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Engineer Engineering

Farmington, Michigan, United States
August 12, 2018

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Over * year’s Experience in different industries as a design engineer, product development engineer and project management.

Recent experience in Design and Development of Rotatory IC Engine & Sterling Engine Powertrain Systems, Kinematic Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Battery Systems, Electronic System, Wiring System Harness.

Created DFMEA, DVP&R, BOM, GD&T and engineering timeline including action plans for issue resolution and product validation.

Hands-on experience in using 3D printer, manual tools, lathe, water Jet machinery, welding, stamping in building working prototypes.

Technical Skills:

Designing Tools - CREO, Solid Works, Catia V5, Inventor, Solid Edge, NX, Auto CAD

Simulation Tools – Matlab-Simulink, Ansys, Abaqus, LS Dyna, Creo Simulate, Autodesk Circuits.

Data Analysis Tools- ATI Vision

Programming Languages- C/C++, Java, Python, CNC programming

Office Tools- PowerPoint, Excel, Word, One Note, SAP, Team Center.

Professional Experience:

Product Development Engineer- Integra Technologies LLC August 2017-Present

Designed special machinery and new products using Inventor from concept/ideas, built and developed working prototypes until product went to manufacturing setting.

Research and experimented new materials, machinery, motors, cooling systems, compressors, electro mechanical components, sensors and selected manufacturing method, material, machinery or even supplier selection based upon the results.

Developed accurate molding, cutting and sewing operation methodologies with specifications encompassing sketches and/or detailed pictures in conjunction with written details.

Did Design feasibilities, optimized cost associated and provide standardization in operational terminologies and techniques used to develop product specifications based upon the manufacturer’s requirements.

Verified designed parts and drawings by utilizing GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance), design & drafting standards for various implants & instruments.

Coordinated with the lead mechanical design engineer and technical project lead to develop engineering evaluation plan

Chaired Weekly Meetings with Designers, Materials Services, Pattern Graders and Sample Makers and Molding to solve problems and focus attention onto the product details for continuity.

Regular mechanical equipment checks are done for safety, maintenance and production consideration.

Also reviewed the testing & technical reports created for design verification and participated in creating new testing procedures and protocols.

Worked with a cross-functional team involving Quality Assurance, Regulatory, Manufacturing, and Brand Management for the design reviews of various tools and instruments.

New Product Development Engineer- Sefton Motors July2016-July2017

Researched and accomplished a total project of developing and building a new type of Stirling Engine from scratch to working prototype to manufacturing.

Designed, Calibrated and Developed a 2kw complete Stirling engine along with different external combustion systems- wood, propane, diesel and solar as heat sources.

Researching on multi fuel based rotatory Disc IC engine, designed special compression and combustion chamber and calibrated the maximum torque vs RPM with different set of compressed air fuel combination.

Designed powertrain systems of the engine using CATIA V5, Solid works, Solid Edge and Inventor.

Did engineering analysis on the design of every component to measure stress/strain, thermal and NVH values using Abaqus.

Prepared a 5 types of engine prototype along with combustion chamber and tested varying different values and conditions, experimenting to find the optimal safe value of components in the engine with efficiency.

Hands-on installed & tested engine components such as displacers, engine body, piston & kinematic links, regen mesh, rubber/ Teflon sealants, heat shields, water cooling hoses and tubes, electronic sensors etc.

Investigated equipment design failures & difficulties to diagnose faulty operation of the engine and made necessary recommendations to the team.

Casted Prototype components of IC engine and tested its working with diesel and external compressed air.

Designed, built and assembled new air induction and exhaust system for optimal air flow with heat convection to the combustion chamber.

Designed, developed and made prototype of a new Hydraulic CVT system using 3D printer.

Developed ECU functioning of the engine by programming via data received by Temp sensor, Flame sensor etc and assisted in the designing of engine wire harness and PCB layout.

Transformed a BLDC motor of ebike into generator/motor for Stirling engine and is controlled by ECU.

Performed DOE analysis and created NPI, CPI, DFMEA, DVP&R, BOM, GD&T and engineering timeline including action plans for issue resolution and product validation.

Project Engineer – ARS Constructions July 2012-Feb 2015

Assisted drafters in developing the structural design of products using drafting tools and CAD drafting equipment and software by using software’s Solid works, CATIA, Auto CAD, CREO.

Created engineering print packages, allocated job requests and APQP projects and supported NPI and CPI issues resolution in manufacturing large structures of steel components

Designed fabrication process to implement cost optimization techniques with material reduction.

Designed using CATIA and built movable hydraulic operated trailer to commute heavy load of 1-2 ton cylindrical structures like rollers, within the work space of construction site.

Created BOM, GD&T and engineering timeline action plans in designing and construction.

Lead the maintenance team in managing, scheduling, purchasing of the machinery, tools, HVAC and Hydraulic Pneumatic systems.

Managed the project team including any subcontractors and ensured Projects is executed timely as agreed standards & processes.

Design & Production Engineer - Charoen Pokphand India P Ltd Jan 2012-Jun 2012

Research and evaluate production line and flow, including to check inventory, availability of raw material & men for smooth operation.

Designed Mixing Machinery, Cyclone converter, Hydraulic pump & Gate Valves, HVAC units, Hot Chamber gaskets and sealants using AutoCAD, PRO E.

Developed schedules for maintenance of processing machinery, Air compressors, Diesel Generators, Air Conditioning systems and manage the team assigning the work to each individual.

Reverse Engineering Machinery using AutoCAD 3D, CREO and Estimated costs and submit bids for engineering, construction and maintenance.


