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Diploma in Business management

Welkom, FS, South Africa
March 28, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae


*.Personal Details:


Kamoho Sidwel Khomokhoana



Date of Birth

** *******, ****

Name of next of kin

Benedict Khomokhoana



Marital Status



1st Language – Sesotho

2nd Language - English

Postal Address

National University of Lesotho

Computer Services Unit

P. O. Roma 180


E-mail address,

Cell Number




Criminal offence



Reading newspapers and magazines;

Watching Television programs;

Working in the garden;

Listening to the Radio; and

Going to church.

3.Educational Background:

I have just completed my final examinations for the Diploma in Business Management programme at the Institute of Extra-Mural Studies (IEMS) of the National University of Lesotho. In the three years of this programme, I hav,e done the following courses.

Year III :

oInformation Systems;

oBusiness Finance;

oHuman Resources Management;

oPrinciples of Marketing;

oProduction and Operations Management; and

oSmall Business Management.

Year II :

oComputer Applications;

oBusiness Economics II;

oFinancial Accounting II;

oCommunication Skills II;

oQuantitative Techniques;

oBusiness Statistics; and

oCost Accounting;

Year I :

oPrinciples of Management;

oBusiness Economics;

oFinancial Accounting I;

oCommunication Skills I;

oIntroduction to Business Mathematics; and

oBusiness Law.

Cambridge Overseas School Certificate at Boitelo High School (2012).

oThird Class Pass


Grade Obtained

English Language

Pass (Eight)

Literature in English

Pass (Eight)

Religious Studies

Credit (Six)


Pass (Seven)


Pass (Eight)


Pass (Seven)

Physical Science

Credit (Six)

Principles of Accounts

Pass (Seven)

Junior Certificate at Boitelo High School (2009).

oThird Class Pass

Primary School Leaving Certificate at Likhetlane Primary School (2006).

oThird Class Pass

4.Skills Inventory:

Computer Skills acquired at Boitelo High School from 2008 to 2010 and through self-study

oOperating Systems: Windows XP and Windows 7.

oApplication Programs: Microsoft Office; Microsoft Access; Microsoft Publisher; and Microsoft Excel.

oOther Basic skills

Proper shutting down of the computer and turning it on;

Opening and closing the necessary application programs;

Browsing the Internet;

Printing documents from a computer;

Making spreadsheets.

Advanced Computer Skills

oAdvanced manipulations of Windows features;

oFile and folder manipulations. This includes making all operations on the files and folders, such as creation, renaming, deletion, moving, etc.;

oProper distinction between different types of computers, eg. Laptop, Desktop, etc.;

oUse of a calculator on a computer;

oAdvanced familiarity with:

Microsoft Word:

Type professional and other documents;

Create and manipulate tables;

Spelling and grammar check;

Underline, bold and italise text;

Font manipulations;

Alignment of text.

Microsoft Excel:

Make spreadsheets and enter data;

Make calculations on some data using Excel formulae;

Create and manipulate tables, e.g. merging cells, resizing rows and columns.

Microsoft Paint:

Create and manipulate pictures/objects

oInsert, invert and customize color schemes;

oWorking with various features if this program;

oFlip, stretch and resize objects.

Microsoft Power Point:

Make presentations;

Change the layout of the slides;

Adding pictures/clip art/shapes to the slides;

Numbering slides;

Inserting tables;

Changing themes of the slides.

5.Work History:

I have held a temporary position of a Stock Taker/Controller in the Maseru Mall at Ackermann’s. My responsibilities included the following:

Storing items in an orderly and accessible manner in warehouses and supply rooms;

Packing and unpacking items to be stocked on shelves in warehouses and stock rooms;

Identifying damaged or defective items and reporting damage to supervisors;

Reconciling delivery notes with purchase orders;

Cleaning and maintaining supplies, tools, equipment and storage areas to ensure compliance with safety regulations;

Receiving and counting stock items and recording data in regard to the stock in question;

Recording serial numbers where applicable;

Marking stock items using identification tags, stamps, electric marking tools or other labeling equipment;

Verifying inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock and investigating discrepancies;

Keeping records on the use and/or damage of stock or stock handling equipment; and

Recommending disposal of excess, defective or obsolete stock.

I also worked on so many constructions in South Africa,namely; Nuel construction,Hoyer construction, Best construcion, Raven construction, and Some black people who are taking Sub contracts whereby i was a labour from September 2016 until November 2017. During that period of time i gained an experience on how to work with different races,working hard towards achivement of a contract's goals in a short period of time,i also learned that succeessfulness of an organisation is upon employees.

Duties Include;

o Mixing ceramic tiles glue,

o Mixing cement and sand

o Worked on a garden at Efficient Group from July 2017- November 2017 where we were renovating those offices at Micheal job


1.Mr. Kedisitse Lofafa

Institute of Extra-Mural Studies

National University of Lesotho

P. O. Roma, 180


2.Mrs. Lisemelo Tsikoane

Institute of Extra-Mural Studies

National University of Lesotho

P. O. Roma, 180



3.Mr. Micheal


South Africa

Tel: 082*******

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