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Detroit, Michigan, United States
70000 p.a.
May 24, 2018

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Sindhu Mallela


Contact No: +1-813-***-****


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of South Florida.

Proficiency in automotive serial data communication protocols such as CAN, LIN, Ethernet and UART.

Good programming knowledge in C, Embedded C, C++ and Python.

Good practical knowledge in calibrations, and tools such as MotoHawk, MotoTune and Kvaser CANKing.

Practical experience in HIL simulation and validation, working with ECU’s using MotoTron tools.

Good organizational, Multitasking and communication skills (verbal and written).

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.


Masters Of Science December 2017

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA.

Major: Electrical Engineering.

Bachelor of Technology April 2015

RVR&JC College of Engineering

Affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, AP, India. Major: Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Technical skills:

Programming: C, C#, C++, Java, Python, Embedded C. OS: Windows, Linux.

Tools & IDE: MATLAB, PSpice, Eclipse, Atmel Studio, Keil, Xilinx, Visual Studio, Arduino, MotoHawk, MotoTune, CANoe/CANalyzer, Kvaser’s CANKing. Communication Protocols: CAN, LIN, TCP/IP, I2C, UART, SPI, Ethernet. Academic Projects:

Configurable Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Powertrain Controller

Developed a control system for a configurable HEV using model-based embedded system design approach.

Designed input sensor and actuator modules using MotoHawk in Simulink and used Desktop Simulator for hardware.

Designed different control modules like Driving Mode, Engine Start/Stop, E-motor Start/Stop, Torque/Throttle Request, etc., based on their control logic in Simulink using Stateflow chart and MotoHawk.

Calibrated and validated the model in real time by flashing it to a Freescale MPC565 microcontroller based Woodward ECU and MotoTune Software.

Design of model based embedded system for Fuel Injection Control

Designed a control system model for Fuel Injection Control in Simulink and performed hardware in loop(HIL) simulation, calibration and validation in real-time using Freescale MPC565 microcontroller based Woodward ECU.

Modelled the system to measure RPM and Crank Angle of the prototype hardware for engine using Hall- effect sensor.

The parameters were input to the ECU to generate actuation signals, i.e. Start of Injection (SOI) and injection duration.

Implemented temperature compensation and a protection model to turn off the fuel injection system using NTC thermistor, if exhaust gas temperatures exceed a certain threshold value. Electronic Throttle Control system using CAN Communication

Modelled closed-loop Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) System in Simulink with a PID controller to control the position of throttle valve opening based on the Accelerator Pedal Position.

The opening of throttle valve was calibrated and controlled in real-time using MotoTune, based on the accelerator pedal position sensor (PPS) and electronic throttle position sensor (TPS).

Implemented the Remote ETC system using CAN protocol and validated it in Kvaser CANKing diagnostic tool.

Image based password authentication for illiterates:

Microcontroller AT8052 is used to check the password. Input is given through PC and the microcontroller checks whether the given password (set of images) is correct or wrong.

Serial communication link is established between PC and Microcontroller through RS232 and MAX232.

KEIL software is used to dump code into the Microcontroller. KEIL MICRO VISION simulator is used to debug the program.

Wireless metal detector:

IC HT12E is used as RF encoder in the transmitter circuit of the robot.

RF decoder is IC HT12D. The decoded data is given to microcontroller which controls the movement of the robot. Buzzer connected to microcontroller rings when any metal is detected in its path. IC L293d is used to drive motor.

Code is burned into microcontroller using Flash magic.

Proteus software is used for microcontroller simulation.

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