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Engineer Mechanical

Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
May 20, 2018

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Skype: gul.shah

Cell and WhatsApp: +93-797-***-***, +92-345-***-****


B-Tech (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Associate Engineering in Mechanical Technology

Certificate of Competency as Boiler Engineer (Steam Boilers) National Occupational Skill Standard Electrical Grade G-III level Certificate SSC Board of Secondary Education


Member of Engineering institute Pakistan

Member of HVACR Society Pakistan


Gul Bahar Shah

Position; Manager, Facilities Management Division Job Date; March 1, 2018 to Date

Employer; French Medical Institute for Mother and Children (FMIC) Job Location; Afghanistan

Duties and


• Responsible for ensuring that work is coordinated with all employees/departments concerned within scope of directive from Director of Facility Management.

• Coordinates to ensure all work is completed as planned, meeting all codes and regulations, policies and procedures to provide safe, attractively built environment.

• Directs emergency repair of equipment or physical plant to provide critical utilities or safe environment to the hospital.

• Coordinates all emergency activities with Director of Facility Management, and Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing trades.

• Provides guidance to personnel to ensure timely and professional completion of scheduled PM.

• Monitors and inspects work performed to ensure quality, quantity, and safe work practices, meeting all codes and regulations, always keeping in mind Life Safety factors.

• Concurrently monitors employee and departmental performance to ensure adherence to policies and procedures, time lines and regulatory requirements.

• Guide and direct the Engineering team in the day-to-day engineering and maintenance operations of the Hospital, including service standards, equipment schedules, and work schedules

• Provides work direction and supervision to staff involved in maintenance and repair work of facilities and equipment’s.

• Supervises all routine preventive maintenance to ensure that machines continue to run smoothly, building systems operate efficiently, and the physical condition of properties does not deteriorate. Position; Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)Engineer Job Date; August 1, 2013 to 28.02.2018

Employer; Aga Khan Foundation (AKF)

Job Location; Afghanistan

• Monitoring, quality control and timely implementation of MEP & HVAC system in Provincial Hospital Projects as per standards mentioned in the contracts.

• Coordinate with the contractor team regarding the MEP & HVAC teamwork and inform the supervisor on regular basis.

• Comprehending engineering drawings and equipment manuals. Assist Regional and National Engineering Unit on design and estimation of MEP & HVAC system.

Duties and


• Review the MEP, HVAC and medical gases) design packages submitted by consultants for Provincial Hospital FZD/BDK Afghanistan.

• Review the selection of Electro-Mechanical equipment from operational and maintenance point of view.

• Monitor installation of equipment and services for maintainability accessibility, easy operation, clashing of services and advise changes through consultants where needed.

• Monitor contractor’s jobs on site to ensure execution is as per specifications/approved shop DWGs and required quality. Then to initiate site visit reports for wrong practices, poor workmanship and safety issues through consultants and make sure for its corrective action.

• Witness the testing, commissioning procedures for new MEP equipment and services as per design specifications

• Coordination with contractor/sub-contractors/client and consultants for changes/modifications.

• Review and verify the as built DWGs submitted by MEP contractors. Position; Mechanical Engineer (MEP) Job Date; August 14, 2008 to July 31, 2013

Employer; French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC), Operated by Aga Khan University Hospital

(AKUH), Karachi

Job Location; Afghanistan

Duties and


• Responsible for ensuring preventive and break-down maintenance management of all Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing equipment (HVAC, Diesel Generators, Boilers, Autoclaves, Medical Waste Incinerator, Medical Gases Equipment, Oxygen Generators, Air Compressors & Vacuum pumps etc.).

• Day to day execution of Facilities Management division operations and maintenance of all electrical, mechanical & civil and ground works.

• Conduct inspections of facilities, equipment and engineering services and taking prompt action in case of malfunctioning.

• Evaluate operational parameters of critical equipment to take corrective action and keeping all the required equipment calibrated and issuing periodic report to the end-user.

• Ensure that procedures and protocols related to the department are being followed to quality manual and monitor and support national staff in their regular activities with a specific emphasis on their capacity building.

• Conducting various on job trainings for national staff.

• Assist the quality control head in obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 certifications and ensure that all the policies and procedures are in placed according to the international organization structure.

• Working as a Quality Management Representative for the maintenance department.

• Worked as acting head of Facilities Management Division (FMD) absence of Head of Facilities Management Division.

• Preparation of maintenance schedule spares parts request and equipment history.

• Keep track of spares and consumables items.

Position; Service coordination Engineer (MEP Operation and Maintenance Department)

Job Date; August 6, 2007 to

August 13, 2008

Employer; Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH)

Job Location; Karachi, Pakistan

Duties and


• Ensuring installation, operation and management of all HVAC, Mechanical, plumbing equipment and utility services to ensure reliable service to user through effective management of staff.

• Monitor critical parameters of all equipment like pumps, chillers, boilers, medical air plant, oxygen supply etc. and take actions if required.

