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Engineer Mechanical

Houston, TX
September 18, 2018

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Jersey Village, 77065, TX



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Performance driven professional with more than 15 years experience across product design in the oil and gas industry. Demonstrated record in research/design, reverse engineering, and creating prototype manufacturability. Exceptional skill set in parts design for investment casting, milling, turn milling, and laser cutting. Strong problem solving agility; closely works with vendors to diagnose and solve manufacturing issues. Manages and navigates projects to completion, Languages: Dutch, English, and German.

Areas of Excellence:

Product Design Research / Development Project Management

Prototype Development Assembly / Operation Manuals Technical Drawing

Strength Calculations Proactive Problem Solving Vendor Relations

Technical Skills: Effectively produced over 10,000 hours of technical drawings employing AutoCAD, Inventor;

Solid Works, Proficient in Microsoft Access, Word, Excel; VBA Programming, AutoCAD, Inventor and Solid Works.



Project 1 : Designed and qualified multiple Subsea actuated gate valves.

Created 3D models

Checked drawings and spec sheet from designers

Created test procedures for qualifying

Project 2 . Designed concept for a manual running tool.

Created 3D models

Netherlocks Safety Systems:

Project 1: Completed projects and met production models cost and weight goals.

Designed and improved a pneumatic handheld actuator and accessories: researched materials to reduce weight and improve strength; executed strength calculations.

Converted machined products to casted products and updated changes to existing casting for improvement function and cost reduction.

Created 3D models, 2D production drawings, and developed assembly instructions.

Traveled to China to manage/solve production issues.

Project 2:Completed projects witch where patented

Designed and improved counting mechanism for trapping key’s of locking system.

Created 3D models, 2D production drawings

patent NL1033628 (C2) 2008-10-06

Project 3: Delivered project within appropriate timeframe.

Designed equipment for mechanical partial stroke testing of ESD valves.

Created 3D models, 2D drawings, and performed strength calculations.

Project 4: Delivered various projects within scheduled timelines.

Developed custom-made solutions within short time period for various projects.

Created 2D assemblies, 3D models, and 2D parts drawings for several production methods.


Dril-Quip (Houston,Texas) 2014-2018

Design Engineer II

Charged with the design of compact subsea valves, actuated and manual operated.

Run the qualification testing of the valves and actuators

Write test procedures and test reports for the valves.

Participated in Design reviews.



TECH2SEA (Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands) 2012 – 2013

Manager / Research and Development

Design client products from inception to finalization for top sites and subsea environments.

Develop self-locking, high-efficiency gearboxes used on ball/butterfly valves suitable for hand/actuator operation and subsea usage.

Design prototypes, 3D models, and 2D manufacturing drawings.

Create assembly and operation manuals.

NETHERLOCKS SAFETY SYSTEMS (Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands) 1997 – 2012

Manager / Research and Development (2005–2012)

Charged with development of new locking devices with variable keys, coding, and counting mechanisms; incorporated new counting mechanism into current range of locking devices.

Designed gearbox add-on tool, gearboxes for mounting on gate valves minus mounting flange, and position indicators for gate valves

Created handheld actuators for operating valves, 3D models, and 2D manufacturing drawings.

Designed assembly and operation manuals.

Closely worked with overseas manufacturers to solve manufacturing issues.

Created 3D Concepts to assist sales department.

Performed drawing and calculation atomization using VBS.

Engineer / Research and Development (2003–2005)

Modified castings for standard product range and turning machined products into casted products.

Created 3D models, 2D manufacturing drawings, and designed 3D Concepts to assist sales department.

Liaised with overseas manufactures to solve manufacturing problems.

Designed assembly and operation manuals.

Senior Engineer (1999–2003)

Constructed special applications with use of products out of standard product range.

Executed construction and calculation of partial stroke systems to test ESD functions of valve actuator combinations without complete plant shutdown.

Designed 3D models, 2D manufacturing drawings, and developed 3D Concepts to assist sales department.

Analyzed and conducted stress calculations.

Junior Engineer 1997–1999)

Constructed adaption parts to mount standard range of locking devices onto different types of valves.

Created 2D production and assembly drawings for manufacturing purposes.

DEN BOER, (Dordrecht the Netherlands) 1996 – 1997


Created and edited manufacturing drawings for production of submersible floodgate.


TH RIJSWIJK, The Netherlands

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, 1995

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