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Personal Trainer And Roup Trainer

Doha, Doha, Qatar
June 13, 2018

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Avenida Estados Unidos da América - Edifício K8 - Bloco B - 3oB, 9000-035 Funchal (Portugal)

+351-********* +974-********



Personal Trainer, Group Trainer, Fitness Instructor EXPERIÊNCIA PROFISSIONAL

01/03/1995–31/10/1997 Receptionist - Auto Atlântico Auto - Atlântico, Caniço - Madeira (Portugal)

Receptionist - Auto Atlântico Customer service and reception Type of business or sector Repair Shops Land Rover.

It also had as function, to make all the registration of entrance and exit of vehicles for repair, maintenance.

It recorded all the material that each vehicle needed, in its maintenance or repair. I would check-up after repair or maintenance of the same, for delivery 30/10/1999–25/05/2001 In charge - Manager

Comercial Jave, Las Vargas (Venezuela)

As manager, had the function of placing raw material orders for the production of bakery and pastry products.

Make payments to suppliers and employees, make daily deposits of registered amounts. Prepare monthly reports of production, invoicing, and all associated with the establishment in question.

25/08/2001–25/08/2002 Receptionist for Rent-a-Car

Machicorent - Rent-a-car, Machico (Portugal)

Customer reception Completion of car rental agreements Delivery and collection of vehicles. Customer reception Completion of car rental agreements Delivery and collection of vehicles My main job was to prepare contracts for renting cars, to make the reception and check the status of the same when their respective return.

Elaboration of reports of the status of the same in the act of delivery and reception 25/11/2002–31/08/2004 Commercial and Responsible for the customer portfolio Tecnovia Madeira - S.A, Funchal (Portugal)

Search for new clients and presentation of Service Proposals in the Civil Construction and Public Works area.

Search for new clients and presentation of Service Proposals in the Civil Construction and Public Works area

01/09/2004–31/10/2008 Consultor Imobiliário

Remax Funchal, Funchal (Portugal)

Real Estate Raising, and prospecting to find potential buyers. 9/6/18 © União Europeia, 2002-2018 Página 1 / 5 Curriculum vitae Pedro Mendonça

As a real estate agent, my main function was to make marking prospects in order to find real estate for sale or cheer.

Subsequently it promoted and publicized the same properties, with the purpose of finding possible interested parties, in the purchase or lease.

He made purchase and sale contracts, of lease, was present in acts of deed to carry out acts of purchase and sale

01/12/2009–04/05/2011 Managing Partner

Poder dos Sentidos, Unip. Lda, Funchal (Portugal)

Responsible for purchasing products Responsible for the administrative and financial part of the Bar Customer service Client counseling in the area of supplementation Bar service and supplementation in the gym

01/08/2011–21/10/2011 Agent Rainbow

Dima Madeira, Funchal (Portugal)

Direct contact with the customer Product presentation Rainbow Advising the benefits and gains of the Rainbow equipment.

As Rainbow has planned to contact people in order to present an innovative producer who could contribute to a better air quality in their homes, as well as the efficiency of their equipment in the cleaning of their home.

He prepared presentations, demonstrations, delivered and sold the respective equipment, and also performed a post-sale follow-up service

01/01/2013–29/02/2016 Personal Trainer - Les Mills International Certified Instructor - RPM / BODY PUMP Madeira Magic Health Club, Funchal (Portugal)

Personal Trainer, member of the PT Team of the Magic Health Club Top Productivity in Personal Trainer Results Planning, Guidance, Custom Training Tracking Physical Evaluations International Certified Instructor by Les Mills at RPM level Initial training at BODY PUMP level Top Instructor at the Average Frequency of Classroom Membership (60% / 70%) Candidate for a Place in the Manz Team

(leaving out of the 15 selected).

It’s not all about the journey, results are important too. Ultimately, results are what’s going to keep the client (and many more) coming back! For me to be prepared for client sessions means writing new programs and tracking progress. Regulary i need to record and monitor health, weight, fitness, and strength, and these happen constantly so I need yo adjust programs to keep the client challenged and achieving goals faster.

