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Mechanic Maintenance

May 22, 2018

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Heavy Equipment Mechanic with over 12+ years’ experience in challenging environments. Knowledgeable dedicated and adaptable to learn any vehicle or procedure quickly. Resourceful problem solver with excellent people problem solving and time management abilities.

Performs repairs and maintains a variety of heavy equipment including, but not limited to, heavy trucks, trailers, cranes, forklifts, container handlers, back-hoes, trenchers, loaders, graders, scrapers, compactors, dozers, skid steers, and associated equipment.


Specialized knowledge and skills in diesel and heavy automotive repair and maintenance.

Over 5+ years of heavy vehicle maintenance experience in military/tactical environment.

Skilled in replacing major components and parts on engineering and construction equipment.

In-depth knowledge of power train components, heavy diesel mechanic components, and air brakes

Ability to stand, sit, walk, stoop, squat, crouch, kneel, push, and pull

Ability to lift and carry up to fifty (50) pounds

Assist in lifting up to one hundred (100) pounds

Practical understanding of theory of hydraulics (Pascal Theory), pulley, and gear ratios

Ability to read and understand schematics, blue prints, and technical drawings

Knowledge of diagnostics and ability to conduct technical research on the computer

Prefer knowledge of US military heavy vehicles and equipment, Material Handling Equipment (MHE), OSHA, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), military regulations standards, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements.


SS MEHTA & SONS LTD : Nairobi, Kenya

Senior Mechanic : Feb 2017- Oct 2017

Duties / Responsibilities:

Maintaining construction equipment, caterpillar, front loader, grader, pickups and trucks.

Repairing parts.

Also carried out services and troubleshooting according to manual specifications.

Diagnosing and trouble shooting in Hydraulic system.

Replacing hose pipes when broken.

Repairing the gear box and break system

Dismantling and reassembling of the engines and changing parts that are worn out. E.g piston, rings, and corn bearings .

Perform tasks of examining heavy diesel engines and repairing hydraulic systems

Responsible for diagnosing brake and air systems for heavy diesel vehicles.

Perform responsibilities of repairing, following standard safety procedures.

Ray International Sultanit of Oman : Muscat, Oman

Mechanical Foreman : Feb 2015 -05 SEP 2016

Duties / Responsibilities

Maintaining Generators of Cummins Engines e.g KTTA50G2, 3 KTA50G3, NTA for 1megawatt and 250kv, Duets of 6megawatt, caterpillar for 250kv

dismantling and repairing Engines also curried out services according to the manual specification

lubricating with oil 15w40, changing coolant, fuel, oil filters, checking turbocharger oil, Removing and installing con Bering’s and main Bering’s cylinder head gasket, tappet setting doing overhaul the Engines,

Checking temperature using thermometer gauge to avoid Engine to get damage and Wearing safety full PPE Equipment.

RMAGROUP Afghanistan : Kabul, Afghanistan

Instructor / Mechanic : Oct 2013: Dec 2013

Duties / Responsibilities

Training the student how to maintain the Heavy Equipment e.g JCB, AMV, International Trucks, Ford Ranger, and Ford Everest in Accordance with PWS,

Teaching them to repair and replace part which is won out,

Carrying out the inspection in the work shop.

Checking MSDS, safety PPE, train

Training students how to handlers tools.

Repair damaged machinery and components.

Overhaul engines and reinstall into equipment and vehicles.

Review all vehicle systems for signs of malfunction and wear.

DynCorp International LLC : Kandahar, Afghanistan

Light Vehicle Mechanic : April 2011- June 2013:

Duties / Responsibilities

Maintaining vehicles and equipment included vans, pick-up trucks, classes 6, 7, and 8,man trucks, compactor roller, folk lift 10k, case, New Holland, melo 6k, 4k tractors, frontloaded, motor grader.

Engine dismantling and reassembling,

Changing hose pipe which is broken and doing services. Carried inspections for the new Vehicles

Diagnosis of transmission noisy on gears ie replacing of worn out speedometer gears and replacing the worn out lay shaft.

Repairing transaxle and liniment.

Diagnosis clutch slip and mating ie rectification of insufficient free play of clutch pedal and drying oil on the friction surface.

Replacing clutch plate

Testing injectors:-correct setting of pressure using a bench mounted-lever operated-test pump fitted with a pressure gauge and a fuel tank.

Aristocrats Concrete : Mlorongo Nairobi

Vehicle Mechanic : Aug 2009- Nov 2010:

Vehicle Attended

Mercedes Benz .Toyota, Prado, Nissans, Excavator and front loader.

Duties / Responsibilities

Diagnosis of transmission noisy on gears ie replacing of worn out gears and replacing the worn out lay shaft.

Dismantling And Reassembling Engine ie replacing pistons, rings and con bearings.

Rectification of insufficient free play of clutch pedal and drying oil on the friction surface.

Repairing brake system, changing Air buster, master cylinder lining, and pads when is won out.

Maintenance of power generators:-refilling radiator with the coolant

Checking the compression in the cylinder using a compression gauge and the level of the oil in the sump using the oil dip stick.

Sogea Satom : Naivasha, Kenya

Vehicle Mechanic : March 2005- Nov 2008:

Vehicle: Attended.

Dump Truck Lorry (RENAULT)

Toyota Hilux 4x4 pickups, Mitsubishi, Excavator, Motor grader and compactor roller. And front loader.

Duties / Responsibilities

Maintaining and repairing Engines,

Doing services lubricating.

Carrying out Inspection, for the new Vehicles.

Operation and adjustment of pneumatic and mechanical governors,

Fault diagnosis, timing pumps to engine and maintenance of injectors.

Repair and replace transaxle,

Changing gears which are won out and sun gears.

Diagnosis of over drive faults i.e. checking for sufficient oil in the unit and electric fault due to open and short circuit.

Diagnosing and trouble shooting in Hydraulic system.

Replacing hose pipes when it’s broken.

Transworld Express Limited Nairobi : Nairobi, Kenya

Vehicle Mechanic : April 2000-Sept 2004

Vehicles Attended

(Actrus, Renaults, Scania, Volvo and Mitsubishi canter and Toyota)


Maintenance and repairing Engines, gear box, differentia, and replacing crown wheel, sun gears and pinion.

Carrying out inspections for any damage.

Adjustment of steering gearbox, adjusting the spring loaded pad fitted beneath the rack to give the correct meshing of gears.

Diagnosis of the power cylinders in power steering,

Replacing of worn internal part. E.g. Front and rear hubs:-fault diagnosis

Stripping, rebuilding and adjustment of front hub and rear hub reduction units.

Compression testing of an engine:-using a compression gauge to measure the pressure in combustion chamber where by compression gauge is connected by pipe to adaptor housing a check valve.


1997-1999 : Comboni Polytechnic Gilgil

Certificate in Motor Vehicle mechanic


1993-1996: Gatarwa Secondary School

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

1984-1992 : Gatarwa Primary School

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education




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Listening to gospel music


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