Volo One Engine July 2016- December 2017

Worked on development of engine powertrain to increase its efficiency to double from 1kw to 2kw by increasing the baseline pressure in the system.

Performed flow analysis of heat transfer using Abaqus between Hot End to Cold end the engine and calculated the net heat absorbed by the regenerative displacer in the engine and modified the design of displacer.

Investigated cooling methods and designed new water cooling system for the engine for effective cooling system decreasing the engine working delta temperature to below 450 F.

Analyzed and calibrated engine performance for fuel consumption and energy produced with different of types of fuels (heat Source).

Worked on design of kinematics using inventor for the engine to convert Flywheel system to Spring Controlled system. Performed design analysis to find and counter the load potential on the spring design.

Disk IC Engine and Transmission: January 2016- Present

Working on design concept of Disc model IC (rotatory engine) multi fuel Engine and Disk Hydraulic CVT system.

Aimed to develop and increase efficiency of Combustion in engine by using pre-compressed air into a closed chamber.

Designed Inlet and exhaust manifold for direct insertion of compressed air and reburn exhaust system using solid edge.

Designed a combustion chamber for optimal combustion and selected exhaust valve position with special design in Exhaust system using CATIA.

Designed Induction Air Compression system similar to that jet engine adding a special turbocharger to work with optimal energy and produced greater compression ratio of air.

Designed to build for multi fuel with simple change in compression ratio and calibrated the engine efficiency for both diesel and gas.

Developed a design for Disc Hydraulic CVT to obtain optimal gear ratio by means of fluid and simple rotatory parts directly connected to engine and Hydraulic actuators. This could easily be transferred to stick based transmission by simply pumping the fluid in discs for desired transmission ratio.

Battery - Electric Vehicle January 2017- May2017

Using Matlab-Simulink, the performance of Chevy Bolt EV propulsion system is simulated.

Calculated the energy consumption rate considering specifications of vehicle’s motor, battery systems, body weight and torque produced by the motor comparing with other powertrain units available.

Simulated the HIL systems under different EPA drive cycle and Studied about Bolt EV claims regarding its range, battery life consumption and compared the critical changes done to its system for its long range of the vehicle.

Designed & Created circuit simulation of BUCK-BOOST converters (DC-DC converters)

Studied about EV, HEV architectures, internal components, CAN BUS systems, OBD codes, AC-DC convertors, Battery Systems, heating systems, Invertors and generators.

Optical Measurement – Shearography- Metal Forming Analysis: January 2017- May2017

Researched, studied & experimented the Optical Measurement analysis & Non-Destructive Testing Techniques.

Studied on metal forming effects and methods to calculate stress/strain relations using Optics

Studied and calculated Supersonic flight material failures, the strength and defects of material of honeycomb structure while loading and to temperature changes in a lab setup.

This involves DIC, Holography, Sherography to compare the results of each testing and develop advance material testing.

Intelligent Tire System (I-TPMS): Aug 2015-Dec 2015

Designed of advance Tire system which measures the terrain on which vehicle is moving considering factors of calculated load and forces on vehicle.

Selected sensor, equipment and energy requirement needed by collaborating with team, and also selecting & analyzing sensor position by simulating on different terrains using LS-Dyna.

Six Legged Electric Rover: June 2011-December 2011

Designed, developed and Built a Six legged Six wheel electric rover to move into unknown terrain base grounds assisted with small hand drill and mechanical arm.

Designed Vehicle Body units, chassis, electrical system, gear box, hydraulic system and suspension system of rover to move under complex terrains and to move in muddy conditions.

Tested the rover on agricultural fields terrain by wired control and to implement in seed planting.

Gravity Energy: June 2012- Present

Researched, Designed and developed two different gravity energy machines (working prototype) which works using gravity and buoyancy forces to form a new source of energy production.

This is an advanced new energy production system which could be made with basics components.

This uses no fuel; gravitational force is the fuel for this machine-like wind force for wind turbines.

Quadrocopter: June 2010-March 2011

Researched and built working prototype of mechanical Quadrocopter is made as final project at the college for my graduation from idea to product.

Designed gear box using Inventor for the copter as it works with mechanical elements mainly where engine lies at the center and power is transmitted to propellers using belt and pulleys.

Analyzed and applied concepts of flight mechanics of copter to stabilize and transmit torque from central gear box to end propellers.

Studied and selected components for the automated flight control and further analyzed to make it as complete autonomous.

Anti-Gravity Pen: December 2010

Researched, Designed & Manufactured a low cost anti-gravity pen which works mechanically using spring forced piston. Software Used- AutoCAD and Inventor.

Made from Own Idea to Product at a cost of 5$ and we can refill with normal ball-pen ink to this pen.


A working "Anti-Gravity Pen" is made and presented for college event at Chadalawada Ramanamma Engineering College 2010

Designed and manufactured my first machine “Borewell Life Saver” from my idea to save a life by successfully leading a team and made live presentation of its quick & easy manufacturing and working at an college event at Chadalawada Ramanamma Engineering College 2009.

Participated in IIT Kanpur & Khargpur fests with my Gravity Energy and Electric Rover working models, presenting the live demonstration of my machine and their working principles. (2012,2013)


Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI August 2015 - May 2017

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, GPA: 3.24/4

Andhra University college of Engineering, Visakhapatnam, INDIA Oct 2012 – Dec 2014

Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (Thesis remaining) GPA:7.8/10

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Tirupati, INDIA Oct 2007 - May 2011

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, GPA: 3.45/4

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