My also as a Persoanl Trainer, I try to combine a wide variety of skills and knowledge to encourage my clients to become fitter, healthier versions of themselves. 15/03/2016–13/12/2016


- Les Mills International Certified Instructor - RPM / BODY PUMP / CYCLING Personal Trainer

Member of the IFL PT Team Planning, Guidance, Custom Training Tracking Physical Evaluations International

Certified Instructor by Les Mills at RPM / BODYPUMP Level Cycling Instructor

Candidate for a Place in the Manz National Team

As a Personal Trainer, I can not just let the clients know what to do and then letting them do it on their own, but it’s about actually being there to observe, watch and give feedback to the clients, so that they can improve their technique and gain maximum results. The sessions need to challenge the client, and they should be fun and always be a step towards the client’s goals. 9/6/18 © União Europeia, 2002-2018 Página 2 / 5 Curriculum vitae Pedro Mendonça

In addition, the client may not always be enthusiastic about taking part in the session. It can be hard to keep motivation going when you’re pushing yourself so hard your whole body hurts. This is where a PT’s motivation skills come into action, and I love these feeling. How you achieve the client’s goals can change, dependent on the client themselves and also your preferred training style. For example, if my client does better in a group setting then i can organise a group program that would be suitable for a range of my clients. Alternatively if they’re better one-to- one, your session can be tailored to suit exactly what that particular client needs, and these happen everyday and these also motivate me to continue with the passion of helping people to get healthier, and for sure being happier with all they can find with these type of service. The exercise plans that I do, must be explained clearly to the clients so they understand what they're doing and why. In addition, listening to the client’s feedback carefully will ensure that i ́m are concern to what the client’s likes and dislikes are, this is essential for client retention and also generally to have a positive session.

15/02/2017–19/04/2017 Personal Trainer, member of the Monumental Fitness Club / Living Fitness Club Team

Monumental Fitness Club / Living Fitness Club, FUNCHAL (Portugal) Planning, Guidance

Custom Training Tracking Physical Evaluations

International Certified Instructor by Les Mills at RPM / BODYPUMP Level Cycling Instructor Candidate for a Place in the Manz Team

Understand client’s obstacles and motivations behind being active. My role is crucial for helping to set realistic goals for the clients, and ultimately achieve them. I also have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients, identifying their goals ( increase strength, improve fitness, weight loss) and writing personalised programs so the clients can achieve those set goals.

In order to create a timeline in which y they will be able to achieve their goals - regardless of whether he ́s goal is weight loss, improved fitness or a specific, me as a Personal Trainer will weigh them and take some important measurements, as these will be crucial when recording their achievements. I ́m a Personal Trainer, but also have more experience and holds extra qualifications such as Master Trainer Certificate, I can also assist with injury rehabilitation or work with specialty conditions. This means a sound understanding of anatomy, physiology and exercise is required. 01/10/2017–Presente Fitness and Exercise Personal Trainer/Group Trainer RPM / BODYPUMP MTM, Aspire Acadedmy,Doha/Qatar, Doha (Qatar)

My job is to collect general client information, which includes the client’s age, gender, height and weight. Information about a client’s occupation can help me determinate his daily activity level. I should inquire about a client’s sleeping and dietary habits, water intake and the most recent exercise program he practice.

I ́m responsible for performing a fitness assessment of a client to structure his training regimen. I should administer a body composition test to determine a client’s percentage of body fat. Muscular strength and muscular endurance tests help determine the intensity of the client’s exercise regimen. I should structure an exercise regimen according to a client's fitness level and specific goals such as weight loss, lean muscle gain, endurance or muscular strength. I will provide instructions about specific resistance movements and the number of sets and repetitions a client should perform during an exercise session. I will demonstrate the appropriate technique for completing exercise movements and evaluate progress. I must ensure that a client has enough recovery time between workouts. Recovery time depends on the intensity of an individual workout session. EDUCAÇÃO E FORMAÇÃO

01/09/1995–27/06/1996 12 Valores

Escola Secundária de Machico, Machico (Portugal)

9/6/18 © União Europeia, 2002-2018 Página 3 / 5 Curriculum vitae Pedro Mendonça

Portuguese, Int. Philosophy, French, Physical Ed., English, Int. Á Economia, Met. Quantitative, Technologies, Application Works, Psychososiology, Int. Econ. Social 24/05/2012–30/07/2012 Fitness Instructor ( EQF - European Qualification Framework ) - Level 3

19 Values, on a scale

of 0-20.