• Monitor and manage the complex through Building Management System to keep all HVAC parameters under control.

• Visit the sites and evaluate operational parameters of critical equipment to take corrective actions.

• Practical application of CMMS & BMS.

• Coordination with self-power generation plant for smooth operation.

(Capacity 05 MW duel fuel).

Position; Assistant Engineer in Mechanical Field Job Date; March 20, 2006 to August 2, 2007

Employer; Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL)

Job Location; KHAUR, Pakistan

Duties and


• To assist in maintaining engines & compressors for their routine maintenance, running repairs, top and major overhauling.

• To assist in maintaining pumps such as Main oil pump stations, Tank farms, fresh water pump station, Fire water pump stations, Boiler house etc.

• To assist in carrying out top and major overhauling of engines at all POL fields.

• To work ATA (Annual Turn Around) at Pariwali Production Facility, Khaur

• Coordinate with Production, Material Management, Administration and Safety Department.

Position; Shift engineer

Job Date; Feb. 2002 to April

24, 2006

Employer; Pearl Continental Hotel

Job Location; Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Duties and


• Major responsibilities included operation and maintenance of equipment such as, Steam Boilers 200 HP, Water Cool Vapor Refrigeration and Direct Gas Fired Absorption Chillers, Cooling Tower, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Walking and cold room Plants units, Water Softening plants, Steam Water Heaters (Clarifier), Diesel generator up to 1MW, Pumps and air compressors, Plumbing Equipment etc.

Position; Power House Shift Supervisor Job Date; June 1996 to June 2001

Employer; Pearl Continental Hotel

Job Location; Lahore, Pakistan

Duties and


• Supervise the maintenance and operational activities of plant with exhaust and jacket water heat recovery system capacity of 4*1 MW Cummins engines (Model no. KT 50G3/G4) which is run on diesel oil.

• Trouble shootings and rectification of the engines.

• Monitor and recording the clearance and tolerance during overhauling.

• Monitor the engine performance on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

• Preparation of maintenance schedule, spares parts requests and equipment history.

• Keeping track of spares and consumables items.

Position; Senior Maintenance Supervisor/ In charge Engineering Dept. Job Title; June 1994 - April 1996

Employer; Serena Hotel

Job Location; Gilgit Pakistan

Duties and


• Execution of all electrical, mechanical & civil works

• Project Administration

• Staff capacity development / trainings

• Day to day engineering operations.

WORKSHOPS, TRAININGS AND PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS Course/ Certification Year/ Duration Institutions City/Country Supervisory skill Course 1998/ One -


PC Lahore Lahore, Pakistan

Emergency Procedure and


Two-week PC Lahore & National

Institute of Fire





Basic Mechanical Drawing Four Months Pak-German Technical Training Program

Peshawar, Pakistan

D.F Absorption Chillier Trainee


Two Years PC Lahore (On job


Lahore, Pakistan

Trainee Boiler Operator of 2nd

Class Boiler (200HP)

one year PC Lahore (On job training Lahore, Pakistan Operator training program


ONDEO NALCO Islamabad,


Facilitator Tool trainings French Medical Institute for Mother and Children

Kabul, Afghanistan

ultra-low temperature freezer &

Bio safety cabinet class II

2010 Chemical House Head


Lahore, Pakistan

Quality Circle Workshop 2011 FMIC Kabul, Afghanistan Participated in the quality

project team of quality

improvement and patient safety


2011 FMIC Kabul, Afghanistan

Certified Technician of Oxyplus

Oxygen generators-

commissioning, running,

maintenance and operation.

2011 Servan France

APICC Medical Waste


running, maintenance and


2013 FMIC Kabul, Afghanistan

Air Techniques International

training program for the

operation, maintenance and

calibration of equipment such as

Model 2i photometer, Model 6D

Generators, Model TDA-5B and

Model 5C Generator.

2014 Baltimore,Maryland USA

Four days Safety and security


2016 AKF Kabul Kabul, Afghanistan

One week exposure visit for AKF

regional offices.

2015 AKF Kabul, Khorog Afghanistan and



• Course 700 Introduction to safety Management.

• Course 701 Effective OSH committee Operation.

• Course 702 Effective Accident Investigation.

• Course 712 Safety Supervision and Leadership.

• Course 716 Safety Management System Evaluation.

• Course 717 Emergency Action Plan.

• Course 718 Fire Prevention Plan.

• Course 719 Fleet Safety Management plan.

• Course 722 Ergonomics Program Management



Appreciation Letter French Medical Institute for

children (FMIC)

2012/ Kabul, Afghanistan

Supervisor of the Month PC Hotel 2000/ Lahore, Pakistan Appreciation Letter Management of Serena Hotel 1995/ Gilgit, Pakistan LINGUISTIC SKILLS

Language Reading Writing Speaking

English Excellent Good Good

Urdu Excellent Excellent Excellent

Dari Good Good Good

Shina Fluent Fluent Fluent

Brushaski Fluent Fluent Fluent


References will be furnished upon request.

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