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Personal trainer

Budapest, Hungary
September 27, 2018

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Personal data:

Name: Peter Soltész

Nationality: Hungarian

Place of birth: Budapest

Date of birth: 20. October, 1981.

Address: **** ********, ******** ****** *.

Phone number: +36-1-349-2078

Mobile phone: +36-20-284-**-**


Skype: soltace1137


2006-2007. International Wellness Institute, Post-graduate trainings in Fitness: Personal Trainer

2005-2006. Semmelweis University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Bodybuilding & Fitness instructor course

2005-2006. Budapest Business School, College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism

Faculty of Commerce, Tourism and Hotel course

2003-2005. Budapest Business School, College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism

Hotel management

2002. Hungarian Kung fu Academy, elementary course of Tui Na style massage

2000-2002. Számalk, University of Herfordshire, School of Economic Studies

Accounting and Management Information Systems

1996-2000.Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary School

Former workplaces:

2014-2018. Personal trainer of Mr. Omar Hussain Alfardan (Doha,Qatar)

2013-2014. GymCity Budapest (personal trainer)

2008-2013. Gilda Max Fitness Budapest (personal trainer)

2007-2008. Gold’s Gym Budapest (personal and floor trainer)

2006-2007. Gold’s Gym Budapest (receptionist)

2005. Swing Hotel Budapest (receptionist)

Foreign language knowledge:

English(fluent), German(basic), Hungarian(native), Arabic(beginner)

Computer knowledge:

Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Driving licence:

B category (Hungarian, Qatari)

Sport carrier:

1998-2005. Professional tennis player of Építők Tennis Club

1998. Professional tennis player of Művész Sports Club

1997-1998. Professional tennis player of Pannon Tennis Culb

1994-1997. Porfessional footballer of Erdért SE

I have been dealing with body building and healthy nutrition since 2004.

Results in bodybuilding:

WFF Universe 2010 (Katerini) 6th place (single) 2nd place (pairs)

IBFF Wolrld Championship 2011 (Koper) 14th place

Other activities connected to sport:

Hungarian representative of NABBA and WFF 2009-2018.

Judge :

Fitness Gold Cup 2008 (Zilina)

NABBA, WFF, IFSB qualifier (Novaky),

WFF Universe 2009 (Petersberg), 2011 (Baden)

WFF World Championship 2010 (Linz), 2011 (Graz)

IFSB Ms. Fitness World 2010 (Reno)

NABBA Universe 2009 (Southport)

Austrian Open 2009 (Linz), 2010 (Lengau)

Leader of the Hungarian team:

NABBA World Championship 2009 (Kosice).

WFF Universe 2009 (Petersberg), 2010 (Katerini), 2011 (Baden)

WFF World Chanpionship 2010 (Linz), 2011 (Graz)

IFSB Ms. Fitness World 2009 (Las Vegas),2010, 2011 (Reno)

NABBA-WFF Austrian Open 2009 (Linz) 2010 (Lengau)

NABBA Universe 2009 (Southport)

IBFF World Championship 2010, 2011 (Koper)


IBFF Diploma of honour (2010)

Triple A Fitness USA Judging award (2010)

Further skills:

Diet planning

Nutritional supplements expert

G-Flex and TRX trainer

Tennis coach


Miha bodytec


Gym equipping

I’ve been training the following persons or they have asked for my help during their perparation:

Gabriella Horcsák [Fitness Woman European Cup 2008 (Iceland), 2 times world championship 2nd place, 4 times Hungarian fitness champion, Ms. Fitness World 2008 (Las Vegas) 3rd place, 2010 (Reno) 4th place]

Szilvia Czine [2 times wellness Hungarian champion, Hungarian fitness championship 2nd place, Miss Fitness World 2008 (Las Vegas) 7th place, 2010 (Reno) 6th place, Cassovia Cup (Kosice) 4th place, Fitness Gold Cup 2008 (Zilina) 2nd place, Austrian Open 2009 (Linz) 1st place, Fitparádé 2009. 2nd place], WBPF European champion 2010 (Vienna), Czech & Slovak championship 2010 (Brno) 1st place, WFF Universe 2010 (Katerini) 2nd place in singles and pairs

Szabina Frank [4 times Hungarian fitness champion, Ms. Fitness World 2009 (Las Vegas) 12th place]

Zsuzsanna Tirpák [Hungarian fitness champion, Fitparádé 2008 2nd place, NAC world championship 2008, 3rd place]

Veronika Alács [Superbody Fitness modell 6th place, Timea Majorova Fit & Beauty Model World 2008, 8th place]

László Leonárd [Superbody 2007 rookie overall 3rd place, Herkules Cup 2008 (Oradea) 2nd place, Bodysport Cup 2008 2nd place]

Dorottya Németh [Fitness Woman 2006 1st place, Fitness Woman European Cup (Iceland) 3rd place, 4 times Hungarian fitness champion, Ms. Fitness World 2010 (Reno) 3rd place]

Budapest, 30. May, 2018.

Peter Soltesz

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