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Customer Service Truck

Cicero, Indiana, United States
August 10, 2018

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Gordon Marketing Noblesville, In April 2013 – June 2014

o My job was to make phone calls to individuals and ask make appointments for our licensed representatives to go and speak with them about their current health insurance. If someone was interested then I set up a time and place. After I got off the phone I then would open up my spreadsheet and put in the agent's name, the individuals name, the time and where it was located.

Wendy’s Noblesville, In February 2014 - June 2014 o My job was to greet each customer when they walked in the door of the dining room. I would then take their order. Then I would help get all of the food for that order. Once everything was ready to go, it would be put on the tray and served to the customer. I would then check my counter and the dining room for things that need stocked and I would go to the back to get the items and then stock them. While I was doing that I would check on my customers and see if they needed anything. By the end of my shift I normally would go sweep and vacuum the floor, clean the counters and tables to make sure it is ready for the next shift.

Follet Terre Haute, In January 2015 – March 2015 o My job was to process orders for Ivy tech online. I would start by scanning a picked order and pull up the information on the computer and making sure everything the customer ordered was ready to go. After I did that, I would print out a shipping label. I would then hand the order and the label over to the packer and he or she would pack the order and it would be on its way.

Terre Haute, In March 2015 – February 2015 o My job was to make sure our customers had a good experience at our store by ringing their items up in a timely manner. I would also check with them and make sure they had everything they needed. Once I got my line down or had no customers I would straighten up my register by facing product and checking expiration dates, and I would clean my register and stock the bags etc..

Amazon Plainfield, In March 2016 – September 2016 o I was responsible for sending our extra pallets of fright to other Amazon buildings. My job was to virtually send the pallets information to the other building buy scanning it all into the computer. Then once I got all of that done I would go get me a forklift and go and load the fright onto the truck

Allisonville Meadows Fishers, In February 2017 – April 2017 o My responsibilities started once I would clock in. I would start my shift by checking on all of the residents. If they needed something I got it for them or helped them with it. Then I would see who needed what done for that day as far as scheduled tasks. I would then get them ready for their activities. After that I would check on all the residents again, too make sure everybody was still doing okay. When it came time for dinner I would help the residents get up for dinner and get them dressed if need be. If someone needed help eating I would help them. Once dinner was over I would get everyone back to their rooms, a few hours later. I would start getting people down for bed and make sure they were comfortable for the night

Noblesville, In June 2017 – November 2017 o My job is to help get the truck or truck unloaded. We take it off the line according to each department. Once we are done with the truck we will then take some of the fright out the floor and start to stock it. After we get that stocked will eventually go on to a different department. When we are done stocking we eventually will go and pull the pallets of new fright to the floor. When we are done with that we go back to stocking.

Uncle Bills Fishers, In March 2018 – July 2018

o My job was to great customers as they came in a d as they left. Provide them with answers if they asked any questions or needed help. If I didn’t know the answer I would direct them to someone who would. I helped them check out and make sure they had everything they came in for. I kept the front of the store clean and made sure the store cat was taken care of every shift I worked.

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