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Manager Project

September 20, 2018

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Information Technology Project Manager

Aviation System Deployment & Testing/Process Improvement

Resourceful and customer-focused professional with an extensive record of success planning and coordinating the timely, cost-efficient implementation of innovative information and control systems for the aviation industry. Personable, decisive leader skilled at managing multi-million dollar budgets, large cross-functional project teams and complex nationwide deployments. Demonstrated talent for developing and refining processes and programs to achieve unprecedented efficiency, safety and cost-savings. Utilize excellent analytical and communication skills to pinpoint key customer requirements, develop optimal solutions and ensure comprehensive system testing and user training. Always ready to assist, provide advice, and contribute to a warm atmosphere of productivity, teamwork, and learning.


PMP trained, December 2007

IT/IL Certification, December 2007

University of Phoenix; Chicago, Illinois

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management; October 2007 GPA 3.8

Community College of the Air Force Associates Degree Electronic Technology; September 2007

A+ Certification, CompTIA – 2004

Networking Certification, CompTIA – 2004

Unix Training, FAA; MS Project Training

Key Accomplishments

Established the Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) direct hire program during a nationwide hiring freeze that resolved 30-year attrition hiring deficit and saved billions of dollars in service outages by allowing fast tracking of new hires through programs.

Collaborated with engineers and local experts to deploy initial Free Flight aviation advisory tools to twelve cities for air traffic services that are expected to save commercial airlines billions of dollars.

Built top-performing teams through effective recruitment strategies, ongoing mentoring, open communication and constant support.

Consistently complete projects on time or ahead of schedule and under budget by effectively managing budgets as large as $35 million and project teams of around 30 personnel and contractors.

Handled testing and switch-over from old air traffic control tower and TRACON to new O’Hare tower and Elgin TRACON to facilitate fourfold capacity increase.

Helped initiate the B-1B Bomber program for the U.S. Air Force as a lead avionics technician, CITS maturation UNIX software engineer, and test developer.

Professional Experience

Automated Information Technology

Owner Sr. Project Manager/Business Analyst – Chicago, Illinois October 2014 – Present

IT Project Management, plan coordinate and direct computer-related activities in the organization. Determine the information technology goals of an organization, responsible for implementing computer and server systems to meet those goals. Agile, Scrum, & Waterfall experienced. Analyze organization’s computer needs and recommend possible upgrades to top executives, Plan and direct installing and upgrading computer hardware and software, Cloud Base Management. Ensure the security of an organization’s network and electronic documents, Assess the costs and benefits of a new project and justify spending on the project to top executives, Learn about new technology and look for ways to upgrade their organization’s computer systems, Determine short and long term personnel needs for their department, Plan and direct the work of other IT professionals, including computer systems analysts, software developers, information security analysts, and computer support specialists, Negotiate with vendors to get the highest level of service for their organization’s technology. Analytical skills: Analyze a problem, consider ways to solve the problem, and select the best way. Communication skills: Explain work to top executives and give clear instructions to their subordinates. Decision-making skills: Make important decisions about how to allocate their organizations’ resources in order to reach their goals. Leadership skills: Lead and motivate IT teams or departments so that workers are efficient and effective. Organizational skills: Coordinate the work of several different IT departments to make the organization run efficiently.

Quest Network Services

Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager – Chicago, Illinois August 2008 – October 2014

Coordinated with team lead and project manager to review requests specific to the project from owner/manager and prepare documents as required for different phases of the project to include: MS Office Suite’s Word, Access, Excel, Pivot Tables, SharePoint, Server Operations, and Vlookup. Conduct an analysis of existing systems and future systems, publish business and technical requirements, and produce detailed documentation including – capacity planning, costs estimates, Network Engineering and LAN/WAN Balancing, SOX requirements, process improvement, business impact assessments, risk and time management, prioritization, organization, agile/waterfall methodology, and lead multiple tasks at once. Change Management. E-commerce assistance to include EDI, online transaction/troubleshooting, internet marketing, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, online buying and selling, webpage development, email/fax and media, business to business transactions.

Performed systems analyst and translated business requirements of Chicago Zoning Ordinances to system/functional requirements, and passed on to application developer, legal aides, and systems engineers in technical diagnostics controls expansion project.

Liaise with other technical areas in IT Services to ensure that non-functional requirements are captured, formulate solution alternatives that fit in with current infrastructure, work between supply and demand side supplying TSSL/Blade servers along with all IT needs, and ensure buy-in to the proposed solution with stakeholders and customers. Ensure projects follow the PMI Project Management Methodology.

Develop business use cases for the Rogers Park Chambers of Commerce and screen mockups describing the business processes and expected functional experience. For each request, conduct (create, review and obtain approval) a detailed feasibility study to determine alternatives and associated costs, risks, benefits, and timing.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Program/Project Manager, Air Traffic Organization FV-2101-I (ATO) – Elgin, Illinois April 2002 – July 2006

Continued forward progression with the federal agency tasked with ensuring safe air travel to direct daily operations of several programs including ARTS 3E Automation Integration, Runway Safety, Test Equipment, Airport/Facility Security, Terminal Data Link System and Variable Omni-Range Radar. Manage electronic technicians, Six Sigma training, IT staff, field engineers and installation personnel. Change Management. Performed OSHA inspections. Multiple Next Generation Projects with agile/waterfall technologies with budgets up to $356 million.

