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Chemical Engineering Engineer

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
September 15, 2018

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Robenson Cherizol

Chemical Engineer, MSc.; PhD.

Highlights of Qualifications

Fibers/Fillers Reinforced Polymer Composite Materials

Expertise in plastics/polymer composites UV stabilization technology and UV testing methodologies

Experience with plastics, foam, polyurethane and Nanocomposite materials Processing & Manufacturing

Strong Expertise in Compounding & Extrusion Processes, Injection and compression molding

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Coatings and Adhesives

Rheological characteristics and viscoelastic behavior of composite materials

Materials processing, flow properties and characterizations

Experienced with testing of polymer composite, Tensile testing, Impact testing and Flexural Testing

Experienced in Thermal & Thermomechanical Properties of polymers and Composites using DMA, TGA, DSC, Etc.

Experience in determining the thermal and electrical conductivities (commodity)

Regulation approval processes as FDA, DFSS, NSF, DMAIC, and UL

EPA/OBD Requirements and Emission Testing

Three way Catalysts (TWC) and Nanoparticles

Internal combustion and engine calibration

Skilled in engine calibration, engine performance testing using MATLAB/INCA/ETAS

Strong analytical, interpretive, organizational and problem solving skills

Ability to accomplish numerous tasks and guaranteed delivery of highest quality outcomes in challenging, time-sensitive environments

Fluent in: English, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole

Technical Skills

Powertrain & Engine Management tools; Engine Calibration & and Emissions Testing

Catalysts & OBD


Six sigma tools, DVP, DFMEA, Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma

Minitab, Data Mining. MS Office, Magmasoft

FDE, OHSA18001, ISO9001, ISO9000, QS900, ISO14001, TS16949

Modeling, Rheology, Extrusion process, Injection and Compression molding


Instron, TPR-H2, TPO, DOORS, RTC

Work Experience

Post-Doctoral Fellow May 2018 to Present

@ University of Windsor

Investigate noble composites and hybrid materials for future Electric motors

Develop alternative magnet Materials for ACIM and PMSM

Perform research on the processability of Carbon nanotubes and/or/ graphene for their utilization electrical wiring system for future high-performance electrical vehicles

Materials Scientist Engineer

@ Eaton Corporation for RGBSI, Southfield MI Oct. 2017 to March 2018

Develop expertise in Polymer Composites Processing & Characterization

Develop and Investigate Extrusion Processes, Injection and Compression molding

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) manufacturing technologies of materials for aerospace, medical and Automotive applications

Investigate new Coatings and adhesives materials and processes

Investigate the thermal and electrical conductivities (commodity) of polymers and metals

Realize the DOE and DFMEA for different processes and formulations

Performed the complete mechanical, commodity characterizations of different series of materials

Develop expertise for the Thermal & Viscoelastic Analyses of the fibre reinforced polymer composites via DMA, TGA, Rheometer, DSC, FTIR, Etc.

Investigate the flow properties of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites and their impact on the structural material components

Support the Engineering and Manufacturing teams in new products developments

Performance Engineer Aug. 2016 – 2017

General Motors, Michigan

OBD Diagnostic Strategist – Designs and Develops Component Diagnostics

Developed component diagnostic based on GM OBD Bill of Design

Used Electrical RTC process to write and release diagnostic requirements

Worked with software team to insure software code was correct

Led the component diagnostic DFMEA / AFMEA

Wrote calibration guide for each diagnostic

Wrote CertDoc and diagnostic description for each diagnostic

Reviewed test plans and data

Worked with Calibrators to resolve diagnostic issues

Research & Development Engineer May 2011 – 2014

@ Ford Motor Company, Windsor For University of Toronto

Worked with FORD and U of T in the investigation and development of new light polymer materials

Conducted research, development, and manufacturing lightweight materials from recycled carbon fiber and green fiber reinforced polymer composites for vehicles manufacturing

Set-up material and chemical labs, prepared test results and publish the reports

Developed lightweight composite materials from polymer via different processes

Supported Ford Motors Company in the bill of materials and processes

Supported the engineering design and development of new automotive interiors and engine materials

