market to assess the suitability of the mobile unit for patients in different settings Economic Analysis of Materials in Flow Batteries - Prof. Julie Schoenung Research Group Jan’18 – June’18

• Analyzed the economics costs for new materials being proposed for giant flow batteries slated for use in large power grids.

• Conducted life-cycle analysis of different batteries to understand the economic and environmental impact of the processes involved in material extraction, manufacturing and recycle at large scale.

• Investigated the cost-efficiency trade offs to be made for flow batteries as they scale from small to large applications in the industry. Corrosion Testing of Metal Alloys - Prof. Daniel R. Mumm Research Group Jan’16 – Jan’17

• Worked in collaboration with the US Navy and Rolls Royce to study corrosion failure mechanisms in metal alloys used in ships

• Tested metal alloy pins provided in a burner rig under high temperature and high corrosion environment

• Used a drill press, sputter coater, grinder/polisher and vacuum chamber to prepare samples from the metal alloy pins

• Evaluated samples using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to determine the extent of oxidation

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