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Life Insurance Software Engineer

Pune, Maharashtra, India
September 14, 2018

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ASHUTOSH KUMAR Contacts: - / +91-966*******

OBJECTIVE: Contribution to make people life easy

SUMMARY: (11 Years 1 Months)

An enthusiastic software professional holding computer science and engineering degree, continuously gaining SDLC experience under agile methodologies, along with design principles, SOA, AOP, MOM, OOAD, SSO, threading, batch processing, refactoring and performance tuning. Associated with Tieto India Pvt. Ltd since march-2011.

Currently I am working with Energy domain product. I do have 10+ years of experience included 2+ years of experience on multithreading, performance tuning with Life insurance domain. During my professional carrier, have experienced with others domains like, Real Estate, E-Learning, whistle blowing, Market Research, Forums, and Intelligence Transport System and currently with Energy domain. Extremely proficient as a full stack developer for development of web-based, RESTful / SOAP / RMI and batch applications.

Profound Interested in Research and Development. Proposed / implemented few Ideas for betterment of customer service and organizational business as listed below. Ability to work under stringent time lines, meet predefined project goals and able to learn new technologies faster.

My present work expertise with skills like Java/JEE, Struts1.1, JSF2.0, RESTful, Soap, RMI and Socket programming, Primeface-5.0, Hibernate3.0, DB2 9.7, Oracle-11g, MariaDb10.0.x,Weblogic10.3.3, Glassfish-3.1, Jetty, Apache Tomcat (TomEE)/7.0.37, Xml, Xsd, Xsl, Xslt, Profiling/Monitoring tools, Sonar, JIRA, Jenkins, Confluence.

Invented: Locking mechanism along with popcorn cache.

: Global database dialect.

Idea: Dynamic Scheduling for public transportation


Technology: JAVA /J EE

Methodologies: OOPs, AOP, REACTIVE, OOA, OOD, SDLC, SSO, MOM, Batch Processing,

Threading, Agile

Framework: MVC-2, Struts1.1, JSF2.1, Hibernate3.0, JPA, URAL (Tieto Batch framework),

Opencms7.0.5, JOSSO-1.8, JAAS, Spring JDBC, Arquillian, Junit, Mockito,

Programming Language: C/C++, Java, C#, PL/SQL

Scripting Language: XML, XSL, XSLT, XSD, JSON, Html, Xhtml, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX &


Web-Technologies: JSP, Primeface-3.0, Tomahawk, Servlet, RESTful, SOAP.

Message-oriented middleware: JMS, ActiveMQ,

Database: MS-SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, IBM DB2 9.7, MySQL-6.X, MariaDB-10.0.x, LDAP,


Application/Web Server: Weblogic 10.3.3, Glassfish-3.1, JBoss-7.1.1, Jetty, TomEE+ 1.7

Access Control: realm

Profiler: Mission Control, Your Kit, perfmon, DB2MON, jvisualvm

Build Tool: ANT & Maven

Source Control Systems: VSS-3.3, Star Team, AccuRev, SVN &TortoiseSVN-1.7.x

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA.

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX (SCO) & Linux

Tools: MySQL Manager (GUI Tool), PMD, Find Bug, IBExpart, Net Viewer, TeamViewer,

SmartDrow7, Beyond Compare, Ultra Edit, Microsoft Communicator, Fiddler.


Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science & Eng.) 2001 – 2005 from RGPV university Bhopal, M.P. with 74.90%.


Tieto Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Duration: March-2011 to till date)

Project: WMS-ARM (Assets & Resource Management Module)

Domain: Energy

Periods: Oct-2014-till date

Environment: Java / JEE-6, JSF-2.1, Primeface -5.1, RESTful, SOAP, Spring JDBC, Java Mail Exchange, TomEE, JQuery, XHTML, MariaDB-10.X, IntelliJ-11.X, Arquillian, JUnit, Mockito, Jenkins, JIRA with Agile methodologies.