Provided expertise in the selection of materials and processes during development

Worked with suppliers to provide update and expertise in materials and processes

Represented Ford in high level technical conference in materials

Analyzed the DFMEA and PFMEA for different materials and processes

Worked in emissions testing for different engine testing conditions

Controlled and minimized NOx and CO

Provided support to the project engineering team for rotating and stationary equipment specification

Conducted engine mapping and calibration tests to achieve desired torque and power performance

Cooperating dynamometer cells through calibration software packages, such as ETAS INCA and ATI Vision to control engine parameters and performance

Performed the initial setup of tests, data collection, and reporting

Modelling process conditions and parameters for physical problems

Process Control Manager 2008

Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Haiti

Manage the operations and process unitary (OPU)

Control production quality and methods of manufacture of different varieties of products

Supervise the processes and procedures of manufacture of various products of Coca-Cola

Supervise the laboratories of quality

Managing water treatment (Portable, steam and water lasts)

Study and make innovations to reduce production costs while improving quality

Respond to several complaints of Coca-Cola and customers on product quality

Supervise and plan the sanitation and CIP tanks, the system of reverse osmosis, production lines

Manage inventory and raw materials for the manufacture of finished products

Manage the receipt, inventory and the use of CO2 and caustic soda

Supervise staff attached to the quality control department

Production Supervisor

National Bottling Company of Haiti (VIVA Department) 2006 – 2008

Assisted the plant manager in the management of the factory

Planned and managed production and related services such as stock, processes, inventories etc.

Developed and implemented a method of calculating costs of production

Set up machines based of the production projected

Developed and prepared mixtures

Supervised staff of the factory and give their report to human resources department (About 80 persons)

Made daily inventory stocks of finished products and raw materials

Programmed the PIC and cleaning plant and provide work equipment for various services

Received raw materials and decide on its acceptance

Process Controller (University Summer Internship) 2002 – 2006

Diaz Petroleum Refinery, Santiago of Cuba

Worked in hydrodesulphurization of Naphtha

Participated in the catalytic reformation of naphtha


PhD in Chemical Engineering University of Toronto, Canada 2016

Master Degree in Chemical Engineering Laval University, Québec 2011

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering Santiago de Cuba 2006


Cherizol, R., Sain, M. and Tjong, J. (2017) Effect of Lithium Chloride on the Fibre Length Distribution, Processing Temperature and the Rheological Properties of High-Yield-Pulp-Fibre-Reinforced Modified Bio-Based Polyamide 11 Composite. doi:10.4236/anp.2017.62005

Cherizol, R., Sain, M. and Tjong, J. (2015) Evaluation of the Influence of Fibre Aspect Ratio and Fibre Content on the Rheological Characteristic of High Yield Pulp Fibre Reinforced Polyamide 11 “HYP/PA11” Green Composite.Open Journal of Polymer Chemistry, 5, 1-8. doi: 10.4236/ojpchem.2015.51001.

Cherizol, R., Sain, M. and Tjong, J. (2015) Review of Non-Newtonian Mathematical Models for Rheological Characteristics of Viscoelastic Composites. Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 5, 6-14. doi:10.4236/gsc.2015.51002.

Cherizol, R., Sain, M. and Tjong, J. (2015) Modeling the Rheological Characteristics of Flexible High-Yield Pulp-Fibre-Reinforced Bio-Based Nylon 11 Bio-Composite. Journal of Encapsulation and Adsorption Sciences, 5, 1-10. doi: 10.4236/jeas.2015.51001

Modeling the Interfacial shear stress in function of fiber aspect ratio of high yield pulp fiber reinforced bio-based nylon 11 composite. Cherizol, R., Sain, M. and Tjong, J. Under review.

Scholarships and Awards

Grant holder of FQRNT (excellent academic record and professional experiences); Sept 2008 – Aug 2010

Winner of National Exact Science for Haiti; Aug 2000

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