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Health Information Mental

Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States
May 17, 2018

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Regina Carver

*** **** **** *****

Mills River, NC 28759, United States

Mobile: 828-***-****


As Supervisory Accounting Technician, ensured that all data recorded and reported for the stock fund accounting system was accurate and complete. Supervised employees in the management for the lead of HIPPA and journals any complaints.

Provided personnel direction: counseling, discipline, career development, attendance record-keeping, performance evaluation, process the policy and procedures as the law has changed from CMS.

Secretary to Deputy Administrator of ten regional planning commissions. Deputy's office an international part, confidential nature of all staff.


DeVry University, Chicago, IL

Associate, Health Information Technology, 2015

Associates degree with DeVry University for the last three years, for Health Information Technology


UNC Pardee Hospital, Hendersonville, NC

Health Information Specialist, 2006 – April 2015

Protect and organization from data breaches. In recognition of Privacy and Security of patients, AHIMA Certification commission dedicated to assuring the competency of professionals practicing HIIM. Working to advance the implementation and effective management of electronic health records (EHRs) by leading key industry initiatives and advocating for consistent standards. Needs are evolving from simply translating data, to having instant access to intelligence that can drive clinical. Ensures that HIM professionals are armed with the skills and tools to act as leaders, using quality information to achieve the triple aims of reduced costs, better care, and improved population health. Being recognized as the health industry experts in information governance. Empowering consumers to optimize their health through management of their personal health information. Training with ICD-10-CM/PCS coding systems.

While operations still demand continued focus on day-to-day activities like EHR implementation, coding, revenue cycle, privacy and security, and release of information (ROI) to name a few; health information exchange (HIE) and other emerging technologies and payment reform initiatives are rapidly changing how healthcare documentation will be created, managed and shared in the future. Ensure that all vital information is accurate on the Birth Worksheet prior to completing a Birth Certified. Work daily for cooperation with the Hospital Corporate Attorney in legal issues arise requiring disclosure of health information to a third party. Train all hospital staff of HIPPA as well as all the legal procedures in which I help incorporated with the policy's to meet the guidelines of AHIMA and CMS will as all the doctors that is owned by the Hospital. Help staff with some merges when a doctor has closed and composting a procedure for all the legal aspect for releasing records and following up with the changes for the patient and guides to be referred to other locations. Cooperate policy and procedures for liens and as well as denials that is process on patients accounts, with it is involving a finical reasons for the hospital to be paid. Handles child abuse cases with Department of Social Services as well as the courts. Helps with the medical examiner on many unanswered cases that records are needed to help determine the reason for death.

Job Duties:

1.Handle all request for medical records (by fax, phone, patients coming in office)

2.Enter all medical requests for records into Healthport a contract company, as well as making sure that the charts was pulled and ready for scanning.

This is where I read each request from attorney’s as well as insurance companies to see if I needed to send the request to patient finical for them to review if a lien is processed on the account, if not then Patient finical will fax it back to me for it to be process through healthport.

3.Worked on all denials as well as RAC this came through the department for me to process those request.

4.Process all hand gun permits weekly

5.We had two doctors’ offices to close which was Flat Rock and Bat Cave in which I had to process those request as well.

6.Liens, Denials, RAC, Hand gun permits and the two doctor’s office had to also be added to a spreadsheet.

7.Also handle all the auditors and their needs when we were being audited.

8.Medical staff as well as other staff I had to help locate charts.

9.Patient was sent to our department had to walk them where ever they needed to go.

10. On call for Birth Certificates

All legal request Subpoena, court orders and also deal with all of the Pardee offices in guidance on HIPPA Law of the request



901b South New Hope Road

Gastonia, NC 28054

Supervisor over WNC Categorized under Home for the Mental Health (2003-2006)

Working with clients that families are in to work in an environment of a home instead

of an institution. As a team we worked with psychologist focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health. As overseeing 23 group homes I managed the help of individuals, children and families by assessing, diagnosing and treating mental, emotional and behavioral issues including stressful life events, anxieties, fears, depression and relationship breakdowns. By management I training staff in how to help our patient’s in maintaining a lifestyle living in the community as well as a home environment. These organizations, or distinct part of organizations, exclude those that provide acute psychiatric care, partial hospitalization, group living, therapeutic schooling, primary diagnosis substance abuse disorder.

As a counselor and supervisor I oversee all of the Medication orders, doctors’ appointments, staff schedules, interview and all hiring with background checks. As I traveled to all sight with in the week I visit all homes to make sure the homes was kept within the guidelines of the state.


AHIMA Certification

Lean Committee- In which the focus is upon improving the "flow" or smoothness of work, thereby steadily eliminating ("unevenness") through the system and not upon 'waste reduction'. Techniques to improve flow include production leveling, "pull" production This is a fundamentally different approach from most improvement methodologies, and requires considerably more persistence than basic application of the tools, which may partially account for its lack of popularity. The difference between these two approaches is not the goal itself, but rather the prime approach to achieving it. The implementation of smooth flow exposes quality problems that already existed, and thus waste reduction naturally happens as a consequence. The advantage claimed for this approach is that it naturally takes a system-wide perspective, whereas a waste focus sometimes wrongly assumes this perspective.

Both lean and TPS can be seen as a loosely connected set of potentially competing principles whose goal is cost reduction by the elimination of waste. These principles include: pull processing, perfect first-time quality, waste minimization, continuous improvement, flexibility, building and maintaining a long term relationship with suppliers, load leveling and production flow and visual control. Thus what one sees today is the result of a 'need' driven learning to improve where each step has built on previous ideas and not something based upon a theoretical framework.

CPR and First Aid Instructor

North Carolina Invention Instructor

Foundation Communities

Relay for Life Communities


Tracey Jenkins-Pardee Hospital Phone: 828-***-****

Taunia Collins-WCCA Phone: 828-***-****

Wendy Dravis Neufelder-Successful Financial Strategies Phone: 828-***-****

Janet Bailey- Scanning discharge Analyzes 828-***-****

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