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Manager Supply Chain

Los Angeles, CA
September 26, 2018

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Jeff Stewart

**** ******* **, **** *

Los Angeles, CA 90033

Ph: 425-***-****



Seeking an assignment that utilizes my experience, skills, and certifications in Supply Chain Management, Procurement & Global Sourcing, New Product Development & Introduction, Material Cost Management, Sales & Operations Planning, Inventory & Logistics Management, Lean Production & Operations Management, Economic & Financial Planning, Banking, Tax Accounting, and Training & Education.


• Master of Science - Business Management; Friends University; Wichita, KS.

• Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance & Economics; Wichita State University; Wichita, KS.

Professional Summary:

Over 40 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, Global Sourcing, Lean & Six Sigma Production Systems, Operations Management, Material Cost Management, New Product Development & Introduction, Banking, Finance, Tax Accounting, Collegiate Education, and Industrial Training; with a proven track record of achieving measurable results. Technical Summary:

• Thorough knowledge, experience, and certifications with the tools, techniques, and methodologies in Lean Production and Operations, Global Procurement and Sourcing, Contract Negotiations, Sales and Operations Planning, Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Statistical Process Control, Pull Production (Kanban replenishment), Inventory Management, Banking, and Financial Management.

• ERP/MRP Systems: SAP, Oracle, J.D. Edwards, BAAN, Mac-Pac, and a variety of Customized ERP/MRP systems.

• Certifications: APICS - CPIM, and Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt.

• Member of APICS - Board of Directors.

• Member of the Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISM).

• Member of The Society of Cost Estimating & Analysis. Page 1

Professional Experience:

November 2017 - Current

McDaniel & Associates, Esquire

Los Angeles, CA

Responsibilities: Provide service and operations management of Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Financial Statements, Real Estate Brokering, Mortgage Brokering, Legal and Identify Theft Services, and Para Legal Services. Team size of 10 employees. Accomplishments: Added Legal and Identity Theft Services to the portfolio of services offered at McDaniel & Associates.

September 2015 - November 2017

Zodiac Aerospace, Director of Supply Chain

Huntington Beach, CA

Responsibilities: Director of Supply Chain Management, leading day-to-day operations and strategic direction for Procurement, Global Sourcing, Supplier Development, Sub-Contract Management, Master Scheduling, Production Planning, Logistics and Inventory Management. Team size of 50 employees.

Accomplishments: Improved Team Building within the organization. Established Lean processes and Daily Key Performance Indicators for Supply Chain Management. Led 12 Lean workshops (Kaizen events) in Supply Chain, as well as Cross-Functional workshops. Improved Supplier On-Time-Delivery performance from 37% to 96%. Reduced the Supply Base by 20%. Executed 22 Contracts and Long-Term Agreements with Suppliers. Improved Inventory Accuracy from 91% to 99%.

May 2014 - July 2015

Meggitt Aerospace - Safety and Control Systems, Director of Supply Chain Simi Valley, CA

Responsibilities: Leader of Tactical and Strategic Purchasing; Sales and Operations Planning; Production Planning, and Inventory Management Teams. Team size of 50 employees. Accomplishments: Improved Team Building within the organization. Established Lean processes and Daily Key Performance Indicators for Supply Chain Management. Strengthened the working relationship between Purchasing and Production Planning. Reduced past due Purchase Orders from $2.5M to $0 past dues. Reduced aged Purchase Requisitions from 28 weeks to 10-days.

January 2013 - May 2014

McDaniel & Associates, Esquire

Los Angeles, CA

Responsibilities: Same as above

Accomplishments: Same as above

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Professional Experience (cont’d):

January 2012 - January 2013

Carlise Aerospace - Interconnect Technologies, Director of Supply Chain El Segundo, CA

Responsibilities: Managed day to day operations for Procurement, Production Planning and Control, Master Scheduling, and Inventory Management. Additional responsibilities included serving as the Leader of Lean Sigma Business Process Management. Team size of 50 employees.

Accomplishments: Improved Material Availability from 90% to 99% (Material Shortages at less the 1%). Implemented Plan for Every Part (PEP). Implemented a Kanban replenishment process, and a Consignment process. Completed Carlisle Lean Sigma Certification process, and led training and Kaizen events in Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing, and Finance departments.

October 2007 - November 2011

Precor, Inc., Senior Manager of Procurement Cost Governance and New Product Development

Responsibilities: Development of short, medium, and long range strategies for effective Global Procurement and Sourcing, Procurement Cost Governance, and Procurement support to New Product Development. Led a team in daily operations and tactics in Procurement, Sourcing, Contract Negotiations, Contract Administration, and Procurement Cost Governance. Also, supported the Government Sales division with monitoring and reporting to FAR, Part 19; compliance, reporting, and audit requirements for Small Business Administration (Small/Small Disadvantage Business). Team size of 30 employees. Accomplishments: Established and developed a Procurement Cost Governance Team. Developed and implemented a Supplier Scorecard. Led a Cross-Functional Team to reduce Cost of Goods Sold; and accomplished a 4% reduction. Managed numerous New Product Development & Introduction projects; on schedule and at or below target cost. Reduced Account Payables from $1.5M to less than $10K per month. Increased the Capture Rate for Payment Term Discounts from 79% to 98%.

