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quality, R&D, Technical support, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
July 31, 2018

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Tamer Mostafa Ahmed Gomaa

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, IQF, Quality America

Personal Information

Personal Data:

Name: Tamer Mostafa Ahmed Gomaa

Tel. Number: 260 66 716 - 46043845

Mobile Number: 010******** - 010********

Birth Date: 15/3/1978

Address 1: Building30 - youth housing100 meters - El Shorouk City – Cairo – Egypt Address 2: 21 El-Gazair St., El-Taawn City, Shoubra El-Khaiema – kaliobeya – Egypt E-Mail Address:

Nationality: Egyptian

Marital Status: Married, have three sons

Military State: Exempt

Driving License: I have driving license & Own a car Educational Data:

Graduation: B.Sc. Of Special Chemistry, Faculty of Science, June 2001 Ain Shams University. By Grade GOOD”


High Studies:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Now i am studying Master of Quality Management, a branch of MBA at Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT).

Master Degree in chemistry:

I have got a certificate of Pre-Master in "In Organic Chemistry" Faculty of Science, Cairo University. But I stopped because of problem of publication. I changed my academic study orientation to Business Administration which is more realistic and aligned with my work nature.

Diploma in chemistry:

Diploma of “Applied Organic Chemistry “Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University. 2002

Certifications & Courses

Lean Six sigma Black Belt:

Certified from International Quality Federation “IQF”, Quality America Inc., Business excellence consultancy, LOGIC center

Diploma in Total Quality Management (TQM):

Internal Auditor for ISO 9001: 2008 documented from Ain Shams University.

The Development of Supervision and Leadership Skills: Professional Management Expertise Center (PMEC).

Master Trainer in Ceramic Industry:

TEVET Center, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Sequencing of Ceramic Industrial Processing,

National Research Center.

Computer Skills:

ICDL Certified, Good dealing with office package. 3/6


1- Agriculture Research Center in Pesticide lab. Center, Formulation Dept. 2- Petroleum Research Institute, in (core lab.)

3- National Research Center in Textile Polymer, Dyes & Pesticide Departments. 4- Petroleum Pipelines Co. in Chemistry Labs., In Liq. Products Lab., Gas products lab., Control pipelines lab. & Research & development lab. 5- Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Conferences and workshops in new materials for energy storage and conversions.

Work & Experience

Arkan Manufacturing & Mining for glass frit & glazes “glass coating of ceramic tiles”

Director of Laboratories and Quality Sector from 7/2015 up to 4/2018

Technical support & Marketing Manager from 3/2014up to 6/2015

Business Development Manager from 5/2011 up to 2/2014

Activities during attendant jobs :

Leading and participating in the following activities: Lab and Quality Control activities

1- Evaluation of incoming material conformities chemically and physically. 2- Evaluation of Products conformities.

R&D activities

3- Formulation of glazes and establishing computer program of oxide percent and Segar-Formula Calculations.,, oxide – recipe formula conversions,, 4- Searching and introducing new materials and alternatives suitable for production. 5- Developing new products according changing of customer requirements. 6- Design of experiments & testing for developed products. 7- Making Data base of products, trials and results of the performed researches for improving products quality and cost savings.


Quality Assurance activities

8- Establishing integrated system according to processes flow. 9- Making document control for all processes.

10- Auditing and monitoring of system performance. 11- Searching for opportunities of improving the system. 12- Statistical evaluation of data, statistical process control SPC. Lean Six Sigma activities

13- Specify problems and points for improvements.

14- Planning and performing for lean six sigma projects. Considering technical and business perspectives.

15- Construct a six sigma team from cross functional areas of the problem. 16- Managing Lean six sigma projects, as Process Excellence activities, to increase the process capability by reduce waste & variability. Using mini-tab program Teaching and Training activities

17- Teaching and training in the ceramic field, because of my master trainer qualification.

18- Teaching and training for testing of chemical and physical experiments. 19- Teaching and training in lean six sigma & quality indoor & outdoor. 20- Reading in many scientific and industrial references. Technical Support and Marketing activities

21- Specify customer requirements “voice of customer” in meetings and surveys, our customers are Ceramic tiles Manufacturers.

22- Translate VOC to product specifications.

23- Design and formulate products like “glaze, Engobe and composites” considering voice of customer and voice of business (Cost to quality benefit analysis).

24- Planning and performing of products Profile for the Company according market expectations.

25- Arrange the production trial at the customers; evaluate the product conformity for introducing or improving products after customer recommendation. 26- Monitoring the customer satisfaction & complaints. 5/6

27- Problem solving activities.

28- Making competitors analysis considering strength, weakness of competitors and market analysis considering threats and opportunities of international markets, SWAT analysis.

29- Planning and implementing the expansion of market share for domestic and international markets.

30- Making customer analysis and customer segmentation. 31- Pricing, negotiating and adapting products with customers, considering profitability and competitors situations.

International Marketing activities

I have traveled to many Countries for marketing and technical support activities:

Turkey: shearing in Unicera exhibition 2013 & technical visits at customers for marketing. We succeeded to sale in the Turkish market.

Yemen, Syria and Sudan for marketing. We succeeded to sale in these markets.

Algeria and Emirates: for marketing.

Spain: in Valencia & Castellon for attending exhibition.

Al Salomi For glass frit & glazes

I participated in the startup

Lab & Marketing Manager from 5/ 2010 up to 4/2011

Arkan Manufacturing & Mining For glass frit & glazes I participated in the startup

Technical Support Section head from 5/ 2009 up to 4/ 2010

R&D Section head from 11/ 2008 up to 4/2009

R&D Chemist from 10/ 2006 up to 10/2008


General Company for Ceramics and porcelain products (SHEENI), Sanitary Ware

Q.C responsible, Sanitary Ware Quality Dept. from 7/ 2006 up to 9/ 2006

R&D Chemist in Sanitary ware Lab. From 9/ 2003 up to 7/ 2006.


Quality Assurance activities.

Perform Inspection, evaluation and chemical analysis, of raw materials & Chemical compounds used in the production process.

Perform physical testing like:

Testing for materials: like rheology test for clay and kaolin using Brookfield viscometer, plasticity and workability for clays, fluxing power of feldspar ...etc.

Testing for body: like casting rate, thixotropy using Gallenkamp viscometer, sagging test, shrinkage, porosity ...etc.

Testing for glaze: like crazing test using autoclave, thermal expansion by dilatometer, glossiness, viscosity ... etc.

Formulation of glazes and establishing computer program for oxide percent and Segar-Formula Calculations,, oxide – recipe formula conversions,,

Research in the field of introducing alternative materials to reduce the cost and/or increase the quality of the products.

Solving problems and mistakes in constructions of body and glaze formulations in all industrial processes.,,Troubleshooting activities,,

Reading in many scientific and industrial references.

Medical representative in chemical disinfection company

Medical rep. in medical instruments co.

Duration from 9/2001 up to 8/2003

Last but not least, I hope my qualifications get your interest, With my great respect and valuing,

Ch. / Tamer M.A. Gomaa

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