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Training Project

Fort Worth, TX
September 29, 2018

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Job Related Summary:

** ***** ** ********** ** the Telecommunications and IT Industry

Adaptation to the peculiarities of a multiple environment;

Ability to coordinate, manage and monitor multicultural projects;

Rigor and methodical spirit acquired in the field of the teaching of technical sciences;

Ability to work in a team acquired during my professional experiences;

Professionals Experiences:

Ministry of Post, Telecommunication& Digital Economy

Head of Division of Decentralized Posts, Feb 2011- Jan 2017

Telecommunications and IT

I was in charge of:

Coordinating and directing the activities of the postal, telecommunications and IT departments of the regions and prefecture;

to ensure the application of the regulation of the postal, telecommunication and IT sector in the regions and prefectures.;

To ensure the respect of the regulation and the Normalization at the level of localities concerned;

To identify areas of intervention of the universal service of the posts, Telecommunications and IT;

to propose priority actions at the level of the localities with regard

to the posts, Telecommunications and IT;

to participate in the management of the funds of Universal service of the Post, Telecommunications and IT ensuring the quality of service of post offices, telecommunications, IT, broadcasting, television broadcasting and computer communications;

participate in the orientation of the digital solidarity funds of the posts, telecommunications and IT;

Participate in the organization of all ceremonies and other commemorative events concerning post, telecommunications and IT;

Ensure the development of the postal, telecommunications and IT officers and agents of the localities concerned;

Participate at national, regional, sub regional and international levels in discussions at committee, or group meetings dealing with technical, operational and standardization issues in telecommunications and IT;

Provide the necessary data for the survey studies on the social, economic and legal environment of the sector;

Prepare the quarterly activity report.

General Reporter of the Monitoring Committee of the

"Extension and Modernization Project of Guinea Telecom"

Technical Manager of the V.V.I.P (e-diplomacy) website of the Pan-African Online Services Network (PAN-AFRCAN e-NETWORK Project), an initiative of the Indian Government and the African Union

Coordinator of the project to monitor the national telephone network coverage with mobile operators (Orange, MTN, CELLCOM and INTERCEL +)

Teaching in some Universities of Guinea

Professor of Logic Circuit Design, Mobile Telecommunications System and the Microelectronics and Programmable Logic Course, Computer Systems Security, Architecture of Telecommunications Networks and Data Transmission, Teleinformatics, industrial automation, power electronics respectively in the universities: University of Kofi Anann of Guinea, University International College, and University of Nongo Conakry October 2006 to July 2018

Internships and Academic Training

Training in the United States (UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER) organized by the United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI) on Effective Management in the Changing of the New Telecommunications Environment. July 10-17th, 2017

Training in the United States (Washington D.C.) organized by United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI) on Information and Communication Technology Policy and Cyber Security. June 05-25, 2016

China Training Study Tour on the GPRS / UMTS Fundamentals and the USN ATCA Operation and Maintenance Platform and UGW 9811.

Operation and Maintenance of HSS 9860; September 05-27, 2015

Training in Mouna (Conakry-Guinea) by a Senegalese expert in Linux / UNIX and database management and IP networks (Warcip Project), November 17-23, 2015

Training in Conakry at the Petit Bateau Hotel in "System Overview, BTS Installation and Commissioning, BTS and BSC Operations and Maintenance and LTE Air Interface, Procedures and Radio Network Design Planning) Optix RTN950 First Line Maintenance / Optix iManager T2000 Administration / Optix RTN 950 Second Line Maintenance / Optix iManager T 2000 Monitoring. June 02-27, 2014:

Training at the Public Administration, Administration Management (CPA), Administration and Human Resource Management Management Center organized by the project "rejuvenating and feminizing the administration" Public Function and Modernization of the Administration, August 04-06, 2014

Training in telecommunications for three (03) days led by the Senegalese Dr. Pape Lamine Sylla at the Multinational School of Telecommunications (ESMT) of Conakry. November 15 – 25,2011

Participation in training on technology and installation and maintenance of VSAT at Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry (UGANC). November 2010- January 2011

Computer skills and competences

Computer skills ((Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, SAP) - Knowledge of translation and library management software.

Language Skills and Competencies

French: Very good

English: fluent

September 22, 2018

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