Program/Project Management activities include airport inspections of navigational equipment, test equipment, computer mainframes and distributive systems utilizing Microsoft and UNIX (COTS Commercial Off The Shelf) distributive systems, connected through WAN, and LAN technology, networking administration, Cisco router administrative functions, project planning for local adaptations, regulations adherence, emergency procedures, risk management, script verifications, team meetings, personnel folder inspections, organizing and initiating meetings, union negotiations and notifications, reports generations, interface with airport managers, second level engineering troubleshooting, design reviews, project schematics review, project team communications, Microsoft office suite including project manager and access. Facility Security Plans for FAA facilities post 9/11.

Consistently complete projects on time or ahead of schedule and under budget by effectively managing agile/waterfall methodology projects and budgets as large as $356 million and project teams of around 30 personnel and contractors.

Control user access to critical information within organizations. Manage identity and access management products using role-based access control allowing system administrators to regulate access to systems or networks based on the roles of individual users within the enterprise.

Led installation of new weather service equipment at two airports to improve nationwide tracking and provide immediate storm alerts and updates to private aircraft owners.

Implemented glide scope and localizer equipment at Romeoville, Illinois airport in order to support growing communities and handle increased traffic during Nascar season.

Established the Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) direct hire program during a nationwide hiring freeze that resolved 30-year attrition hiring deficit and saved billions of dollars in service outages by allowing fast tracking of new hires through programs.

Regularly identify opportunities to improve operations; for example, automated security inspection corrective actions and organized equipment databases by state and airport code for accurate verification.

Program Management Representative, Free Flight Program FV-2101-I– Elgin, Illinois October 2000 – April 2002

Coordinated and led deployment of Free Flight technology in 12 US cities, traveling extensively to monitor software testing, hardware integration, user interface testing and other activities. Held responsibility for contract negotiations, budgeting, construction, installation, change management, training and delivery of data centers.

Played key role in development of Free Flight technology, a new system providing controllers and pilots with tools and procedures to maximize air traffic safety, capacity and efficiency. Project budget $91 million.

Successfully implemented pFast Passive Final Approach Spacing Tool, User Request Evaluation Tool and CTAS; systems improved air traffic by providing updated, accurate information to controllers.

Collaborated with engineers, vendors, and local experts to deploy tools expected to save commercial airlines billions of dollars.

Automation Center Manager/Supervisor (SSCM) FV-2101-I – Aurora, Illinois October 2000 – February 1997

Headed efforts of 33 personnel to complete complex technical projects aimed at optimizing efficiencies. Evaluated customer requirements, devised project plans, ensured customer satisfaction and tracked progress. Supervised Software Engineers with SDLC processes, IT personnel and Electronic Technicians. HOST/Sungard, UNIX, CISCO Routing, and Peripherals. Under indirect supervision, oversees the operational planning, establishment, execution, and evaluation of a multifaceted program/project typically consisting of a set of closely related subprograms or associated activities. Oversees fiscal, operational, administrative, and human resources management of the program; seeks and develops funding sources, serves as principal point of representation and liaison with external constituencies on operational matters, and provides day-to-day technical/professional guidance and leadership as appropriate to the data center area of expertise. The program/project is usually focused to a single purpose; may be scientific, research, education, and/or services oriented, and is usually funded through government agency.

Built top-performing teams through effective recruitment strategies, ongoing mentoring, open communication and constant support.

Created regional and national career progression incentives and maps in order to facilitate frequent promotions.

Drove numerous process improvements including new thermal and digital operational printer service and various upgrades including mainframe to G3 processors, Y2K, peripheral devices, control center and remote maintenance monitoring.

Fueled team efforts to convert from solid state operational floor to modernized total digital operational floor.

Airways Facility Technician GS-0856-12 – Chicago, Illinois September 1992 – February 1997

Selected to maintain and repair computer mainframe equipment, radars, PCs, networks, distributive systems and display systems. Supported systems for 45 controller stations, radar control surveillance for 60-mile radar and eight radar feeds into mainframe, TSSL/Blade servers to controller displays.

Credited with identifying and resolving mainframe failure during heavy traffic period at O’Hare International Airport.

Handled testing and switch-over from old air traffic control tower and TRACON data centers to new O’Hare tower and Elgin TRACON data centers to facilitate fourfold capacity increase.

Charged with critical responsibility for restoring equipment, systems and facilities after service interruptions.

Completed a three-month electronics training course in two weeks and tested out of display training.

Military Experience

United States Air Force (1982 – 1992)

B1-Bomber Avionics System Technician (1986 – 1992)

Flight Simulator System Technician (1982 – 1986)


Superior Accomplishment Awards, FAA – Succession Planning Program Workgroup, Multi-Function Facility Manager, Operations Manager, Supervisor, Service Longevity Award, FAA, Letters of Appreciation, FAA – completion of FAA Electronics Training in minimal time and bypass of Data Display School

USAF Awards include:


National Defense Service Medal

NCO Professional Military Education

Good Conduct Medal

AF Achievement Medal

Outstanding Unit Award

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