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Sales Manager

Jacksonville, Florida, United States
May 31, 2018

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Jacksonville, FL *****



Operations and Logistic Manager / Supervisor with extensive diverse experience and knowledge in all aspects of both exports and imports along with a proven history of increased revenue for over the past six years on both domestic and International business development, resulting in increased profit margings from key accounts of up to 40%, including overall customer service satisfaction.

Knowledgeable in formulating proposals during the bidding phase, supported by negotitated Intermodal and ocean service contracts, complying with INCOTERM requirements, from order placement, routing if consignee controlled cargo, availability to customer delivery.


Established implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), negotiated further rate reductions increasing profit margins and likewise a step by step check list of shipment’s process, i.e., cut off dates, preparation of documents with their respective AES/ITN, release of bills of lading, if telex release of originals or seaway bills as required.

Instituted and prepared Excel spredsheets, detailing PO, shipping, sailing and arrival dates which were submitted to customers along with the procedure of presenting the shipping documents to our customers and cargo agents for review approval prior to final cutting of originals. This drastically reduced shipping delays and Customs clearing problems upon arrival.

Established, trained, managed and mentored Sales teams in promoting and securing of new target accounts, resulting in added revenues for the Sales Department by monthly profit margins of US$10,000 to $20,000.00.


Limco Logistics, Inc - Miami, Florida / International Business Development, pricing analyst 05/2016 to 03/2018

Responsible for the development of target accounts via means of cold calling, sales leads, google based CRM and overseas cargo agents belonging to networks i.e., WCA. During the 1 years with LImco Logistics, Inc, The first year, I put together an account base that generated an annual profit of over US$150,000.00.

Additional responsibilities were the preparation of Commercial Invoices, Packing lists, Certificate of Origin and certifications, DG Certificates and any other document requirements as per L/C and INCOTERMS. U.S. Custom validations for the many Out of Gauge cargo handled via RO RO or LI LO and or Automobiles consolidated into containers.

Arrange for export packing, blocking and bracing from various CFS locations across the continental USA. Coordination of the loading, Crane and Rigging, Purchase of shipper owned containers for customers to use for shipping and on-site storage or for overseas ocean transportation, being cost aware and effective by using combined local independent drayage carriers with intermodal ramp to ramp or port to minimize expenditures.

Developed commercial relationships that have resulted in long lasting friendships with overseas cargo agents and affiliates as likewise excellent contacts and relationships adquired over many years with the major ocean carriers and dedicated truckers.

Worked very closely with the accounting department and customers in the collection of funds along with the timely bill of lading releases and prepayments on air freight shipments. Preparation and updating of PNL reports, generated within Limco’s INFO X operating system.

Astral Freight Services Inc – Miami, Florida / Business Development 07/2015 to 03/2016

Securing of new accounts through the utilization of the Chamber of Commerce, use of the Global World Directory and quoting to personal account base and potential new accounts for either EX WORK or CIF.

Brought my own network of cargo agents who with regularity requested rate requests for all INCOTERMS, including FCA or FOB into Astral’s own warehouse, which consisted of over 10,000 square feet with forklifts and it was my responsibility to keep cargo moving in and out while providing work to the warehouse staff.

Attended regular business meetings with the Florida Ports Council, PortMiami, World Trade Center Miami and WCA convention held in Miami year 2016.

Regularly visited target accounts after first screening and receiving confirmed visiting dates while submitting Astral’s brochure and scope of services. Gave a lot of feedback to customer’s questions that led to the securing of new customers resulting in generated profits of over $10,000 per month.

Negotiated rates within existing service contracts and filed with the FMC when securing and booking of new accounts while providing the Documentation Department, the essential needed SOP for each shipment along with cost analysis.