July 2006 - August 2007

Honeywell Aerospace, Director of Supply Chain Management Tucson, AZ

Responsibilities: Led the Procurement, Production Planning, Master Scheduling, and Inventory Control Teams in Daily Operations. Team size of 100 employees. Accomplishments: Implemented a Kanban Replenishment process. Established a Supermarket in the Stock Room. Established a one-day Dock-to-Stock process in Receiving, from a three day process. Established and developed a Sales and Operations Planning Process and Team. Served as the Team Leader of a Cross-Functional Team; for developing and implementing a Life-Time Buy/Life Cycle Management policy, procedure, and process. Page 3

Professional Experience (cont’d):

June 2005 - June 2006

Sargent Controls & Aerospace

Manager, New Product Development and Sub-Contract Management Tucson, AZ

Responsibilities: Provided Procurement support to Program Management and New Product Development - Sourcing, Procurement, and Contract Negotiations and Administration; including Request for Information (RFIs), Request for Proposals (RFPs), and Request for Quotes (RFQs). Ensured compliance with FAR; part 19 (Small Business Reporting), part 31 (Contract Cost Principles), and part 15 (Contract Pricing and Compliance. Also, ensured compliance to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations

(EAR). Team size of 10 employees.

Accomplishments: Developed and established a new function within Procurement; New Product Development and Introduction. Negotiated Contract and Long Term Agreements, with adherence to FAR requirements.

January 2000 - February 2005

Bombardier Aerospace, Director of Supply Chain Management Tucson, AZ

Responsibilities: Led Teams in Procurement, Procurement Cost Estimating, Material and Production Planning, and Logistics and Inventory Control. Team size of 100 employees. Accomplishments: Led a number of Kaizen workshops in Supply Chain management. Restructured the Procurement Team into Tactical, Strategic, and Cost Management. Strengthened the Sub-Contract Management process to include a Contract Administrator and a Corporate Attorney. Reduced Receiving Discrepancies, 10-fold; in both Inventory Valuation and Aging. Reduced Accounts Payable aging from 120-Days to less than 30-days. Developed and established a Procurement Cost Estimating Team.

June 1998 - January 2000

Diversified Associates, Inc., Chief Executive Officer Wichita, KS

Responsibilities: Led a Team of Independent Consultants in Lean Sigma Production, Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Quality Control. Performed ISO 9000 and 14000 “Pre- Audits”; to prepare companies for ISO Compliance and Certification. Additional consulting services in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Sourcing, Statistical Process Control, Designed Experiments, Measurement System Analysis, Ergonomics, and Leadership Development.

Clients: Yes We Can Recycling, Los Angeles, CA; The Coleman Company, Wichita, KS; Kamen Wipes, Wichita, KS.; Kansas Department of Disability Determination Services, Topeka, KS; GHG Construction, Inc., Kansas City, MO; Unified School District 259, Wichita, KS; Friends University, Wichita, KS; Tabor College, Hillsboro, KS; Southwest College, Winfield, KS; Baker University, Baldwin, KS; Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Tucson, AZ; and University of Phoenix, Tucson, AZ. Team size of 15.

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Professional Experience (concl’d):

April 1981 - June 1998

The Boeing Company, Product Line Manager

Responsibilities: Over the 18+ year tenure with Boeing, a number of positions were held; Procurement Cost Analyst, Proposal Administrator, Buyer, Procurement Manager, Quality Improvement Manager, Lean Production Manager; and Product Line Manager upon departure. Team size of 250 employees.

Accomplishments: As Product Line Manager; I implemented Lean Sigma tools and techniques to reduce Direct Product Cost by 25%, and reduced Production Cycle Times by 80%. Spent two years under the tutelage of the Shingjitsu Consulting, LTD.; a Japan based consulting firm retained by Boeing to implement Lean/Just In Time Production. Shingjitsu was founded by a group of retired Toyota executives; including Masaaki Imai, author of “Kaizen” and

“Gemba Kaizen”. I earned the first, of many, Black Belt certifications. I also obtained my and APICS/CPIM certification. Participated and/or led over 150 Accelerated Improvement Workshops (AIWs/Kaizen Events). Implemented a process management tool, of which Boeing coined and copyrighted “Work Management”; this was a result of my Masters Degree Field Project. Served on a Cross-Functional/Cross-Business Unit Team to develop and implement Boeing’s “5S” Policies, Procedures, and Processes; and is an official “Boeing D6 Document”. Developed and implemented Supplier Scorecards.

1993 - Current

Collegiate Adjunct Faculty Member

Wichita, KS; Tucson, AZ; and Seattle, WA.

Responsibilities: Taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate classes in Business Management, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Statistics, Leadership Development, and Lean Production.

Accomplishments: Bringing practicality to difficult subjects such as, Statistics, Statistical Process Control, Designed Experiments, Measurement System Analysis, and Management Science.

1975 - 1981

Banking, Branch Manager

Parsons, KS; and Wichita, KS

Responsibilities: Bookkeeping, Teller, Control Officer, and Branch Manager. Accomplishments: Enrolled in some Dale Carnegie courses and moved up the ranks at a fairly rapid pace.

Extracurricular Activities and Interests:

• Family time, investments, running, health and fitness activities, sports activities, performing arts, travel, reading, and hanging out at the beach.

• Co-Authored “Small Business Success Through TQM”, by Terry Erhesman, Quality Press, 1995. Authored Chapter 11: “Use Statistical Methods”. Page 5

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