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Oil and Gas Engineer

Orlando, Florida, United States
September 14, 2018

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Edgar Marquez Acosta


Dedicated combined and seasoned Petroleum Engineer with over 18 years experienced operating and optimizing both high volume as well as marginal heavy, mid and light crude oils, tight gas and high water cut wells. Capable of analyzing problem wells and developing work over plans for both marginal and high volume oil and gas wells. It also includes the Custody Transfer metering for Oil & Gas Industry. Furthermore, knowledge in Process Engineering Gas Plant Treatment and Cryogenic from 100 – 350 MMSCFD located at Tarija, Bolivia and Santa Barbara (Monagas, Venezuela). Likewise, The Crude Oil production for Heavy-Mid and light clusters composed up 25 oil wells average 3,200 ft of depth at reservoir pressure 1,600 psi at Venezuela (Monagas, Anzoategui and Sucre states) on a daily basis production 5,700 bbl/d per cluster for a total 6 clusters during 5 years. Thus, it also includes Downstream experience in Refining mainly in one of the largest Refineries in the world, CRP complex located at Venezuela whose optimization for enhancing the production in the FCC unit, Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Tower increased by 15% the production of Distillates, Fuel Oils and BTX, Marketing and Sales of hydrocarbon products and Logistics which includes: Intermodal Transportation (Truck, Rail, Belt conveyor, Shipping), Inventory Control onshore warehouse facilities, gas and mid-distillates refining scheduler. Ability to mentor and coach young engineers.



Consultant Cryogenic Gas Plant project with a company located at Middle East from USA Office

Responsible for advising Field P&ID check out and start up assistance of a 350 MM SCFD Turbo Expander NGL Plant with front end Amine treating and Condensate/Stabilizer Unit. Selection of Slug Catcher and Gas Srubber

Procurement projects. Project management and economic evaluation for new Cryogenic Plants development

PRAXITHEA SERVICES - CARACAS, VZ Jan /2010 – Jan /2017 Oil& Gas Engineering Field Leader

Custody Transfer Measurement and Data Management System under API Standards for Shore Tanks, Pipelines, Vessels and Trucks

Measurement of liquid hydrocarbons by positive displacement meters using INTECH Technology Solutions and FMC Technologies’ Smith Meter® GenesisTM Series

Measurement of liquid hydrocarbons by turbine meters: Operations, Design, Selection and accessory equipment, Flow condition, Valves, Piping, Meter Performance, Meter specifications. Using Daniel UMB liquid Series 1500 Turbine Meter and Emerson

Measurement of liquid hydrocarbons by ultrasonic (transit time differential method) through OPTISONIC 7300 Ultrasonic

Measurement of liquid hydrocarbons by coriolis meter using KROHNE OPTIMASS 7300 flowmeter

Fidelity and security of flow measurement pulsed-data transmission systems: Fidelity, Noise, Transient, Level of securities, totalizers

Leasing Custody transfer Implementations

Implementation of API MPMS Ch. 18.2 standard, such as guided wave radar, within custody transfer applications which solution is right for them by calculating overall

Sampling, Testing and running samples of Hydrocarbons under the API and ASTM Methods required by Oil & Gas Industry


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Edgar Marquez Acosta

Process Engineer

For Civil Work on a 325 bar HFS (Santa Cruz and Tarija, Bolivia) Process Leader for front end study and installation for Hydrogen Fueling Station using Steam Methane Reforming Process.

Increased 10% the flow rate in the de-methanizer tower joined with the operations & engineering business unit to improve custody transfer measurement.

Responsible for Field P&ID Check Out for two trains 210 tn/day Sulfur Recovery

Plant to treat 3,500 bbl/d of water and 150 bbl/d of Hydrocarbon of produced water from nature gas wells.

Responsible for developing simulation and material balance, PFD’s, P&ID’s. Reviewing equipment quotes and Procurement.