Team Size: 9

Role: Full stack developer / Architect

Description: A module of WMS a tieto product belong to energy domain. Resource management responsible to provide capabilities in WMS to handle and manage below mentioned operations

1. Book / Schedule / Assignment of work items.

2. Manage work load of field worker, we are calling here resource for example electric meter

mechanics, transformer technicians etc...

3. Management of Booker & dispatcher tasks.

4. Email exchange and other operations...

My responsibilities include: Working as a full stack Java / J EE developer involved in following -

1. Database designing and development.

2. Technical discussion for finalize approach for new requirement.

3. Architecture / design and implementation

4. Java / JEE / JSF / primeface 5.0 development with database stuff.

5. Transaction handling via AOP approach

6. Finalizing approach for Junit test case implementation with help of onsite architect / associates.

7. Guide / mentor / kt on few topic to team.

8. Few RnD to achieve required functionalists that has not provided directly by prime faces


9. Team leading some time

Project: HSL (Helsingin seudun liikenne)

Periods: July-2013 – Oct-2014.

Environment: Java / JEE-1.6, Spring front End MVC, REST, JPA-3.0, Glassfish-3.1, TomEE-

JAXRS-1.6.0, Sql Server-2008, JUnit-4.8.2 / Testng-5.15.6, Arqullian framwork1.0.3,

SVN, Jenkins, Sonar, JIRA, Confluence, ETB, Linux.

Team Size: 25

Role: Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead.

Description: HSL is a project belongs to ITS (Intelligence Transport System) domain. Mainly focused for implementation of real time Ticketing and Information System. It is a modern ticketing, payment and information system with real-time information throughout the entire HSL area, it will provide browser based, user-friendly graphic user interfaces to all systems. HSL accomplice with open service architecture enables cost effective future development. Provide support for integration of various tools for exceptional situations like- alarm buttons for drivers, real time communication options between driver and supervisor and much more...

The project delivery covers the delivery of vehicle, depot, ticketing and data-transmission equipment, central system, traffic light priority system, as well as delivery and commissioning of the related software. It has various layers like Ces, Crm, Sales, Fas ESB etc ..

My responsibilities include: I am part of Sales system as a team member with following activities

1.Participate in new requirement Discussion / Analysis / Architecture & Designing

2.REST interface designing.

3.Java / Sql coding / Unit testing

4.Mentoring few team members and his code reviewing.

5.Interacting with onsite and offsite members.

6.Working on some new idea in ITS domain

Project: Life Insurance Solution Performance - 1000K

Periods: April-2012 – June 2013.

Environment: JDK1.5, Struts 1.1, URAL (Batch framework), Hibernate, DB2-9.7, Weblogic 10.3.3,


Team Size: 9

Role: Software Engineer

Description: Life Insurance Solution (LIS) is a highly parameterized and flexible package solution, suitable for different life insurance companies, targeted for life insurance market. It covers wide variety of Insurance management functionality from the sale of Policy to Claims Handling. LIS automates all the complex business processing rules that a company needs to follow when transacting in the insurance industry. It helps an insurance company to carry out its regular office procedures efficiently

[Ex. Holding customer information, holding info related to all offers, claims, Covers, Portfolios, Investments, and Reporting]. It enables end customers to transact via net banking

[Ex. Request for a new offer, getting a list of existing policies, updating customer information, and saving allocation].

Performance team is responsible to enhance not only in data processing capability of LIS but also enhance the code quality & design of over all LIS. Performance 1000k is next phase of 500k enhancement.

My responsibilities include:

7.Taking Mission Control (profiler) readings & doing analysis for GC, heap, thread CPU utilization etc and taking actions on that.

8.DB2MON reading, Perfmon reading and doing analysis and action.

9.Analysis of batch program code.

10.Suggest / discussed improvement points with Architect, DBA &Testing Teams.

11.Code Refactoring / code tuning / SQL tuning, merging

12.Bulk fetch implementation

13.Implementation of improvements points.

14.Unit testing, DoD and reporting.

15.Participant in enhancement decision / implementation new requirement by other LIS team on my batch.