Centro Estudos de Fitness, Lisboa (Portugal)

Anatomical Terminology and Locomotor Apparatus Functions of Internal Organic Life of Exercise Components of Physical Fitness Components of Physical Condition and Fundamentals of Exercise Cardio-Respiratory Training Strength Training Training Section Fitness Professional Success COMPETÊNCIAS PESSOAIS

Língua materna Português


Compreensão oral Leitura Interação oral Produção oral espanhol C2 C2 C2 C2 C1

inglês C2 C1 C2 C1 C1

francês A1 A1 A1 A1 A1

Níveis: A1 e A2: Utilizador básico - B1 e B2: Utilizador independente - C1 e C2: Utilizador avançado Quadro Europeu Comum de Referência para as Línguas Competências de comunicação I have a great ability to work as a team and to relate easily to people. I believe I have good communication skills in a working environment, be able to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing, to transmit and receive messages unequivocally, to adapt to different circumstances or contexts, and to avoid or resolve conflicts . I have good adaptability to various environments, as well as ease in dealing with different scenarios and challenges. Competências de organização I have organizational skills. In some areas where I have been involved, I shared with people processes and ways of managing and acting in the face of real work and market situations. I recently had the opportunity to lead a group of people linked to physical exercise, specifically to Personalized Training, as PT's assistant coordinator, in order to improve the approach to the provision of this service, in a more effective and safe way, as seen That in the work environment, this competence is related to the focus on the result. Disorganized professionals are versatile, but have low availability for registrations and structuring. I found that some were very interested in various tasks, but had difficulty completing them because they were easily distracted by losing focus and concentration. Already being overly organized creates standards and strictly defines procedures, which can compromise productivity through lack of practicality. Over-organized professionals may become frustrated or even dissatisfied when their organization is shaken by other people. Therefore, my idea, as deputy coordinator, was to find the "middle ground" in the organization. The right professional is always sure that the information he needs and for which he is responsible is available in a practical way at any time. Get to fulfill your tasks and have control over your actions knowing correctly what has already been done and what remains to be done. It is also important to point out that an organized professional is aware of the importance of what he performs and the impact on the team's activities. So, my task was also to show that being organized only brings benefits, because it increases productivity, saves time and money; Maintain focus and practicality in the execution of tasks, reduce stress and improve quality of life. And the team thanks Competências relacionadas com

o trabalho

I have an excellent ability to relate to the people with whom I work, be it in terms of co-workers, Personalized training, or even at the Group Class level. This relationship arises, from the moment I feel the reason why people need to meet me, and in a certain way, to seek for me to be the answer and the solution to achieve something that they want, and that in an autonomous way They are working together in support of the objectives. Another aspect that I have is the ease of communication, which is fundamental for the accomplishment of tasks in team. If it is not clear and fluent it becomes difficult to achieve goals I also show an openness, regarding the finding of solutions together and what I can give them so that together we can fulfill what we propose. 9/6/18 © União Europeia, 2002-2018 Página 4 / 5 Curriculum vitae Pedro Mendonça

Competências digitais AUTOAVALIAÇÃO


de informação


Criação de



Resolução de








Utilizador básico Utilizador básico

Competências digitais - Grelha de auto-avaliação

Outras competências In my professional life, I had to be as informed and trained as possible to carry out some of the tasks that I performed, being present in training actions and continuous learning. Computer skills and competences Domain of Office software (Word, Excel) Basic knowledge of graphic applications

(Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop). Artistic skills and competences I have good drawing skills because it was an area that dominated in my school time Other skills and competences, during my student life, I have always been involved in the practice of sports, where I attended a year in this area, and integrated in various modalities, from football to volleyball, practicing the latter in the First Division National. Since then I have attended Gym, and I practice other physical activities for maintenance work. From an early age I have felt the need and desire to deepen my practical and technical knowledge in the area of sport and wellness

Carta de Condução A1, A2, A, B



Basic First Aid Course - 12 hours Bodybuilding and CardioFitness Course - 126 hours II Portuguese Congress Custom Training - The role of HIT in weight loss - 1.30 hours - High Intensity Circuit Training with Unstable Surfaces - 1.30 hours - Suspension Training - 1.30 hours - Women's Custom Training - 1.30 hours - Global Sport Competion training - 1.30 hours - Personal Training, Crosstraining and HIPT

- 1.30 hours - PT x-treme Challenge - 1.30 hours

Certificações MANZ Continuing Education -

1 Program - Q1-2013 Continuing Education -

1 Program - Q2-2013 Continuing Education -

1 Program - Q3-2013 Continuing Education -

1 Program - Q1-2014 Continuing Education -

1 Program - Q2-2014 Initial Formation - BP Continuing Education - Quarterlies 2015 International Convention on Physical Activity Manz - Workshops Gnosies Training

- Kinesiological Foundations Formation Functional Anatomy Hyperlipemia Training and Physical Exercise Training Exercise and Hormonal Function Training Exercise in the Treatment of Insulin Resistance Prevention of Tarsal Wound Injury Postural Evaluation Training Knee Injury Prevention Training Application of Materials in Integrated Plan 9/6/18 © União Europeia, 2002-2018 Página 5 / 5

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