Also served as Proposal Leader for a 100 MMSCFD Cryogenic Plant in Manta, Ecuator

Assessment to design and install a Reverse Osmosis Water Plant Model Ampac APRO8000 (8,000 GPD / 30,000 LPD)

Oil & Gas Production Engineering Leader

Increased production onshore with acid stimulation of oil wells through hydrochloric acids (HCI)

Increased production onshore with plunger optimization to deliquify gas tight wells.

Gas Control Process and Cryogenic through implementation, maintenance, HSE, Quality Control Assurance of integrated complex Gas included

Increased production onshore through rising well-work successfully by optimizing well work process

Increased production onshore through Artificial Lifts applied for heavy crude oil well clusters

Increased production onshore using properly gravel sizing and filtered fluids during gravel pack operations

Increased production through recompletion opportunities and planning complex jobs and tasks

Increased production by utilizing surveillance for diagnosing the well problems, so planning and implementation the appropriate solution in terms of cost/benefit

Production Team Leader for both Onshore/Offshore well fields. Focus on Control work, managing production engineers for optimizing wells, finance, budgeting, project management and doing well work safely


Professor of the subjects: Advanced Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Oil and Gas Production Engineering Methods ATLAS MARINE GROUP. - CARACAS, VZ Feb/2005 – Jan /2010 Oil& Gas Engineer Leader

Transfer of custody: Surveyor of Crude Oil, CPP, DPP, Petrochemicals (Urea, Caustic Soda, Sulfuric Acid, BTX, Tallow) and Loss Control, Quality and Quantity, Inspection Services

Detail design of liquid handling facility included 3-phase separation, liquid storage(shore tanks), truck loading and metering

OIL PLUS LTD. - DUBLIN, IR. Feb /2003 – Jan/2005

Oil production Engineer

Oil enhancement production engineer and Reservoir Engineer.

Oil production in partnership with Conoco Phillips at Block Eldfisk 2/7 Bravo our total production 2,800 bbl/d through artificial lift, plunger and hydraulic fracturing. Email:

Phone: 407-***-****

Edgar Marquez Acosta

OPEC FUND. - VIENA, AU Apr/2000 – Dec/2002

Oil & Gas Engineer Consultant at Governor Board Chairman

Supporting and leading in assessments in the oil & gas key areas: E&P, Refining, Trading, Transportation and logistics under direction of Dr. Abdulai and the Chairman of Governing Board Dr. Saleh Al-Omair.


Excellent knowledge of reservoir management and planning. Using different software balance calculation

Capable of analyzing problem wells and developing work over plans for both marginal and high quantity oil and gas wells. This includes hydraulic fracturing, gravel packing, acid stimulation and others

Strong knowledge of de-liquification of wells and managing gas wells. Plunger lifts, rod pumps and gas lift wells.

Strong Knowledge of HSE, Safety Operations, OSHA and HAZOP

Excellent knowledge in managing well economics in accordance with the complexity of the projects. Use of Microsoft Project Management and Financial Softwares. Risk Management

Use of Scada systems, Prosper and ProOp to design to optimize different processes.

Excellent team player able to work at any harsh or difficult environment

Strong knowledge of Custody Transfer meters as well as the API ans ASTM methods for sampling, test and running samples of Hydrocarbons for being chemist.

Strong knowledge in the following COMSOL, Amulet Plus, Office, Programming Python, MATLAB, Autocad 3D, Chemstation, HYSYS, WinFlow, SPSS 21, ChemCAD, ANSYS CFD

Languages: Spanish, English, Italian and French


Bsc in Petroleum Engineering at “The Robert Gordon University”, UK. Grad Year Feb/07

Bsc in Chemistry (Electrochemistry-Corrosion) at Canterbury College, UK. Grad Year Jun/06

Postgraduate International Trade/ Specialist in Shippping business at Universidad Marítima del Caribe, VZ Grad Year Jul/12


Society of Petroleum Engineers, Member SPE 3294051

Quality Internal and Leader by Bureau Veritas VZ-45380

Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Member 880052739

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