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Foreign English Teacher

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
November 10, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae ****

Name: Victor Poh Seng Wee


Mobile: +86-132-****-****


Address 1: Blk 244,Serangoon Avenue 2#01-93

Singapore 550244


Bachelors in International Business in 2005

University of Houston

Houston Texas, USA

Associate Degree in International Business Marketing Obtained in 2003

Houston Community College

GCE O LEVEL Obtained in 1999

Serangoon Garden Technical School

PSLE Obtained in 1995

Henry Park Primary School

Professional Experience

English Teacher

(RMB 16000 per month) Contract based

Abie American Baby International ( July 2017- Present)

Hebei, China

1. A daily discussion with the Chinese teachers to make the classes daily enjoyable

2. Planning of lesson plans and Interview and training of chinese teachers was also part of my

portfolio and frequently listening to their homework on wechat and giving them tips and

advices to improve their oral language.










Assistant Operations Manager

(SGD $3700 per month) Contract Based

Hanoi F&B Ptd Ltd Jun 2011 to June 2016


3. Developing new restaurant outlets in Singapore

4. Able to save on Renovation works and fitting in a tight timeline, due to my extensive network

on the ground. Restaurant Point of Sale System, Groupons and sg deals have also been

collaborating with us extensively.

5. Interview and training of service staff was also part of my portfolio and customers feedback on

the servers were brilliant.

6. Setting up the menu was also a strong forte of my portfolio, from pricing to arranging of items,

bolding of alphabets and using 3d design to capture the human eye vision.

7. Government inspection which included National environment Agency, Fire Department were

also passed and graded for the first visit.

8. Marketing and Promotion events were held to promote a theme for art/wine.

9. Able to network with people from different statuses and backgrounds

10. Learnt never to prejudge in any circumstances

11. Supervise a team of cashiers, dishwashers, kitchen staff, servers.

Working at Hanoi F&B was a great experience as one of the owners was from Mainland China and he

had over 100 outlets of Franchise outlets. They were also on board the New York Stock Exchange,

therefore able to work for him was a great learning experience. Hanoi F&B was first in AM100 and

was in tight of a schedule. Renovation works were pulled to a halt and I had to source from my own

network to complete the works and within the time frame. After the inspection from the respective

departments, I had to interview the entire crew from the front to the back and the kitchen proved to be

the most difficult, due to the vent hood, stainless steel and layout. I am blessed with my network of

people to put a complete kitchen into passing the stringent inspection of the relevant agencies. Hiring

process included training as I was in the service industry in the United States, so I could pass on the

service standard skills on. After the restaurant was fully operational, attention tuned to the after sales

which included discussion with other relevant out sourced companies like Groupon and sg deals. As

the menu was also done up by my crew, the print was exclusively for their use. The restaurant has

now opened up its 3rd outlet and a few more have popped up in Food Junctions territory. Likewise, it is

my task and objective to achieve optimal sales and utilize my sales expertise in beneficial

ways.Trends to expand clientele base through various methods, including conscientious social


Reason for consideration leaving: As the Restaurants setup and has been fully operational, the

food junctions territory has their own team of advisors and project coordination, however I still

maintain close contacts with the 2 owners and we meet up very often for food and drinks.

Golden Sea International

Marketing And Sales Manager Jan 2009 to March 2011

Houston Texas, United States Of America US Dollar 4500 per month

1. manage a team to emphasize on sales and support

2. Tackle any issues that may arise from customers

3. Liaison and mediating contractual agreements

4. Maintain daily workload and Scheduling of Roster

5. Maintain company directives in Asia Pacific region

6. Able to negotiate with new customers on marketing and its pricing.

Being a marketing and Sales manager at GSI, I flew frequently between Austin, Dallas and California

to maintain a high level of accounts sales and to improve our customer relations with relevant

customers. Able to meet a timeline with client s exhibitions allowed me to multi task as I had to

arrange with the different airlines for flight arrival and quality control allowed my customers to acquire

the healthiest of live corals and tropical fish. Marketing the company to further boost its sales,

negotiations and sourcing for magazines review and advertisement made me more familiar with the

role. Negotiation skills are vital to the successful closure of any contractual commitments. Taking into

consideration; various factors that may hinder the progress of an ongoing negotiation and price

benchmarking, it is also my task to constantly monitor market prices and physical prices. This

inculcates a sense of urgency in me, and I do not take anything for granted. Due diligence is

exceptionally necessary before any negotiations begin, and it is my job to ensure all parties involved

in any dealings are purely sincere and genuine. A strong sense of business acumen adequately

allows me to foresee any problems and execute preemptive measures.

Reason for leaving: Completed my contract and a need for me to return to my homeland to be

with my parents was a big decision and it was a tough choice to make, but I believed that I

made the right decision..

Liason and Marketing Manager (US Dollar $5,500 per month)

Jihua Medical Apparatus and Instruments Dec 2006 to Jan


Houston Texas, China, Mexico(Monterrey)

1. Evaluating market research data

2. Executing marketing campaigns

3. Visual merchandise placement

4. Product placement

5. Investor relations

6. Brand building

7. F.D.A Form filling

8. Liason Between Chinese and Mexicans

My responsibilities as Liason and marketing manager with this company was a big part of my career

as I was shouldering the responsibilities for the form filling of the FDA which is a big government

agency in the United States Of America. My employers were from mainland China and our prospected

clients were Mexicans from Monterrey. I had to liase with the agency and did a presentation on the

safety features of the dialysis systems that will benefit the Mexicans on their level of healthcare. That

was the toughest part and the second role that I had to play was that I had to market this new dialysis

system to the hospitals in Mexico.