Following are the batches that I worked upon and improved significantly in terms of processing time

& Db hits.

Nordea Info-transmission (välitys): R3

Policy-specific information is gathered & placed in a sequential file for Information systems from within the LIS system. The information can be filtered using criteria such as policy number and insurance product.

Improvement: Time-70.3 % Db hits - 85%

Nordea Prima connection: R1 & R3

With Prima-batch interface is collected information from database and processed that data.

Collection is based on input file send by Prima system. Input file contains customer ids (extracted

by Prima interface), to those customer’s and their policies are gathered different information and

written that data to output file; data e.g. market value, value change, compensations, payments and

fees etc. Data content which will be transferred has changed partly and new data record description

has redefined.

Improvement: Time - 60% Db hits – under observation

Project: Life Insurance Solution Performance - 500K

Periods: June-2011 to March- 2012

Environment: JDK1.4, Struts 1.1, URAL (Batch framework), Hibernate, DB2-9.7, Weblogic 10.3.3,


Team Size: 12

Role: Software Engineer

Description: Performance 500K increased the processing capability of various batches of LIS to process at least 500,000 policies within the agreed time-line.

My responsibilities include:

1.Taking Mission Control (profiler) readings & doing analysis for GC, heap, thread CPU utilization etc and taking actions on that.

2.Analysis of batch program code.

3.Suggest / discussed improvement points with Architect Teams.

4.Bulk fetch implementation

5.Code Refactoring / code tuning / SQL tuning, merging

6.Implementation of improvements points.

7.Unit test, DoD and reporting.

Following are the batches that I worked upon and improved significantly in terms of processing time

Nordea Info-transmission (välitys): R1

Policy-specific information is gathered & placed in a sequential file for Info systems from within the LIS system. The information can be filtered using criteria such as policy number and insurance product.

Improvement: 200+%

Savings Allocation Execution: R2

Policy holder or insured wants to transfer saving balance within the funds attached to the policy or new funds. Also the investment plan can be changed to use same investments and allocation percents or on the number of units basis.

User will make required changes into policy then system will mark such allocation as incomplete status. Batch will pick up all such policies having transfer event in incomplete status and allocate funds according to changed plan.

Improvement: 400+%

Account Statements Printout Request: R2

The purpose of this batch is to create a printout request for the annual statement letters. The actual letter is generated with other batches (Create Letter, Send Letter, and Deliver Letter).

Improvement: 60 %

WebDirekt India Pvt. Ltd. Pune (Duration: December 2008 to 28th Feb 2011)

Project: Online Assessments System (OAS 2.6)

Environment: JDK6.0, JSP2.0, Servlet 2.4, JSF2.0 Tomcat-6.0.5

Team Size: 3

Role: S/W Developer-cum-Team Lead

Client: SoftwareAG Company in Germany.

Periods: Dec-2008 to 28th Feb 2011

Status: V 1.2.6, Released (

Description: OAS arrange the different types of test online it manage and support everything that’s need to have test of candidate, scheduling the candidate, give him time slots, create online paper,showing his score etc. It also instructs poor candidate for how improving himself by taking relevant training. Through this site, educators have access to test items aligned to the mandated curriculum in order to develop assessments that can inform teaching and improve student learning.

My responsibilities include:

1.Team assistance.

2.Interaction with client. &


Project: MySql-Call -1.2

Environment: JDK6.0, Servlet 2.4, Tomcat-

Team Size: 3

Role: S/W Developer

Client: SoftwareAG Company in Germany.

Periods: June -2009 to Aug-2009

Status: V 1.2, Released (

Description: This project is used to synchronize the multiple databases when a user registers in an application. It enables the SSO and centralizes the registration and authentication for all portals at the same time. The databases supported by this project are - Forums-MySql Database, Tamino Database & LDAP

My responsibilities include:

1.Architecture / Algorithm and Flow design.

2.Development / Deployments

Project: OpenCms 7.0.5

Environment: JDK6.0, JSP2.0, Servlet 2.4, MVC, Tomcat- and MySql-5

Team Size: 3

Role: Team Lead

Client: SoftwareAG Company in Germany.

