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IT Director and Localization Expert

Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt
July 17, 2018

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Mokhtar Saad El-Din CV’s ****.

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To whom It May Concern

Dear Sir,

Attached is a copy of my CV’s, that gives an idea about my professional history, the positions I held, and the projects I accomplished during more than 25 years of experience in the fields of Information Technology and R&D. Working in these fields, I managed to get a wide range of experience in both technical and administrative sides.

Since the very beginning of my professional life, I focused on the training and practical studies of the technical aspects of this field through specialized courses and advanced administration studies.

I realize that the key to achieve the targets and success for any project lies in its management, So that we should work as workgroup and focus on good preparation and planning to accomplish any project. To achieve this target I set my goal to gain the skills and experiences, that help achieving the following:

• The ability of solving problems and provide solutions and alternative solutions.

• The ability to understand and define the requirements to set the plans.

• The ability to adapt with the requirements and the different needs.

• Setting the good example for the relations between the individuals of work groups, whether they are managers or workers. Looking Forward for Co-operation.

Thanks & Kindly regards

Mokhtar Saad El-Din.

Cairo – Egypt.

Mob # +2-012********

Mokhtar Saad El-Din CV’s 2013.

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Job Fields : (IT) Management.

IT Projects Management.

IT Centers Design and Development.

R&D, IT Consultations.

SW Quality Assurance.

SW Documentation & Localization.

Hospital Management Information

Systems (HMIS).

Business Rule Development.

Career Objective :

Looking For Productive IT/R&D Managerial Position. Looking to join a progressive organization that has the need for Development

/ Consultation and offers opportunities for advancement. Curriculum Vita

Personal Information

Name : Mokhtar Ali Mohamed Saad El-Din.

Mobile : Egypt +2-012********

Phone : Cairo +2-02-236*****

Alex +2-03-546**** - +2-03-543****

Address : Behind 7 El-Shikh Ali Yossef St. No.3,

El-Kassr El-Aini, Cairo, Egypt.

Email :

Birth Date : 29 / 7 / 1956 El-Fauom - Egypt.

Nationality : Egyptian.

Marital Status : Married


Degree : Certificate in Advanced Business Administration, Arab Academic, for science and technologies,

October 1995. (Part of MBA).

System Analysis & Logical Design

ICL(International Computer Limited), July 1982.

B.SC in Physics and Mathematics,

Faculty of science,

Cairo University, May 1980.

Mokhtar Saad El-Din CV’s 2013.

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Skills and Years of Experience:

1. Project Management, Expert, 15 Years.

2. Information Centers Development, Expert, 2 Years. 3. R & D and IT Consultation Expert, 11 Years.

4. SW Quality Assurance, Intermediate, 5 Year.

5. Localization / Documentation /Translation, Expert, 10 Years. 6. Hospital Information System Development, Expert, 8 Years. 7. Business Rule Development, Intermediate, 4 Years. 8. Bid Management, Beginner, 1 Year.

Training Courses


1. (PMP) Project Management Professional From ITI, 2-2005. 2. Management, Marketing, Economics and Accounting-1994-1995. 3. TQM and Accreditation.


1. NT and UNIX Systems Engineering.

2. System Analysis and Design.

3. RDBMS for Data Base Administrators.

4. 4GL (Informix and Ingress) for Administrators.

5. “C”, COBOL, Computers Languages.

Self Studies:

1. VB.Net, Visual Basic6, Access, Windows CE SDK, MS Office. 2. MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle and SQL Data Base Administration. 3. Assembler “Z80, 8086, MASM”.

4. Electronics Design for Digital and Analog Circuits. 5. Maintenance (HW/SW/FW), Computers and General Equipments). Mokhtar Saad El-Din CV’s 2013.

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Jobs History:

Job Title: Private Projects Manager (Current Job)

From 10-2009

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Project Aimed to develop New Software Products: 1) Modern Localizable Health Care Management System (HCMS), To Support the Management of Health Care Organizations – Full Range

(Hospitals - PolyClinics - Medical Centers).

2) Introduce New SW Localization, Arabization And Bilingual Method With Great Feature and Functions.

This Product Appropriate to apply on Forms and Reports of any Windows application, And Support Any language (Arabic, English, Dutch, French, . .,ETC) Without need any Modification or Extra work on the original SW Version (i.e. No Need to Re-Compile The Source Programs to support new language).

N.B. This New Method Practically Success, For My Development Application

(HCMS) Which Developed By Using VB.Net and MS-SQL Server 2005 Database. (Live Presentation available upon request). Job Title: IT & IS Consultant

From 2005 - 2009

Globaltelecom – 2nd Industrial Zone, 6 Octobar City, Giza, Egypt. Duties and Responsibilities:

Example of Project:


Digital Power Meters Project:

Development Project for Reading Digital Power Meters, Store, Encrypt Date, use the Pocket Computer as a hand-held Data Bank.

Serial Ports, and Optical System used to communicate with the equipments. Study other possible reading and communication solution, Blue Tooth, LAN can be use also.

Bid Management

Manage Cairo Metro Organization Smart Cards Projects. Bid to provide (AFC) Automatic Fair Control by Contact less Smart Cards, China Technology.

Mokhtar Saad El-Din CV’s 2013.