ECV Shipping Line, Inc – Miramar, Florida / VP Sales and Operations as self employed 03/2013 to 05/2015

My previous comptroller, had a fall out with her brother’s NVOCC, GGL and asked me while with DMS to join her as full partners. I accepted and basically started with zero accounts due to my account base, was now being handled by DMS Logistics, Inc. Strong accounts like KIMBERLY CLARK in PERU and EMBARQUES ROAD RUNNER in PANAMA.

My responsibilities were to target new accounts, work on rate request and contacting non network cargo agents across the world, principally Latin America, offering full support of their client base who typically imported into countries i.e., PERU, COLOMBIA, PANAMA, ECUADOR and CHILE. Chile proved significant since I acquired by negotiating and establish a working relationship with FLEXITANK providers of service and local operations out of Houston, Texas. Other developed accounts were the importation of CHIA seeds from the main growers in Bolivia, Argentina and now Paraguay.

Handled all operations and logistics in partnership with direct access to the growers and with local experienced cargo agents while ECV handled the Customs clearance in the USA, made sure to pre alert the USBP, supplying copies of all imports documents including the Phytosanitary Certificates, C/O, Inv, packing liest and copies of the MBLs and AMS confirmation of HBLs likewise, in consideration that since CHIA seeds were considered Organic consumer goods, pre alerts were sent to USBP, not to perform VACIS exams at the ports of entry, but rather request personal inspections. In many cases, neither were inspected by USBP. A vey good working relationship was established for the handling of this account.

DMS America, LLC – Doral, Florida / Sales Director 02/2012 to 02/2013

As Sales Director and having a well established account base, principally the KIMBERLY CLARK PERU account shipping well over 60 feus per month from one of their strong suppliers of chemical materials used in the manufacture of disposeable baby diapers, out of NC, which grew to also handling Cross trade shipments from MEXICO to PERU and Canada to PERU. Eventually, I received support from KIMBERLY CLARK Argentina, to also bid and eventually handle the exports from the USA to COSTA RICA. The volume of exports and cross trades grew to well over 160 feus per month, averaging a profit of approximately well over US$68,000 per month.

Another well nurtured and supportive account base, was EMBARQUES ROAD RUNNER operating out of PANAMA, averaging about 30 feus per month from various suppliers across the USA.

As Sales Director and knowing how these accounts were being handled, I began a training program with the operations and Documentation Departments along with the formulation of the SOPs for each account and managed the completion of the ocean tariff by given input and direction as to its information till completion.

Negotiated the essential service contracts and all essential terms with the common carriers, in support of these new accounts handled now by DMS.I was later assigned to develop the HOUSTON OIL INDUSTRY with initial success while supported with trips to BRAZIL on various occasions to attend conventions and meet with principals of SAO PAULO’s Branch.

Air Ocean Cargo USA LLC – Miami, Florida / Self employed with task to business development 05/1998 to 02/2012

Acquired partnership with OTI in Miami, which allowed Air Ocean Cargo USA LLC handle existing and new acquired accounts while the issuance of required documents and file / shipment creations were generated by the use of MAGAYA’s operating system.

Driven to success, I further acquired the strong account of CONFIANCA MOVING & STORAGE which provided local moving, Interstate moving and international moving service to BRAZIL, yielding gross monthly profits of over $20,000.00. Our responsibilities where to book, position and prepared all the essential needed documents while providing originals locally and adhering to Brazilian Customs Regulations in the handling of HHGOODS.

Trained selected candidates based on merits, OOG pricing analysis and both preparation and submittal of quote proposal unique and standardized for a more professional inpact.

Air Ocean Cargo USA LLC grew from a team of 5 to over 15 employees during the first year of the partnership.


oBilingual in English and Spanish

oComputer proficiency; Microsoft Word, Excel

oOperating systems: INFO X, CARGO MANAGER, MAGAYA



Broome community college, Binghamton, NY 1992 - 1994

Associates Degree in Applied Sciences, Electrical Engineering Technology

USS Samuel Elliot Morrison FFG 13, Iron Works, Bath, ME

Electrician’s Mate

US NAVY, San Diego, CA

Electrician’s A, B and C Schools

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