Reason for leaving: Opportunities do not come easily, and I was ecstatic when I was given the job to

shoulder such an important task. After the process and got the deal done, I was also being offered for

the permanent post for marketing into different parts of Mexico, however my safety in Mexico was

totally compromised therefore I had to decline the offer and I left. The experience I had at the

company was fantastic and unforgettable.

Restaurant Manager (USD $4500 per month)

Vietnam Restaurant Dec 2003 to Dec 2006


1. Planning of training material for new staff

2. Training service staff in customer service

3. Able to produce a menu to cater to white customers without losing its asian touch

4. Inventory in the kitchen and schedule of staffs rostering duties

5. Payroll for the service staff and to boost sales on a monthly basis

6. Answering to queries on events and functions on catering and its prices

7. Able to manage a staff of 20 people without any major disorder

My first job in the United States was referred by the school, and I have learnt a lot in this restaurant

from its opening till its expansion. The culture and working attitudes taught me a lot in this journey.

The management level was very helpful in allowing me to juggle my school with work. I have built a

strong rapport with staff from Mexico, Vietnamese, Whites and the Blacks. It was very encouraging

that I worked my way up to lead a very accomplished thing.

Reason for leaving: It was a job with long working hours and with finals closing in, I decided to cut

loose and therefore minimizing hours at the restaurant. Upon completion of the expansion of the

restaurant, I was also being offered a better job offer from Jihua Medical. It was something more

challenging that I was very determined to make it happen not to prove to the company but most

importantly myself. I left this restaurant on very good terms and lots of wonderful memories.

Singapore Police Force (National Service Full Time) Dec 2000 to May 2002


1. Posted to Ang Mo Kio Police Division, attached to Serangoon NPC

2. Responsible for patrol duties within its sector

3. Handled a lot of cases pertaining to the publics response

4. Wrote reports on daily activities and recoreded statements from accused or complainant

5. Witnessed a lot of things that was never seen before like suicidal and robbery cases


1. Captain of Badminton team 1997 to 1999

(Secondary School: Serangoon Garden Technical School)

2. Member of Singapore youth pool and billiards Team 1998 to 2000

3. Gold medallist for Ang Mo Kio police division snooker team 2001 to 2003

Skill Set

MS Office

English (written)(Oral)(fluent)

Mandarin Chinese (Written)(Oral)(fluent)



Basic Spanish(oral)

Social Networking


Point Of Sale Systems

Professional Certificates

Quality Management Customer Relations(QMCR)

Donald Trump and associates, 2009

Summary of C.V


1. Served in the Singapore police force with ang mo kio police division

2. Attended Donald trump s customer service and management seminar

Houston Texas

3. Finalize the deal for Jihua medical to be the first Chinese dialysis system

implemented in Monterrey Mexico

Worked for mnc with the up fold on business and customer service relations


Able to work with top managers in mnc and able to put practice into work


Love to work under stress and Pressure


Able to be part of the company and watch it blossom in time


To think outside the box and read between lines make me different with a


marketing approach.

I possess exceptionally strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills. Apart from

English and Mandarin, I am able to converse in Hokkien and Cantonese. With regards to the IT Skills,

I am very adept with the use of Macromedia, and have also been operating on the Microsoft Office

platform for the past 10 years, with respect to my career and academics. Aside from the

abovementioned, I have undergone substantial training from previous mentors and superiors in my

previous employments to be able to conclude that given the responsibilities, it would be an innate

motion to execute immediate and future tasks without undermining all the objectives required. This

can be attributed to the leadership positions I have been undertaking throughout my national service

and also from my past working experiences. Apart from that, a strong sense of responsibility and

professionalism has been imbued into me, and working in fast-paced and dynamic environments

allows me to thrive, and thus does not stifle my creativity.

Personal Information

Personally, I am a very comfortable character with regards to interpersonal relationships. This is my

forte and I thrive in such environments. Besides guarding my clients interests closely and

professionally, I am also exceptionally attentive to details. Ensuring effectiveness on all fronts allows

me to excel with any team that is assigned to me and in any matter, vice versa. That is crucial in order

to avoid any resolution of time-consuming discrepancies on the tasks at hand. My passion is to

develop a brand, or in fact, any product to its utmost potential and possibly beyond. On top of that, it

would be a great joy to share this success with the people who have actually participated in this

positive outcome. I understand the importance of being a team player, but similarly, I strive to be

independent in any matter and not pose any sort of burden to the people around me. I pride myself

with the fact that my previous employment experience has inculcated several beneficial values and I

endear myself to these values. These values include patience and humility; and it is evident that these

two traits are vitally useful in the context of interpersonal relationships.

Character Referees

1. Meriwati Kamadi: C.E.O of Golden Sea International #1-713-***-****

2. Yun Daxin: Sales Director of Jihua Medical and instruments #020-****-****

3. Pearly Tang : Sales Director of Asia Plantation Singapore #969-42841

Expected salary will be Singapore dollar 3300 per month/negotiable

Availability could be immediate

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