Periods: Jan -2009 to June -2009

Status: On hold

Description: OpenCms is a Content Management System, it makes easy to edit web pages without knowing HTML. Content can be created using an integrated WYSIWYG editor similar to well known office applications. This is very intuitive to most computer users. It also creates a Virtual File System (VFS) from the information in the database, which allows for easy browsing and viewing full pages. OpenCms is written using Java and XML, means it fits well into most modern IT environments. OpenCms is Open Source software, you, can view and modify the source code, and is completely free of licensing costs. OpenCms will run in an all-Open Source environment, using Linux for the OS, MySQL for the database, and Apache for the webserver, and Tomcat for the web application server. It can also be deployed in commercial environments, e.g. Windows NT, IIS, BEA Weblogic, and Oracle.

My responsibilities include:

1.Assisting Team & RnD on different modules.

Project: JFourm-2.1.8

Environment: JDK6.0, JSP2.0, Servlet 2.4, Tomcat-

Team Size: 3

Role: S/W Developer-cum-Team Lead

Client: SoftwareAG Company in Germany.

Periods: June -2009 to 28th Feb 2011

Status: Development

Description: Forum is a powerful and robust discussion board system Implemented in Java. It provides an attractive interface, an efficient forum engine, an easy to use administrative panel, an advanced permission control system and much more. Built from the ground up around a MVC framework, it can be deployed on any servlet container or Application Server, such as Tomcat, Resin and JBoss. Its clean design and implementation make JForum easy to customize and extend. Best of all, JForum is freely available under the BSD Open Source license. If you or your company is searching for a serious and robust forum Software, JForum is the right choice.

My responsibilities include:

1.Team Assistance.

2.Interaction with Client.

3.Enabling JOSSO 1.8

4.Migration phpBB Database to Jforum Database (MySQL)

Project: XML2U

Environment: C#, XML, XSL, XSD

Team Size: 3

Role: S/W Developer-cum-Team Lead

Client: Mr. Simon Waugh, Property World UK

Periods: March-2009 to 28th Feb 2011 I was deployed since 24-09-2009

Status: V1.3.6, Released

Description: This site used for exchanging the Estate Agents Properties data

in the form of XML, RSS 1.0 and BLM. It is a file containing properties (and images). The XML2U also format data from in House databases of estate agents and sent to requested clients. It Support many formats as ZIF (Zillow Interchange Format), blm (Bulk Load Mass), Google Base RSS1.0 etc...

My responsibilities include:

1.Assisting in Database / Architecture Designing.

2.Development of Admin Modules.

3.XSL programming for feeds like ZIF, Right Move, Google Base RSS 1.0, Immobel, FAP, Rofo etc.

Project: MOVIS

Environment: C#, .Net

Team Size: 3

Role: S/W Developer-cum-Team Lead

Client: Movis Germany

Periods: September 2010 till 28th Feb 2011

Status: released

Description: This site used for whistle blowing

My responsibilities include:

1.Assisting in Database/Architecture Designing

2.development of Login / Response modules

Trikkal Mediinfotech Pvt. Ltd., Chennai (Duration: Feb 07 to April 08)

Project: INTEGREATE (Reporting Tool)

Environment: JDK1.4, JSP1.2, Servlet2.0, Tomcat5.0

Team Size: 5

Role: Programmer

Status: V1.4, Released.

Client: AIOCD Pharma AWACS Mumbai (All India Organization of Chemist and Druggist)

Description: The application act as middle ware software for generating market research report for medicines from medical stockiest database, and it provides online access to head quarter they can concludes report based on regions.

My responsibilities include:

1.Developing connection module and

2.Supported in report manager


Father’s Name : Late Ashok Kumar

Sex : Male

Status : Married

Date of Birth : 04 Dec, 1978

Language Known : English and Hindi

Nationality : Indian

Permanent Address : BA Vermont, Baife road, Wagholi, Pune- 421207.



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