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Microsoft Office Professional Experience

Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan
48000 USD
May 23, 2018

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Renowned, accomplished, passionate journalist and TV producer, possessing in excess of 11 years’ experience working for mainstream television stations.

Dynamic and alluring professional possessing the ability to magnetise engaging scripts that enrapture, hypnotise a diverse range of audiences that generate hundreds of million viewers. Dynamic, creative and proficient and has the dexterous intelligence to combine skills in order to transform scripts and ideas into captivating documentaries and TV shows, whilst ensuring financial commitments come within agreed budgets.

Areas’ of expertise:


Script Writing



International Affairs

News Production

Video Editing

Documentary & Comedy Script Writing


Career Highlights & Achievements:

Samaa TV has a record- breaking 200 million viewers, successfully produced shows that generated 200 million viewers for the TV station.

Productively managed teams in excess of 12 persons, inclusive of camera -crew, editors, reporters and make-up artists.

Renowned for motivating and maximizing all members of the crew’s potential boosting on and off set productivity.

Multi Lingual: Fluent in the English, Urdu & Punjabi Language. Effective written and verbal communication in all three languages.

Received numerous accolades from notorious directors and production staff for my great showmanship and ability to turn productions into a grave success.

Produced alongside some of the most prolific directors in Asia, creating innovative and enticing scripts, productions of current affairs and lead drama programs.

Production of my show ‘Samaa K Mehman’ is one of the countries’ most famous and leads the slot in ratings for the second consecutive year.

Awarded ‘Employee of the month’ at Samaa TV for great management of the production of ‘Shehar Shehar Samaa’.

Professional Experience:

Pear Video, Stringer (Freelance) Dates: Nov 2017 – Present

Duties Entailed:

Pitching stories, arranging locations, planning filming schedules and organizing crew.

Translating scripts into English and transforming them into time code.

Samaa TV, Producer (Permanent) Dates: Sep 2012 – Present

Duties Entailed:

Orchestration of the programming department, coordinating productions of three highest rated mainstream shows, arranging and approving locations, planning filming schedules and organizing crew.

Masterly adapting and manipulating data and videos, in order to produce engaging interview material using an array of specialist editing software.

Effectively presiding £MM budgets, ensuring that production stays on schedule and within agreed limits.

Selecting projects and scripts to produce and generate innovative and intriguing ideas to turn into onscreen productions for various programmes. Researching material from a national and international scale and assisting writers with scripts.




CNBC Pakistan, Content Producer

Dates: Apr 2010 – Aug 2012

Duties Entailed

Executed various television shows/ programmes from initial concept through to development and final production. Embarked on studio, live and location programming.

Adhered to and ensured compliance to all codes of conduct, health & Safety laws governed by the appropriate authorities.

Irrefutably ensured that productions for various shows executed on time and budget, allocated funds for out of studio locations, high profile subjects for interviews and for all crew required on a project.

Dunya TV, Content Producer Dates: Dec 2009 – Mar 2010

Duties Entailed.

Introduced and bought about the significant success of a popular television show ‘Dunya today with DR Moeed Pirzada’. Managed all content material for this current affairs programme, which transmitted live in January 2010 and immediately adopted a large viewing audience.

Accurately envisaged the creative topics required to captivate a multitude of audiences in order to boost ratings month on end.

Rohi TV, Producer Dates: Jun 2008 – Nov 2009

Duties Entailed

Delivered an extensive and diverse range of current affairs programmes that engaged a wide variety of audiences. Produced innovative and enticing scripts for documentaries and live news reporting and productions.

Sourced controversial and current material to use in the news productions and current affairs programmes, which generated active responses and increased viewers by 10% annually.

BH Productions, Screen Writer & Director Dates: Dec 2003 – May 2008

Duties Entailed

Exploded successfully into the media industry producing comedy and factual scripts ready for production and directed for reputable media organisations across Lahore and Karachi.

Consistently increased network through referrals from production companies and directors in which collaborated with.

Qualifications, Skills & Accreditations:

M.A Urdu Literature

Date completed: 2004

B.A Journalism & Economics

Date completed: 2000

Training & Development:

Certificate in Theatre Production PNCA

Date completed: 2005

Programmes, Systems & Software Packages:

Windows 98, 2000, Pro, Vista, 7, 8 & 10. Mac OS

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access & Power-point).

Final Cut Pro 6.4, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Skype, Adobe & Google Cloud.

References available on request

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