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Job Title: Information Technology Consultant

From 2002 - 2004

Al-Khaleej Computers & Electronic Systems

AlMusa Building, Riyadh, KSA.

Project - Saudi Customs Information Center (Restructuring and development). Duties and Responsibilities:

• Provide Project studies and Establish the plan.

• Follow up Multiple of Projects.

• Insure that the Project plan phases are timely achieved and decide the corrective action as needed.

• Analyze Business, Obstacles and identify the possible solutions.

• Provide evaluation reports including suggestions and Recommendations For Developments.

• Evaluate The Provided SW Applications.

• Insure That, The selected SW Application fit and cover the business requirements in short and Long Terms.

• Assisting to modify and enhance the business processes that enable to derive maximum benefits from the SW applications.

• Insure the Complete Operations and integration of the information systems.

• Helping the (IS) Department team members to gain the appropriate technical skills.

Job Title: Quality Assurance / Technical Support Manager From 1999 - 2001

Brain Waves EIMIC, A Leading SW Company & ORACLE

Partner, Specialized in Hospital and Medical Insurance Information Systems.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Establish the Standard Rules to Validate and Test the Application Programs.

• Lead and Manage each of the Following Sections:

1. Quality Assurance section.

2. Customer Technical Supports Section.

3. Technical Documentation Publishing & Editing Section. 4. R&D section for Integration and communication of Computerized Medical and Laboratory Equipment’s with Computer Network and Data Basis.

• Establish the Standard Design and Internal Layout of Arabic/English Manuals and User Guides.

• Establish the Software Implementation Plan.

Mokhtar Saad El-Din CV’s 2013.

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Job Title: Computer and Information System Manager (MIS) From 1997 - 1998

In Al Nour Eye Hospital (Founded By Dr. Aly El-Moufty): Responsible for All Department Activities, tasks and programs. In Both Managerial and Technical skills, as follows: Duties and Responsibilities:

• Starting from Infrastructure with cabling network Category 5 construction.

• Software and hardware offer evaluation and manage the vendors.

• Analyze and Construct the Main Relational Data Base of HMIS.

• Troubleshooting and Manage day to day the administration of computer network (Client/Server Architecture, Windows NT) and the (ORACLE) databases.

• Computer Technical Training, and the usage of the hospital applications.

• Define the computer system needs for each organizational department.

• Insure the integration of information systems.

• Develop the systems and enhance the existence programs.

• Provide a full technical support and fix all problems whatever their causes and clear the obstacles.

• Provide the statistics and information to help the Top Managers for making decisions.

(11 Years Experience) From 1983 - 1995

ICL (International Computer Limited Company)

Positions and Responsibilities as follows:

1988 / 1995 Senior Development Engineer

With the following responsibilities :

• Manage day – to –day usage of machines.

• Exploit, design and implement Unix special Arabized products.

• Design and implement necessary Arabization program on ICL UNIX vehicles.

• Act as the unit technical interface to sub-contractors in or out side ICL.

• Assist the production of functional requirements for Unix based special Arabized products.

• Implements necessary gateway, conversion application across the ICL Arabized product line.

• Provide for firmware arabized manufacturing product.

• Manage UNIX based contracted developments.

• Pioneer and supervise Arabic product conversion. Mokhtar Saad El-Din CV’s 2013.

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• Provide necessary support and knowledge source to sub-contractors.

• Ensure the availability of relevant product technical documentation for supply, maintenance and support.

• Provide documentation (Arabic/English) required for marketing or commercial purposes.

1984 / 1988 Senior Programmer/Analyst and Team Leader Responsible for project Implementations and manage staff unit (5 persons) . Reporting to the Application sector manager.

1983 / 1984 Programmer

In Application department using all ICL different machines under many services and operating systems.

1981 / 1982 Programmer

In Suez canal bank + some IBM courses, using IBM 370 machine in IBM data center and writing RPGII programs for banking applications. Mokhtar Saad El-Din CV’s 2013.

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Example of Achievement Customer Projects

IT & IS Projects

1. Al-Nour Eye Hospital Computer Center Project.

2. Saudi Customs IT Center (Restructuring and development). 3. Al-Nile Pharmaceutical IT Project.

4. National Defense Council IT Projects.

5. Public Information Center Project.

6. Egypt TV Building Office Automation Project.

7. Ministry of Agriculture Project.

8. Cairo Bank SW Development Project.

9. HCMS. (Bilingual Privet Project)

R & D Projects

1. Digital Power Meters Project

2. Many Farmware and Development Auto Reading Projects, 3. Localization Projects (e.g.OFFICE POWER & Industrial Package MAC, HCMS).

4. IPECO Pharmaceutical SW Upgrade R&D Project.

Other Interest Areas

Business Traveling:

1. KSA - Riyadh .

2. U.A.E.

3. Jordan.

4. UK.


1. B.SC in Physics Faculty of science, Cairo University Certificate May 1980.

2. System Analysis & Logical Design 28-7-1982.

3. ICL 11 Years Experience Certificate 12-12-1994. 4. MBA Progress Report Aug 1996.

5. PMP Exam Preparation Feb 2005.

6. Eyes Society of Egypt Experience Certificate 10-11-1998. 7. BrainWaves EIMIC Experience Certificate 30-3-2001.

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