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Electrical Engineering Assistant

Mesa, Arizona, United States
May 15, 2018

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Sebastian Lin

Phone #: 626-***-**** //, Eemail:


Arizona State University, Ira. A. Fulton School of Engineering, Tempe, Arizona Bachelor of Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering May, 2018 GPA: 3.02

Job Experience:

Fluid Power Control Systems, Inc., Assistant of electrical engineering, Fullerton, CA May 2017-Angust 2017

• Performing engineering tasks using computer-assisted engineering methods

• Evolution of airplane actuator

• Coordinating the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of key projects to ensure safety and compliance with customer requirements as well as local, state, and federal laws. Kinnex A, Inc., Quality Control,

Taipei, Taiwan May 2016-Angust 2016

• Product quantity control of connectors

• Evolution of the product

• Assisting in new technology development such as wifi light switches School Experience:

Digital Signal Processing:, May 2018

• Performing a wide variety of signal processing operations

• Discussion of the analysis and representation of discrete-time signals and systems including a discussion of discrete-time convolution, difference equations, the z-transform and the discrete Fourier transform Digital Systems and Circuits:, Layout Design using Cadence 6 May 2018

• Design of digital systems fundamentals from an eminently practical point of view

• Understanding the description of digital systems using high-level languages such as VHDL

• Understanding how computers operate at their most basic level (machine language). Analog Integrated Circuit:, Analog Design using Cadence 5 December 2017

• Application of analog Design and application of analog, radio frequency, and mixed signal integrated circuit

• Modification of analog signals into digital ones and zeros for processing Program C Principle of Programming with C++ May 2015

• Exploring the basic concepts of C++, reading the codes, and learning the code output.

• Leading a weekly study group that included online research to better understand the material. Additional Skills:

• Microsoft (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

• Basic C++

• Cadence 5

• Cadence 6

• Basic Vivado

• Basic Mat lab


• Fluent in Mandarin Chinese

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