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Dickinson, TX, 77539
June 17, 2018

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My last job I worked as a housekeeper at Bay Area Regional for almost two years and in that time I made leadership I worked from 11/20/2016 until 05/04/2018 until they locked the doors. I worked for Flexible Staffing from 05/16/2014/ until 06/25/2014 they let me go because that gave me three days off to go back home to Georgia and on the way back I had car problems and I call them and let them know that I could not make it in that night because i was six hours away from home but I would be in the next night and out of the time that I worked for them I one day of work because I had the flu I never went in late never went home early. I worked for Miles Kedex from 11/20/2010 until 07/13/2013 I was layed off due to a like of work. I also worked as a Babysitter for Patricia Fate from 09/03/2007 until 12/30/2010. I worked for Claxton Poultry from 08/17/1983 until 05/27/2006 and I left there because I moved away from Georgia

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