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Mechanical Engineer

Nouakchott, Nouakchott, Mauritania
May 19, 2018

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Abderrahmane LMAHJOUBY

Mechanical Engineer graduating from Polytechnic University.


Management / Supervision

Develop maintenance standards, schedules and maintenance programs and supervise industrial maintenance teams;

Monitor and inspect the establishment, modification and commissioning of mechanical installations on construction sites or industrial premises;

Plan and efficiently manage projects, cost and time estimates, reports and design specifications for machinery and systems;

Participate in interdisciplinary research and development meetings. Mechanical / Design

Investigate the causes of unscheduled mechanical failures and maintenance problems;

Conduct research on the feasibility, design, operation and performance of mechanisms, components and systems;

Design power stations, machines, components, tools, devices;

Analyze the dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systems and structures. KEY SKILLS

Project management : functional analysis, project planning (PERT et GANTT), PMAC (project management assisted by computer) ...etc.

Production management : workshop and scheduling management, manufacturing and launch planning, supply management, stock management ...etc.

Maintenance management : construction of the file machine, maintenance based on time, maintenance based on reliability, AMDEC, MMAC (maintenance management assisted by computer) ...etc. Name and Surname: Abderahman Sidaty Ely

Date and Place of birth: 14-04-1994 in Nouadhibou

Nationality: Mauritanian

National ID: 544-***-****

Address: Socogim, Dar El-Bark, Teyarett, Nouakchott Tel: +222********


Mechanical solid systems : mechanisms modeling, statism and hyperstatism mechanisms, mobility’s mechanisms, DAC (design assisted by computer) ...etc.

Mechanical construction : industrial design, dimensional and geometric tolerance, machine elements


Mechanical and hydraulic power transmission : transmission by gears, belts and chains, hydraulic circuit, coupling ...etc.

Materials resistance : constraints and deformations’ states, traction and compression, bending, shear, torsion, lattice system ...etc.

Metallurgy : metals’ properties, materials’ choice, high characteristics materials ...etc.

Tribology : contact mechanical, the lubricants, viscosity, fiction, wears, fatigue ...etc.

Mechanical manufacturing : processes’ machining, machines’ machining, forging, MAC (manufacturing assisted by computer) ...etc.

Internal combustion engine : ignition system, lubrication system, cooling system, distribution system


Thermodynamic applied : energy, steam engine, gas engine, cooling machines ...etc.

Fluid mechanical : static’s fluid, dynamic’s incompressible fluid, dynamic’s compressible fluid ...etc.

Vibrational mechanical : free oscillatory movement one degree of freedom, amortized oscillatory movement one degree of freedom, forced oscillatory movement one degree of freedom, oscillatory movement multi-degree of freedom ...etc.

Energy production : Aeolian central, thermal central, hydraulic central, nuclear central, energy’s transport and distribution ...etc.

Quality : ISO standards, Ishikawa’s diagram (5W), Pareto’s method ...etc.

Automation : linear enslaved system, GRAFCET ...etc. PROFESSIONNAL EXPERIENCES

Technical-sales, SMDL, Nouakchott, Mauritania April 2018 – Today


SMDL (Mauritanian Lubricant Distribution Company) is a company specializing in the supply of high performance’s lubricants and greases.

Exclusive distributor of the entire range ELF’s products in Mauritania SMDL offers technical solutions adapted to the specific needs of its customers The users of the products offered by SMDL benefit from the latest innovations and the most advanced technology to meet the requirements of their machines and vehicles.

Key responsibilities:

Development of the customer’s portfolio in a specific geographical area: prospection (research) of new customers (<prospects> individuals or professionals) loyalty of existing customers, monitoring of predefined sales objectives, definition of the tour plan.

Sale: analysis customer needs translation of the specifications of the customer with the internal technical services adapted technical and commercial proposal (feasibility planning and costs) negotiation follow-up of the order invoicing.

After-sales service: transmission of criticisms suggestions and defective material to the services of the company (quality, maintenance, and etc.) technical assistance.

Participation in the company's commercial policy: strategic watch commercial action plans development of the supply of goods and services.

Maintenance manager, EJMEL GARAGE, Nouakchott, Mauritania sept 2017-oct 2017


This is a workshop for repair and maintenance of motor vehicles. This well-equipped garage performs various tasks: routine maintenance of vehicles (emptying, adjustment, replacement of wearing parts including brake linings); the replacement of defective parts of the engine or other parts of the vehicle; diagnosis and maintenance or delivery of electrical circuits.

Key responsibilities:

The reception and greeting of customers and the realization of activities aimed at initiating maintenance processes and the marketing of products and services.

intervention to engage on the interview. Then the transmission of customer requests to the workshop. When I return the vehicle to the customer I explain the work done.

The writing of maintenance orders / work orders.

The assignment, organization, and planning of interventions.

The monitoring and control of the activities entrusted.

In connection with the services of manufacturer: transmission of information of a technical or commercial character.

The application of the procedures quality prevailing in the workshop (cleanliness, respect of the environmental norms and the rules of security).

The management of the vehicles of replacement.

Invoicing and collection.

The delivery of the vehicle to the customer in a clean and correct state.

Guarantee customer satisfaction and claims management. Internship project end of study, SNIM, Nouadhibou, Mauritania mars 2017-july 2017


Thanks to the export of the iron ore the SNIM (National Industrial and Mining Company) makes a big contribution to the GDP of the country by the means of the availability of its production equipment’s and especially their locomotives GM (General Motors). These locomotives ensure the movement and traction of loaded trains of thousands of tons of ore. This requires a clean and sufficient supply of air for their diesel engines to provide the requested power.

But in the desert climate of Mauritania the engine filtration is very solicited clogging. This makes the engine at risk of lack of power.

Because of this the manufacturer G.M. has implemented a filtration system (inertia filter) adaptable to this climate based on the pulse valves. However, these pulse valves have experienced many failures during their use more than these accidental repairs are expensive for the company they cause a lack of availability of locomotives and subsequently a decrease in production. end of study project is to reduce the repair of these valves to ensure the proper operation of these large gear.

Key responsibilities:

Presentation of the company / integration in the team work.

Adaptation to the system of maintenance of the locomotives GM proceeded by the SNIM.

The identification of the problem.

The analysis of the history of the problem.

The study of economic cost / of unavailability.

Limiter the study.

The study of the technical environment of the problem.

Description of the operation of the locomotives.

The study of system of filtration of the locomotives.

The study of air system compresses locomotives.

La search of the root causes of the problem.

The resolution of the problem.

Internship development, SNIM, Nouadhibou, Mauritania June 2016-sept 2016 Internship initiation, CHINGUITEL, Nouakchott, Mauritania August 2016-sept 2014 EDUCATIONS

2018: TOEFL year of the English language (in progress)

2017: Certificate of engineer diploma

2017: Certificate of internship of SNIM

2016: Certificate of internship of SNIM

2014: Certificate of internship of CHIGUITEL

2012: Certificate of military training at the school of GENDARMERIE at Rosso

2012: Baccalaureate Mathematics main session

2009: Brevet


Win Project.

Sir log.

SolidWorks, CATIA, Matlab.

Automation studio


Word, Excel, Power Point.



English : intermediate (in evolution)

French : fluently

Arabic : maternal



Driver’s license : available

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